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Puma Feet First shot by James Hazlett-Beard.

Puma flag waving, trend setter Brad Hobbs created his own feet first campaign for Puma with his good friend and fellow stylist Tawfiq Khoury and photography pal James Hazlett-Beard.

Puma’s new campaign aims to show the journey your shoes take you on. To get involved hash tag #feetfirst on Instagram.

Shot by @jhazlettbeard, Models @brad_hobbs, @thecockneykid_

Shoes: Suede classic dark shadow-greenlake & Suede classic blue grass-zinnia.

The people of Peckham

Every day this week on the blog, we’ll have a photograph from Asher Herr and Brad Hobbs from their project ‘Meet the Locals’. Here’s Asher to explain the project…

Brad and I met working at Peckham nightclub the Bussey Building. During a shift on the door selling tickets and stamping wrists, we started talking about how we both take photos in the area.

A short while later, we began a photography project on Instagram documenting the people who live and work in Peckham, Nunhead, New Cross and other parts of south-east London. We’ve called it Meet the Locals.

Using a camera in Peckham you can’t help but see the changes. Everyone is aware of gentrification, cultural differences and massive wealth gaps; there’s so much one could say.

Initially we used quotes alongside our photographs in the style of Instagram account Humans of NY, but we’ve found the images often speak best by themselves. We want people to view them fresh, without too much additional information.

Words can be taken out of context, misheard or somehow made to serve the photographer’s purpose. They can intellectualise the image, and also take the viewer one step away from the reality of the situation.

Working on this project, a quote by the photographer Jane Bown came to mind: “It wasn’t me. It was the camera.” It sees more than we do at the time, and our project is a way of thinking about a place or person in more detail.

We post our photos on Instagram, which has been an effective platform from which to showcase our work. It’s also a way for our subjects to promote themselves. Liam is someone we photographed who has posted his own work on our account.  

He takes vivid street photographs, posting his images on Instagram as @shootingdope. As someone who was born and bred in Peckham, he has seen the streets around him change first-hand.


Follow Brad and Asher on Twitter and Instagram at @meet_the_locals

Perfect symmetry

Urban photographer Brad Hobbs lives just off Queen’s Road. He takes perfectly formed pictures of city streets, from Peckham and Nunhead to New York City…

Photography is a hobby for me, but I’m trying to make it into a career. I’m 24 now but I’ve been taking photos since I was 12 years old.

I like photographing architecture, buildings. I just like the way that things are symmetrical, the way everything fits into place. If you capture a shot at just the right point it looks like a mirror image.

I live near Queen’s Road Station and just after Christmas I took a photograph of the station steps. I’d never seen them like that before; it was completely empty and quiet because everyone was still indoors. I did a similar photo at Nunhead Station too.

I enjoy photographing cities I’ve never been to before. Being an outsider gives you an interesting perspective. In New York I photographed a lot of buildings. New York is a very symmetrical city, it’s built that way. Everything sits together.

I like working in this area too. The other afternoon I went out with a friend and we caught the lift to the 20th floor of one of the big tower blocks. We shot some photos over the roofs of Peckham just as the sun was setting. It was perfect timing.

Brad’s photography is going on show on June 11 at McQueen gallery and July 20-31 at the Rich Mix Cinema, both in Shoreditch. 

Between dates his work, which is all for sale, will be displayed at Kitchen 54, 119 Queen’s Road.