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Regrowing Store-Bought Dragonfruit

I’m actually not too crazy about dragonfruit. They look badass, but boy do they taste like disappointment. However, this is my first time finding RED dragonfruit, which I believe is a bit more rare! The outside looks the same as a regular dragonfruit, but the flesh is red with black seeds instead of the more common white flesh with black seeds. The red variety tasted noticeably sweeter than the white variety, which usually tastes like crunchy water IMHO. However, be warned, brace yourself for red colored poo.

The seeds - with the good ol’paper towel method - germinated with much gusto. I’m excited, but I don’t have a good track record with the cacti family. Fingers crossed on me getting past the zone 7 winter.


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35, chocolate

Would you look at that! I actually used the colours that are in the palette! (with 2 exceptions) ヽ( °◇°)ノ


💌 i used to never waste my time, but now you’re always on my mind. 🎈

❀ bias selfie tag ver 2 (ft. jinyoung heh.) ❀

so! i debated whether or not to make another one but ;-; i couldn’t resist!! also because so many beautiful people have tagged me, so might as well join in..and hopefully not ruin the chain of lovely human beans [sweats]

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galra keith doodle for @hyacynthbaby !

sorry this took so long dude i was trying out a new art style and it kinda went not so good so i redid the thing and went overboard oops

(this also happened before s4 came out so the outfit isnt accurate anymore lol)

anyways i hope you like this <3


Hey everyone! I’m a new etsy seller, trying to get my crocheted goods out there and make some money to pay off my braces. You may know me from @safeintheforest where I posted some items but I want to post mainly forest stuff there so I decided to make a separate tumblr for my crochet stuff.
Sharing a post of mine, or favoriting an item on my etsy would be greatly appreciated! Buying an item even more :’D
You can buy these autumn colored dragon scaled gloves here: ‪‬
Thanks you all so much!