brad and nate

I think I might ask Brad to get up with Nate in the morning so I can have a sleep in. Feeling so fatigued for no real reason other than being pregnant.

I had a lady at the supermarket ask if I was due to pop this month and…welp. She was very embarrassed when I said I’m only going on 6 months pregnant 😂 to be fair I am waddling like a penguin thanks to my back pain, and my bump is hanging way out front lately. My body is just like YEAH NAH LET’S NOT EVEN TRY CONCEALING THIS and has had that attitude to pregnancy practically from the moment sperm met egg. What can ya do 🤷

I will try post a bump pic at some stage. I have been taking them weekly but I look like I’ve put on weight everywhere and I just cant bring myself to post them online! I don’t reeeeally care because I’m making life and if people don’t like it then tough, but at the same time I’m still having some weird body image issues suddenly. Mostly because I’m able to eat again and am slowly gaining the weight I lost back, but it’s going to places like my chin and arms where normally I don’t store so much fat?