Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora Play Arts Kai Figure Unboxing!

This figure is gorgeous, as is the standard for Play Arts Kai figures. Check out my unboxing video for this video on YouTube and look for links to pre-order this figure in the description!

HI GUYS! I have a small thing.

I’m gonna do some random requests. Just to get my motivation going. What kind of requests? Stylized anthro pons!

Well, I’m doing sketches for some design theory for The Dream Battle. I want to draw some different designs that will fit in The Dream Battle and maybe use them as a reference for future designs.

Now, before you go off sending your references, here are some rules.

  1. I won’t accept pony creator unless you think it’s going to look decent in the end result. Or if it’s colored nicely.
  2. No recolors, seriously. It’s going to be a sketch so it might look like them if I draw it.
  3. You HAVE to have a image reference. Written ones don’t count.
  4. Ponies are okay, much better if you have a gryphon or a diamond dog. No dragons, sorry.
  5. Give the personality of your character, and what class or weapon and also theme.
    This can be ANY class. Ranging from medieval to sci-fi. Like archers to gunners. Be creative with your class, try to get a rare one. Like Lancers, Fencers, Ring Blade Wielder…
  6. I will give your character your clothing, I will not accept if you tell me what they wear UNLESS it’s a signature item. Clothing themes are okay though.
  7. You’ll be letting me modify your character a bit in these sketches, so give me important information that shouldn’t change when I do change it a bit. e.g. Wishdream’s Scarf and Ponytail.
  8. Use the submit box. I will not tolerate asks and messaging, I will personally block you unless it’s a question or inquiry.
  9. Reblogs will be ignored. Reblogs are okay if you want to spread the news.
  10. You’re following me :T

That’s all the rules.
Pretty simple. Loud and clear.
All good? Good.

Now send ya OCs! Oh, and if a character from your blog is already in the roster, I don’t mind if you send another character from your blog or the same character my way.

So like I finally got to watch the subs for last week’s episode and what hit me the hardest and stuck with me was that little tiny moment where Reira grabs Sora’s jacket and whispers “I don’t want you to go.”

This child has been fighting so hard.  He had beaten so many enemies, but it’s starting to wear on him.  He feels alone and helpless and he’s starting to go into a panic attack over his PTSD hallucinations.  Yuya is unable to help because he’s trapped in his own duel; Selena can’t help because she’s still paralyzed, Reiji is so far away.  Reira is alone.  He is going to fail.

And then Sora appears.  He appears out of nowhere and kicks asses, clearing away the villains that were threatening Reira at the time. Sora of course wasn’t necessarily doing it for Reira specifically, it was just to fight off Academia.

But for Reira, that’s a powerful moment.  Sora rescued him.

Yuya is out of reach, Reiji is too far away, but Sora is here, he’s an ally, and he’s not afraid the way that Reira is.  This is someone that Reira suddenly feels like he’s able to reach out to for support. And for Reira, he needs that.  He can act as strong as he wants, but he’s still just a scared child who needs someone to help him feel safe, and at that moment, Sora made himself a candidate for that.

I really hope that the upcoming episodes do at least a little something more with Reira and Sora in light of this.

But mostly I just really want to see Reira on the verge of tears because he’s scared and Sora not knowing what to do, and then Reira just hugs him because he needs someone and Sora just sits there with his arms frozen at his sides like “child is hugging me what do?????”