🐎Silas Fire Emblem fictionkin jewelry for @galaxy–tyto!🐎

Celtic knot ring ($12.99):

Blue heart pendant ($6.95):

Gold spike bracelet ($17.32):

Silver horse bead charm ($1.00):

anonymous asked:

Do your muse and you have things in common?

mmm i think i had more in common with him back when i was in high school tbh. back then, i was a scrapper who dressed like an emo kid with manic panic rockabilly blue hair that went all the way down to my ass. i acted like a lowkey hardass and got into fights a lot after school. just imagine a smol emo kid with a spiked bracelet wrapped around her knuckles tbh b/c that’s how i did it back then lmao go hard or go home i guess???? 

but now, i’m just a sarcastic smol with pastel pink hair who sleeps a lot and gets emotional about people being happy. so, i wouldn’t really say so now? if anything, i think we share some of the same quirks tbh. like??? we both grind our teeth and shit like that?? and we both like exotic cats. u v u