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I uh really like your stories you write, can I request this prompt? A prophecy says that everything you love will die. Zarc could only laugh at his self loathing. He would live forever...

Okay first off I am absolutely genuinely sorry I couldn’t get to this sooner (in truth the day you sent this I actually finished about half of it lmao but I hit 2 obstacles: 1) work stole all of my free time and 2) after that first day writer’s block hit me up hard) so again sorry so much this took forever!! I hope it’s at least worth it if not welp at least I tried and I finished another fic either way so woo!

And secondly, you don’t know how much your ask really made my entire past 2 weeks and also motivated me! Even tho I hit writer’s block swear I tried working on it every night after work but none of the right words ever came to me after that first day augh. But again thanks for motivating me to write something!!

Anyways, here ya go!

Nothing’s Reprise

Words: ~1700

“Indeed, mortal. I can grant you the power you seek. However, this comes with a cost.”

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walk walk fashion baby, move that b*tch cr~azy

What Daenerys would wear, Basil Soda

They dressed her in the wisps that Magister Illyrio had sent up, and then the gown, a deep plum silk to bring out the violet in her eyes. The girl slid the gilded sandals into her feet, while the old woman fixed the tiara in her hair and slid golden braceltes crusted with amethysts around her wrists. Last of all came the collar, a heavy golden tore emblazoned with ancient Valyrian glyphs.

The Evil Eye

I recently posted about using a soda bottle cap to inflict innonvenient pain on yourself so you can cast pain ala the Evil Eye, and some lovely human messaged me asking how you do that. So sit back and wicked Auntie Mara is gonna learn you a thing.

Essentially, what you want to do is wish someone ill while glaring at them and focusing energy on them. That’s pretty much it.

But…but that’s too simple, no?

So. Cracks knuckles.

Pick a malediction you want to cast. Pain, sorrow, bad luck, hiccups, a skinned knee, whatever. Picture it happeniing in your mind. Get it real clear. When you’re casting, that’s what you’re focusing on.

Still not enough? Need to add a little psychological terror into the mix?

To dress that shit up, you want a focus gesture. The Horned Hand or the Sign of the Fig work just fine. Flipping someone off also works. Practice channeling energy through the gessture until it becomes second nature. You make that gesture, and the mental image pops into your head and the energy goes out to wreak havoc.

Also helpful, pick a trigger word. I like to make my own up using a substitution cipher I posted a while back. Try and make the trigger word unique, so you don’t walk around accidentally casting all over the place. You can use it in place of a focus gesture or in combination with one.

Want the unholy trifecta? Enchant a piece of witchy jewelry with the thoughtform of the maledition you want to cast. Make it as juicy or as simple as you want. Really take the time to layer that shape into it.

Then, grab jewelry (if pendant, if it’s a ring, point the ring at them, if it’s a bracelt wear it on your non casting hand), pull energy through it, aim focus gesture, trigger spell with magic word. Not only do you get the benefit of having multiple redundant trappings to really get the whole thing rolling, but it looks cool as hell, and the trappings alone will have most terfy soccer moms shitting themselves.

To give you an example, using the soda bottle cap I mentioned in my Urban Spell Components post, I’d enchant the soda cap to carry the shape of the curse, in this case picturing someone’s face in pain. Probably make a sigil and draw it on with a sharpie for added whomp. To cast, I’d dig the little fucker into my left hand (right for casting) pull through it, focus on the image and the pain in my hand from the cap digging in, make the Horns with my right hand, and spout off whatever mumbo jumbo I came up with for that. The idea is to give them phantom pains, or make them more aware of aches and pains.

But again, if you don’t want any of the trappings, you can always go with the old tried and true. Say something nasty or weird under your breath while glaring at someone and wishing bad shit would happen to them. Been working for centuries, will work for centuries to come.

Have fun, kiddies!


Greek Gold Heracles Knot Bracelet, C. 300 BC

Formed from a hollow hoop fashioned from sheet, convex on the exterior, each end with a collar terminal secured by a pin, its tip with granulation, the collars each with twisted wire filigree palmettes framed by beaded, rope and twisted wires and a fringe of petals, small birds at the outer edges of the left collar, a Heracles knot at the center formed from hollow tubes with applied twisted wire filigree tendrils along their lengths, all edged with beaded, rope and twisted wire, centered by a die-formed lion running to the left, a small frontal Pan seated to the left, playing the pipes.

Girls beware- amazon wishlist scam

Did you girls know that ANYONE who can view your amazon wishlist, can mark something as purchased without actually purchasing it? I had a guy who messaged me on here, asking if i was looking for a SD, online based only, i said yes, we talked on kik. He asked if i had a wishlist and i sent it to him. he asked for proof i was really me, so i sent a picture. it all seemed pretty legit, he told me he bought 4 things off my wishlist,  i was so excited, i ‘spoiled’ my suprise and under purchased items it said he had bought me a chanel bag, a 2k diamond bracelt, a dress worth 2k, and a brand new macbook. i couldnt believe it, i was so happy, i had been struggling for so long and this man had saved me. sent a photo of his bank account, over 300 mil in it. obviously a fake picture. Right after i thanked him, he asked to see a little bit more of me, hadnt asked for any nudes until now. i became sketched, so i called amazon to confirm the purchases. they couldn’t. they informed me that ANYONE could say that purchased something off your list, without actually spending a dime. not sure why that was an option… so i asked the guy for a picture of the confirmation, he asked if he could sent it tomorrow, i said ok. I messaged him later after i found all of this info from amazon, i said ‘hey i connected with amazon to confirm the orders, and they informed me no orders had actually been placed’ NO RESPONSE. did some creeping on his tumblr. found out his name was brian, plays the drums, deff doesn’t have 300 mil. When he first messaged me he said he would give me 2500 euros a month. he doesn’t even live overseas. just be careful girls. guys will see you’re looking for a SD, or that your’re struggling and use that against you. luckily i found out about his scam before i sent him ANYTHING  incriminating against myself. My heart is broken, and i’m pretty pissed. but please watch each others backs. HIS TUMBLR NAME IS WEXWUNDER AND HIS KIK NAME IS SHANE MURPHY. HIS REAL NAME IS BRIAN UNDERWOOD.  i’m so pissed i fell for this shit. stay safe out there girls.