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Congratulations, I Hate You (END) - Jaebum


2 years passed

Two years ago, you thought you’d give up on the idol career. You recall walking out of JYP Entertainment after terminating your contract and crying alone in one of your secret hideouts. You had no close friends in the country and it was all just too devastating to experience such loneliness. It wasn’t until one of the staffs who suggested you to not give up entirely and transfer to a different entertainment company. Very well, you gave a couple auditions a try and you were selected into a smaller company that you found fit your style and somehow, the trainees and sunbaes were much more kind. Your previous company wasn’t too bad, but he ruined it for you. Regardless, you did think of him a lot and it was getting harder for you to determine if you had some sort of interest in him, but that was too risky to figure out. Isn’t it impossible to like someone who you hate?

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