My dearest friend Katherine gave me the loveliest necklace from Peru 😭 if I’m remembering correctly it’s a chakana w the inside representing pachamama as well as the three lives ─ it’s also made of various stones & mother of pearl! 💜🙏🏼

Conch Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, Musy, circa 1880

The central motif millegrain-set with three conch pearls, circular- and single-cut diamonds, to a bracelet of foliate design similarly set with circular-, single-cut and rose diamonds, length approximately 165mm, signed Musy, one small diamond deficient, accompanied by two additional segments, fitted case.


Bracelet Mental Health Project

I am doing this project. You make a bracelet with the colors that represent your struggles. The more beads of a certain color, the more you’ve struggled with that issue. You put a single white bead on it if you’re in recovery, and each year you are clean, you add another white bead and remove one of the others.

Colors and their meanings:

Silver –> BPD (Bipolar Disorder)

Gold –> Schizophrenia 

Red –> Anorexia Nervousa (Anorexia) 

Purple –> Bulimia Nervousa ( Bulimia)

Pink –> Eating Disorder not specified (EDNOS, Binge eating disorder, Ortherexia Nervousa [Otherexia] or a mix of eating disorders)

Blue –> Depression

Yellow–> Suicidal or suicide ideation

Orange/ Black –> Self-harm

Teal–> OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and other Anxiety/Panic disorders

Turquoise–> Obesity 

I also added a Butterfly charm to mine, like for the Butterly Project, which is where you draw a butterfly where you normally self-harm and name it after someone you care for. If you self-harm before it fades away, you’ve killed it.

I have 23 orange and black beads for self-harm, 4 yellow beads, 4 blue beads, and two pink beads as well as my butterfly charm and the white bead. I didn’t put teal because (a) i didn’t have any (b) i didn’t have room on the bracelet and © it hasn’t been one of my life crippling issues. 

I will post a pic of it on Monday.