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SuperCorp Rise!

More like great Karamel angst and reunion! Oh I want kara to wear one of his T-shirts and hug the pillow his head was on during that wakeup scene. The montages! I will die if there are sad montages and flashbacks of things that happened offscreen this season! 

The kind of love karamel had, that level of domesticity, when that love is taken from you for tragedy, every inch of the house of the house reminds you of the person you lost for years. When I had with someone, even though it ended in heartbreak, I had to move to another city because every inch of my house and the places we visited reminded me of the person. 

But the person I loved the most who died, love that ends in tragedy stays with you FOREVER! It’s been a decade and a half and with every passing day, I only love that person more. People can’t move on from tragedy for years because it was not their choice, no breakup, no closure, they were forced into a single life when neither was even close to ready for it. Moving on takes years, the person they lost only becomes a much bigger part of their heart and no new person can ever take their place. Anyone who has experienced grief knows this and writers love harnessing this for story worlds where characters can return.

And she wouldn’t have to move on, Chris is conformed for season 3, his hero’s journey arc is only 1/3 done so judging from the pace he’ll become Valor next season and there’s another season of the hero arc finally coming to an end. The first few episodes will have him in flashbacks, she’ll only fall in love with him more and the reunion will be ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! Can you imagine the sex fam? 

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Hi, excuse me. I recently started reading more than meets the eye and each time I tell my friends that I'm glad there isn't much death they all say, "you poor child...". Why is that???

You’re in for a world of hurt, that’s all I’m gonna say. :’)

My dear husband (uh wow still getting used to that) left to pick up his daughter for swim lessons. I don’t have a pool pass this year due to money, so like ten seconds after the door closed behind him, i scrambled to my computer to open Sims. I mean sure, i should really wash the dishes or put away wedding gifts but SDGHJGSAA!!!! I miss my sims!