There’s a lot of beautiful, very religious people who are these manifestations of light and they care about me and ask about me and are really kind in ways that people who are good and kind and sweet are and there’s something about them that makes you want to talk to them and hang out with them all the time because just being in their vicinity makes you feel like a better person.

Dayum, seven replies? Love you guys. Seriously.

First off, Asalaamalaikum <3

With these answers, it seems I should DEFINITELY do Istikhara. Lol :) I definitely want to get to know this guy better. I really do. And I was completely, ridiculously flattered when I was pulled to the side and was told “I want you to marry my son” from a born-Muslim mother. I felt worthy & I felt I was doing a very good job as a Muslimah, although I am a convert and still very new to Islam. 

  • braceletoflight: I’m actually going to start my research right now on Istikhara for marriage. 
  • winnehdapoo: I would totally appreciate your dua'a<3. One question, if you do have the nikah, would you still need to have your wali around when speaking/hanging out or is that just during engagement? 
  • SUMAIYA!: I definitely want to wait because parents who aren’t Muslim and school are two big things for me. As I wait, I guess I’ll slowly get to know him through others & speak on the phone here and there (since his mother gave him my number because she wanted us to speak about my decision, etc.).
  • shudaapimblogging: That’s very true. I hate looking back on decisions that weren’t good for me & going “What if I did it this way?” and what not. 
  • AYAH!: (I remembered your name! Yay :P) I definitely need to get to know him much better to feel that he is worth it & will love and care for me. I know he is religious and I also need that in my life. This is THE biggest decision of my life, not even ONE of the biggest. lol.
  • onestruggle: I was told that Allah swt will tell you in a dream, an event or a gut feeling - as if He will lead your heart to one decision, even if it wasn’t the one you were going for originally. Insha'Allah, He’ll do the same for me. From all your answers, I will definitely praying Istikhara. 
  • forthesakeofallah: Walaikum asalaam :) No decision is final and certainly not this. My mind is VERY open for this since I’m young, I want opinions and it’s the biggest decision of my life. I am going to check out your blog right now, therefore I could read the post :)