braclet and necklace


Viking Queen jewelry set I • Torque necklace • Silver torque • Celtic toque • Viking bracelet • Celtic cuff •Viking ring • Nordic jewlery

100% handmade Viking jewelry set. The pieces included are a torque necklace, a bracelet and a ring. The pieces are handwoven from hardened aluminium wire and finished with acrylic painting for an aged look.

Make them all yours today!

Big Sis Otae + Kagura Headcanons
  • Otae teaming up with Kagura to take down creeps who are harrassing women
  • Otae showing Kagura how to cook dark matter and Kagura wanting Shinpachi and Gintoki to try it, much to their dismay
  • Otae taking Kagura to get manicures and pedicures and they gossip about everything
  • Otae and Kagura calling themselves the “Queens of Kabukichou” and beating up anyone who says otherwise
  • Kagura coming to Otae to talk about her Mami and telling her how amazing she was
  • Otae braiding Kagura’s hair and Kagura doing the same to Otae and they both just laugh and talk about their day
  • Otae teaching Kagura how to defend herself from people who may stalk her, or won’t leave her alone
  • Kagura asking Otae how to ask a person on a date, without being a nervous wreck
  • Kagura giving Otae little gifts that she won in an arcade or little gifts that she bought for being a great sister
  • Otae and Kagura making braclets and necklaces together