• me, a humble shitpost farmer who joined the fandom for memes, looking out over the dark horizon: Johnny, bring in the fic concepts and get Dot to help you cover the headcanons. It's about to get stormy in the discourse tags.
  • Johnny: Why, ma?
  • me: An update's coming. I sense... Kent.

Gird your loins, children.  Kara and Mon-El are bound to go canon today.  I’m still holding out for some hardcore queer-baiting in canon.  Just in case, I wrote some more gay stuff to help ward off the endless vomiting as my Galentine’s Day gift to all my lovelies, and here ‘tis.  Keep calm and gay it up!  

Nik Hartley

Fashion Memo | Brace Yourself

Orthodontia is the latest unexpected trend to make a play for the runway, popping up at a Hood by Air show, in the mouth of the Chanel-approved model Charlie James (above) and on the cover of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book.

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