• me, a humble shitpost farmer who joined the fandom for memes, looking out over the dark horizon:Johnny, bring in the fic concepts and get Dot to help you cover the headcanons. It's about to get stormy in the discourse tags.
  • Johnny:Why, ma?
  • me:An update's coming. I sense... Kent.
Dear Followers

In case I still have followers left who don’t watch The 100:

  • I’m really sorry
  • I appreciate that you’re still with me
  • I recommend you to block/blacklist  #the 100 because tomorrow and the time following will be a mess
  • (DM me if you want more tags to block, but be sure that I’ll tag everything with #the 100 too)

Nik Hartley

Fashion Memo | Brace Yourself

Orthodontia is the latest unexpected trend to make a play for the runway, popping up at a Hood by Air show, in the mouth of the Chanel-approved model Charlie James (above) and on the cover of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book.

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