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thelastspeecher  asked:

The Banjo Twins with C2, maybe?

I like to think this is a photograph from early on when they got de-aged. maybe a christmas/Hanukkah pic. Also, Banjo (Stan) and Banjey (Anjie) are wearing iron bracelets and blessed silver necklaces based on this idea by @thelastspeecher

Also I gave Banjo braces, because the season one design of kid Stan had them and I thought it’d be cute.

Day One - Yoosung Kim

Here are some headcanons for Yoosung’s Valentines Day; I will hopefully be doing this with all characters, if not I’m sorry for missing a day or two out~

  • Expect a bunch of roses, or whatever flower you like.
  • If you get bad hayfever like I do >.< you’ll receive a lot of food and love from the college boy.
  • It’s just his luck that Valentine’s falls on a full college day for him, so he’ll have to love you and leave you for the day.
  • But he makes up for it in the night! wink wonk  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • He’ll take you out on a super relaxing park walk, and give you lots of praise and affection.
  • After a while of walking, the two of you will find a bench to sit on and feed the ducks in the nearby river.
  • And walking back, he notices a beautiful (and cheap! remember, this boy can’t afford much bless him) bracelet and decides to buy it for you.
  • “I love you too much, plus it’ll look really pretty on you!”
  • And the rest of the night will be spent playing video games on the TV, wrapped up in blankets and eating cheap takeaway pizza.
  • Taking you off to bed at half 5am stop this young man, he’ll constantly remind you of how much he loves you and how grateful he is that you wandered your way into his life

Witch Jewels

My first pentagram pendant was the one seen in the photo. 

I bought it when I was 17 years old. Fresh in a youth group home after leaving an abusive household. I had accidentally discovered a new occult shop that had opened up on Main Street in Markham. 

The lady who owned the store said she was a witch at one point, but is also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and she only does order stuff now. 

She gave me large quantities of editor edition witchcraft books for free. Completely ignored that one time I tried to remove the possible evil eye cast on me by my abusive mother. Made fun of Scott Cunningham a lot to me back when I worshiped the man. Witnessed the rise and fall of my first attempt at socializing with another self-identified witch.

And sold me my first pentagram pendant with its matching ring. 

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If you want to add any others, please message me. I know I’m missing a few important ones. Feel free to tag me in any theories you want me to see. 

I’m also going to start putting the date next to when it was updated. I haven’t updated in like 200 years but Beth is alive. 

200 Follower Giveaway! 

So I was going to do a giveaway at 100 followers, but I couldn’t get the items in time, plus I just hit 200 followers! So here’s what the winner gets!

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2 black taper candles

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