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and finally…. ZOMBIE CHILDREN. just a little doodle comic based off some ideas Luc and I tossed around. i came up with bit about the Watchdogs making rumors that the Skelly Kids are zombies. :P

also the last page has numbers to show the order, since I had to squinch things around due to spacing difficulties…

i have to go help with stuff in a sec but HERE’S A PAGE OF WHAT I DREW LAST NIGHT

DOOM DRAGON PJS because they’re the best and Duke would love them! luc came up with the idea, I believe.

also the theme of last night was basically watchknight, cute kids, and sleepiness, so prepare for more things in that vein when i get back from doin’ stuff

This is the video dating sketch from the SNL season 9 (1983-84) finale.  The sketch is about a young woman (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who tries out a video dating service.  The first two guys she sees are not interesting, but then she watches a video of a nerdy dentist by the name of Ira Needleman (played by Gary Kroeger).  It turns into full on music video that you all must see.

Watching woy in Dutch, or why I drink:

This is how they renamed the villains, translated back into English:

  • Lord Hater: Lord Hothead (hater is literally a word in dutch? why did they change it?)
  • Commander Peepers: Commander Wink (please)
  • Lord Dominator: More Dominant (yes, they literally named her ‘more dominant’. I know.I know.)
  • Emperor Awesome: Archduke Awful (why did they do this)
  • Brad Starlight: Duke Lex Lightning (you know what)
  • (i can’t finish this post)
  • (why)

the Wander and Sylvia humanizations I saw in the tag the other night were really cool, and made me wanna doodle humanizations myself. So I did! and I REALLY LIKE how they turned out…!! I’ve doodled human Wander and Syl before but I think these are the strongest designs I’ve made.
also, I absolutely love the design I came up with for Sylvia. OH GOSH. <3333

aaaand to your left you’ll see some Dukes, and a bit o’ Brad! hey there Brad, ya big dink. AND: one little Kelly!!! :D

Brangelina had flown to London earlier in the morning so Jolie can attend a lunch at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on Monday as part of her work on UK foreign policy and her ongoing campaign to end war zone sexual violence.

At around 3:45 p.m., the UN Special Envoy was joined by Pitt and they headed straight over to Kensington Palace for the informal meeting.

And according to the insider, Middleton and Prince William were “really excited” about the afternoon tea, with a source adding that the royal couple — who were joined by Prince George — actually waited outside their apartment 1A home to greet the Hollywood royal couple. (Pitt and Jolie’s kids were also in London, but did not join in on the visit).

Naturally the Jolie-Pitt’s didn’t arrive empty handed. A source tells Us the couple brought a special gift for the Duke and Duchess to celebrate the arrival of Princess Charlotte, who was born in May.

“Everyone got on splendidly,” says the source of their afternoon tea. “Brad and Angelina spent much longer with the Duke and Duchess than planned. They ended up staying for almost a few hours.“

The meeting was a first for the foursome. Prince William, Pitt, and Jolie all attended the 2014 BAFTA awards but didn’t cross paths.

In October 2014, Queen Elizabeth II made Jolie an Honorary Dame Commander at a private Buckingham Palace ceremony, which is the female equivalent of knighthood, for her humanitarian work to which she has dedicated much of her life.

—  U.S. Weekly