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Dean & Cas College AU fic recs

A Little Patience (288614 words, NC-17) by riseofthefallenone:  It sometimes feels a little wrong thinking debauched things about a guy who could very well be one of Sammy’s teachers. But then those wrong feelings go up in smoke when the downright sinful fantasies kick in just from thinking the word ‘teacher’. Those are always pretty darn amazing and Dean has a very vivid imagination.

All the Way (80919 words, NC-17) by cadignan, Guu:  Castiel spends the first two weeks of college in much the same way he spent the previous years: alone with his books. He’s fine with it—he enrolled in college to learn, after all. Then in his first chemistry lab, he has the bad luck of being paired with snide, good-for-nothing Ruby, and the further misfortune of sitting behind Dean Winchester, the world’s most beautiful distraction. Ruby catches Castiel staring at Dean and makes him an offer.

An Exercise In ‘Worthless’ (26547 words, mature) by beastofthesky:  “I mean, you’re–” He gestures at Cas, in his neat oxford shirt and nice pants. “–and I’m a high school dropout who tattoos for a living.”

Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.

But the Fire is So Delightful (5212 words, NC-17) by kototyph: Apparently, it’s been snowing all day.

Dean is locked out out of his dorm when it’s snowing, and Cas is his disgruntled neighbour.

Chasing Cars (45438 words, NC-17) by ratherbehere:  After an awkward accidental encounter at a local strip club, Castiel discovers his college roommate, Dean, has a secret career as a stripper, and their relationship begins to change and a bond begins to form. They face the joys and challenges of life together and discover along the way how deeply they’ve come to care for each other.

Come on with the Rain (36038 words, NC-17, non-con) by remivel:  When Castiel was 15, his life changed. In one tragic instant, he lost his parents, and he was forced to live with his Uncle Bobby in Lawrence, Kansas. There he met the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean, who were living next door. He thought Sam was pleasant, and Dean, well, Dean was special. Three years passed and Castiel’s relationship with the boys developed in an unexpected way. Sam became his best friend. But Dean was a different story.

Dean was not Castiel’s friend. He was a neighbor, a classmate, the brother of Castiel’s best friend, and the guy who worked part time at his uncle’s salvage yard. That was all. But on the rare times that Dean asked Castiel for help, Castiel couldn’t find it in him to turn him down. Because this was Dean. And the answer would never be “no” when it came to Dean.

Always be mindful of the tags before you read!  This has a non-con scene.

Denial Ain’t Healthy series (21568 words, T to NC-17) by dontyoucrynomore:  And if, as they walked through the bookshelves, alone, Dean felt his heart thump loudly every time Cas laughed or smiled at him, or felt the need to pull Cas over for a kiss because he was just too damn adorable, or felt the urge to shove him up against the bookshelves and get that damn shirt off him and kiss him silly, he told himself that it was only his body reacting––not his fault––and his thoughts getting all confused, because Dean Winchester wasn’t, like, falling or any stupid, sappy shit like that.

friendzone (7259 words, mature) by kaiifayce:  “A date?! Like, with a real, breathing human being?” Dean sputters as wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Cas frowns, eyebrows knitting and his head cocking to the side slightly in his typical manner.

“No, Dean, with one of the dissection frogs in the Biology lab,” he deadpans.

Helplessness Blues (10021 words, NC-17) by fio:  I’ll get back to you someday soon, you will see

(or, the story of how Dean gets it wrong the first time around, but thankfully, gets it right on his second try).

Hush (104996 words, NC-17, rape/non-con) by braceyourself, Dresden (Jeremiel): He’d heard all he needed to know about Dr. Novak, really. Straight-laced academic, prioritises punctuality, favours the smartest students; it doesn’t bode well for Dean.

This is written as a roleplay - each author had a character’s POV, which makes it a little difficult to read as it jumps back and forth.

I Love You More Than Pie (7605 words, NC-17) by Bad Samaritan (quodpersortem):  Cas has been in love with Dean for years, and everyone knows and keeps teasing him with it, especially because the feelings aren’t returned. Or at least, that’s what Cas thinks until Dean makes him sleep in his bed.

It’s Always More Than Once (Before It Takes) (10301 words, NC-17) by squeemonster:  The first time it happens, it’s because of boredom. Or, at least that’s what Dean tells himself to justify it. Boredom and Dean Winchester are a dangerous combination, especially when you factor in beer, a raging libido, and laziness.

Mid Terms (6563 words, NC-17) by The Hunters Angel (ToriCeratops):  For such a straight laced college professor, Dr. Novak is sure willing to bend over backwards for Dean a lot.

Sometimes literally.

Psi Delta Alpha Boys (154875 words, NC-17) by thejigsawtimess:  On Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, Castiel, a misfit freshman, waits outside his Physics lab to catch a glimpse of the senior Frat boys as they file out before his class. One Thursday, he notices a new face amongst the Letterman jackets. A crooked smile, a devious glint in two green eyes… Castiel is done for before he’s even begun.

Reason Cannot Know (7066 words, NC-17) by the_diggler:  Castiel is a Grad student who has long since learned to value the voice of reason over his hormones. But after a drunken night with his good friend Dean, he realises he still has some lessons left to learn.

Smoke In the Mirror (52371 words, mature) by letters_of_stars:  It begins with the flier hung in the library: art model needed for thesis project, will pay. Castiel figures it’s an easy way to make some extra money, but modelling for Dean Winchester ends up complicating his life far beyond anything he could have imagined.

So Much Better When You’re Naked (10545 words, NC-17) by endversed:  The story of how Dean Winchester took Castiel Novak’s virginity. (And it may or may not have taken four months to get them there, but who’s keeping count anyway?)

Stellar (Meet Me In Outer Space) (15920 words, NC-17) by youaresunlight: All things considered, Dean Winchester’s life is pretty swell. He’s a flight engineer for NASA, living aboard the International Space Station, and also in his expedition crew is Dr. Castiel Novak, his best friend from college with whom he shared a longtime dream of working in space.

Except, Cas isn’t his best friend anymore, and hasn’t been since their epic fallout eight years ago. Now it’s up to Dean to figure out what exactly went wrong and try to fix it, which would be a lot easier if Cas would actually talk to him, and a lot less complicated if Cas weren’t so damn attractive.

Stepping into the Light (6341 words, NC-17) by thepinupchemist:  At twenty eight, Dean decides to enrol in college. No one told him that the campus librarians could be so hot.

The Break Up Is Coming (6320 words, T) by endversed:  Dean’s got a crush on this freshman, Cas. He’s working his way steadily along to asking him out, and then he finds out Cas is going on a goddamn date. Safe to say, he’s not letting Cas go that easy.

The Graveyard (18890 words, NC-17) by amarillogrande: “Okay, look. You finish it, then you stick it up on top of the shelves. And then…well, the bottle is there to remind you. Hence the name—“ Dean spreads his arms, indicating the endless rows of glass. “The graveyard.”

Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are best friends, living together for the past two years and about to graduate in the spring. It might take a visit from Dean’s little brother to get them to realize just exactly how they feel about each other.

Wrap Your Arms Around Your Own Body (14050 words, NC-17) by capsicleonyourleft:  Dean Winchester is renowned for his ability to charm his way into anybody’s bed. Castiel Milton proves more challenging than most.

My only thing with this story is how easily Cas forgives Dean… a common occurrence in many stories, which I suppose is in line with Cas’ character, but sometimes frustrates me!  (The character, not the writer).


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