imagine if Richie got braces

-one of the worst days of Richie’s life was having to walk into school with braces

-it turned out his teeth were fucked, and now he needed to wear them for the next couple of years

-everyone at school had a field day making fun of him, now that he looked even nerdier than before

-the loser’s club tried to assure him he looked fine; that it was no big deal. But he saw Stan sniggering, and noticed Eddie’s pitying look

-Richie eventually stopped talking, laughing, or doing anything that would risk showing people his braces.

-Eddie started to notice; and knew there was only one solution:

-he got braces too. Convincing his mom was way too easy. “But mom! Not getting braces could pose a serious risk to my mouth in the future! What if I end up with a jaw misalignment?!”

-Richie is over the moon the day Eddie walks in to school and gives him the biggest smile ever; showing him his new rainbow braces

-they actually really suit him; and it weirdly becomes the cool new thing. Nobody makes fun of Richie anymore. In fact, they’re all secretly envious

-….but Eddie and Richie totally don’t end up getting their mouths stuck together after their braces tangle during a make out session….

-definitely not.

Things that happened in 90s very early 00s cartoons

  1. Drunk parents
  2. Parents with anxiety
  3. Depressed parents
  4. Neglectful parents
  5. Spoiled brats being forced into reality
  6. Realistic tomboys
  7. Real world events being showed without fear
  8. Abuse
  9. Gambling is bad without having to say it outright
  10. Extreme poverty
  11. Perfectionism downfalls
  12. That even the smartest person can be gullible enough to be conned and taken advantage of .( hey Arnold)
  13. Learning doesn’t have to be boring (wild thornberries)
  14. Family is who loves you not just genetic(cat dog)
  15. Being buff and a jerk will get you no where (Johnny bravo)
  16. Baby shows of every existing show (baby looney toons)
  17. Poc without feeling they were tokens .
  18. Dwarfism without turning into a big deal (hey Arnold)
  19. A show about an internet hero that erriely predicted meme culture … (freakazoid)
  20. Lots of advice about day to day life no one actually sat through (sailor moon dub and etc)
  21. Because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you are a moron(powerpuff girls)
  22. Animators have the filthiest minds in the entertainment business ( animaniacs,ect)
  23. Sometimes cartoons are made that animators themselves have no choice but to make it .( pinky,Elmira and the Brain ! Just listen to the theme song)
  24. That being intelligent is something to be proud of but its not all you are
  25. Friends you have as a kid aren’t meant to be forever (Pepper Anne)
  26. You can be annoyed with your siblings for legitimate reasons and still care about them in your own way ( dexter laboratory)
  27. Also exboyfriends can become stalkers(pepper Anne)
  28. The not to dos about life . By giving us incredibly bitchy protagonists who implodes their own lives to not imitate. ( as told by ginger, brace face,etc)