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another hc rl quick that doesnt actually tie in w my canon views and is only for au purposes tbh; 

dave who has crooked teeth as a kid and who has braces for his teen years and then like the sweetest smile when hes in his twenties (his teeth are straight yet his smile is still crooked). 

I Saw Crimson Peak, or: Food Metaphors, Gothic Melodrama, and You

My favorite food is a good pasta bolognese: fettuccine al dente, with a sauce that’s been simmering for hours in red wine, every ingredient in its proper place, added at the right intervals, and stirred with true Italian vigor. I know it, I love it. This dish won’t surprise me, but that’s not what I want from pasta bolognese. What I want from pasta bolognese is the dinner time has shown me I’m wild for, prepared with skill, flair, and a love for the recipe.

Crimson Peak is THE pasta bolognese movie. It’s a lush Gothic Romance, complete with restless ghosts, fluttering ivory nightgowns, madness, slow poisoning, and a gorgeous decaying manor/metaphor house whose gables rise above the moors like snarling teeth. No movie has ever been less interested in reinventing the wheel, right down to the scene transitions: old-fashioned iris wipes. When the titled heir of a fallen family takes the hand of our unconventional heroine and leads her to the dance floor, the assembled ladies gasp. It knows, okay? It knows what it wants to be and knows that you want that too. There’s no irony, no winking, despite the fact that any audience worth its salt knows the narrative tricks inside out. That’s not what matters. What matters is that it’s bloody and frightening and twisted and mournful and achingly romantic.

I walked out of the theater effusive, a joyful little shiver in my stomach, still spooked and swooning. It was as if this movie reached out and cupped my fourteen-year-old self’s face in its hands and said, “isn’t it time you indulged in everything you ever wanted?”

Pure, undiluted gothic melodrama, masterfully made. A plate of pasta bolognese cooked by an expert chef, exactly the comfort food I crave, elevated to a thing of rare beauty. I can’t wait to have seconds.



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Number of imagines for each guy: (note the chapters in Wattpad are not included in this) Ashton: 79 | Calum: 82 | Luke: 98 | Michael: 87 | 4/4: 120 


So Myspace. No Way To Treat A Lady. Too Sexy. Scoliosis Brace. Snapchat from set. Am I Tumblr Yet? Wish You Were Here Snap. Like My Hair? Snapchat: No Longer The Drummer. Love letters and roses. Hurricane Out Of Nowhere. Stones and Skateboards. So Dysfunctional. On The Big Screen. An Insomniac Calls. A kiss means shut up. Trying Not To Love You. I can’t resist your voice. So Many Problems. Clown Fear Prank. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Motion Sickness. I Can’t Do This Anymore. Christmas With His Family. Surprise Sleeve. I’ll help your claustrophobia. He makes you feel unwanted. Too advanced for me. An Italian In America. Journal Snooping. You Saved My Life. Hip Hop Dancer (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Bulimic Marker. Drunken Reveal. Gymnastics Mishap Ballet Practice. Inappropriate Babysitting. Relax It’s Just Family. Running from the Daylight. Runaway. Accidental Haircut. I’ll be the one to save you. I Love Your Glasses. Untimely Death Airport Cuteness. Dancer and drummer meet. Rivalry. Funny Calls. Haters and Insecurities. Anxiety Attack. I love you even more. Unusually Clingy. He Accidently Hits You. He talks about you. Insecurities Surface. Teen Choice Envy! It’s just cuddling. Who’s your boyfriend? Saved by a Rogue Angel: One | Two. Protective. Silent Treatment. Fighter. Love Unites. Movie nights and popcorn fights. Crashed Hearts. You tell him you’re pregnant. You date in secret. You fight and refuse to go to the concert. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities (TFIOS). I bet it was a misunderstanding. He has a crush on you, so does Harry Styles (FIGHT). Teased about his crush on you.


Mustache Makes The Man. Number One Fan. The Day That Saved Us. Snaphat from set. Merch. Guess The Body Part. Funny Snap. I Love You Sleepy. Not Broken Yet. Nap Game Too Strong. End Of The World. Snapchat: Stolen Puppy. First Date Nerves. Tears On Stage. Musicians Daughter. Vomit Fear. Veil Of Tears. Our Kids Need Cool Names. Everything I Want. Dentist Fear. I would re-write those lines. On The Big Screen. Volleyball Game. Scalp Psoriasis. I wrote you this song. Bug Fear Prank. What You Mean To Me. Motion Sickness. Don’t Hurt My Girl. Attractive Bass Player. Surprising Him On Tour.(Submitted) I Can’t Have Children. Pool Party Jealousy.(Submitted: Lukemylife) Just A Dream. Total child. So Sick. Breaking bass in the music store. Kiss Of Life. Memorable Night. I Like Sport Because Of You. Support Short In Flannel. Cruise Ship Troubles. Concert Surprise. Single Dad and Best Friend. Disconnected. Wherever you…I forgot. Runaway. I Want It. Beautiful Ballerina Paranoia Music Video Jealousy. Birthday Surprise. He finds your scars. You’re Portuguese. Awkward Breakup. You’re Norwegian. Sneaking Out. Tattooed Thug. Tabloid Troubles. English Love Affair. He Accidently Hits You. Innocent Mistake. Soccer Support. I still care. He forgets about you (Amnesia). Wedding Speech. Anorexia. Anexiety Attack. You’re tall. Bad Kid Boxer. You’re the only reason. Dying Friend. Middle of the night drive. You meet at a party. Points you out in the crowd. Day off cuddles and movies. Dating Calum, but Luke wants you (FIGHT). Date night. Teased about his crush on you.


You Are In Love. Cheeky Luke. I Need Hugs. First Flight Home. Snapchat from set. You like beards right? Front Facing Fail. Meet The Family. Date? Snapchat: Monkey and I Miss You. The Words. If I Can’t Be With You. He Writes You A Love Poem. Anxious Scratching. Prom Surprise. Being gay is okay. Petting Penguins. Learn To Salsa. Don’t Let It Go. Bubblegum Lips. On The Big Screen. Have I told you lately that I love you? I don’t love you, but I always will. Paps are Pests. Stolen Shirts and Chases. Mathematician. Closed Space Fear Prank. Motion Sickness. Let Me Take Care Of You. Enchanted By The Mechanic. (Submitted: angelicimagines) Magazine Rumors…(Submitted: x3danna3x) The Rules Of Football. Sometimes Life Is Unfair. (Submitted: escapingrealitybydreaming) Fear Of Dogs. Wait You’re Rich? Jealous Lyrics. Small Youtuber. I don’t forgive cheaters. 2 Years, Doesn’t Change Anything. Situation Security. Hotel Pizza Girl. (Submitted: keahe-y) Falling Asleep Fifa. Prom Kiss. Sixteen and Sneaking In. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Take a break Miss AP History. (Submitted: Anon) 6’4 and Beautiful. Toxic Relationship. Public Relationshion(S)hip. I cant take it anymore (Trigger Warning) Friends with ben…baby. Concert Protector. Piercing Scared. I like coffee and you. Seperate Beds. Dear Diary It’s Just Cuddling. You Read What? Secrets Revealed. Prom Sucks. Be My Girlfriend. I’m not leaving you. I’ll be here waiting. Support Act. You shouldn’t be doing that. Comforting and Surprises. Bad days, Pet peeves & Comfort. Public Proposel. Touchy-feely Friendship. VS Model his POV. No Hablan Ingles. He Accidently Hits You. Cold, Sad, Cuddles. Family Troubles. You forget him (Amnesia). Thunderstorm Comfort. Tic Disorder. WWE Diva. You’re short. Black eyed love. Laundry room SMUT. (SHIP IMAGINE) Date night. Close As Strangers. Guy flirts and Luke gets protective. You’re insecure about his ex. Birthday SMUT. Cuddling and the guys mock you. You meet him on tour. Teased about his crush on you. (HATE) He makes a video supporting you. Michael:
A Note To Remind You Its Okay. Candy Floss Head. Bubblegum Lips. Blanket Fort Fiasco. (Submitted:Anon). High school crush. Snapchat from set. Tears on the runway. I Miss You Snap. We All Fall Down Sometimes. My Pout Is Better Than Yours. Meet The Parents And Run Away. Back To Black. Snapchat: Asked If I Love You. Teichotillomania. Under The Influence. Always Stay. Comfort After Cutting. TW Is there somewhere? Just the way you are. On the big screen. I can treat you better than him. I can hardly make you mine. School Project. I Miss You, Open The Door. Spider Fear Prank. I Like Preppy. Found Ring. Motion Sickness. Taking care of the cramps and migraines. Purity Ring. Boyfriend Tag Surprise.(Submitted: x3danna3x) Famous Couple. Sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Beautiful Sleeper. Secret. (Submitted: Idk1763) Volleyball Stops The Attacks. I don’t want another sibling. The Bitch, The Bes tfriend and Michael. 5’9 is your best quality. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Hello Worlds. My Cliffaconda Don’t… Tenerife Sea. Jealousy. School Work First. I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend. Forever and Always. Not your average frat boy Save me from who I’m supposed to be. Volleyball…Ooops! I Had To Do It. I Can’t Date You. It’s Just Cuddling. I Like Short. Arachnophobia Saviour. Don’t leave me. Am I loosing you? One In This World. You’ll always be beautiful. Astraphobia. Beside You. I can’t love you. Rooftop Sadness. Shut Up & Cuddle Me. He Accidently Hits You. School Surprise. Don’t Be Insecure. Stretch Marks. Best friends to couple. You think he’s cheating. Amnesia Hurts. Prince in Plaid. Close as Strangers. I’ll fix your broken heart. Derby Drama. Love is not Melancholy. Spin the Bottle truth or dare (SMUT). Anniversary SMUT. You were a bet: Part One. | Part Two. He’s your boyfriend and your friends don’t know (SURPRISE). Teased about his crush on you. Mini Series:
(Luke) Lycanthrope In Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Ashton) Dark Hunger: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Luke) Battlefield: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Michael) Marry The One You Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Calum) Demonic Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Ash) Unexpected,Unplanned,Unashamed:Part1 |Part2 | Part3 (Luke) Ticking Timebomb: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Michael) Suspended Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Wattpad Series:
(Michael) Series: Fairy Tales Are Just Stories. [Wattpad only] (Luke) Series: Lycanthrope In Love [2 extra parts] (Ashton) Series: Dark Hunger [7 extra parts]

4/4 (pictures, blurbs, imagines included here):

We Love Ellen. Are We Rockstars? Couple Duvets. Where you go on your first date. We did it. My Job Before You. Overreaction. Niall Is Not In The Band. Toy bought for baby. Crib he buys daughter. Skull Leggings. Prom Corsage. Mean and Annoying Nicknames You Give Each Other. Will Smith Movie You Watch. Punk Outfit You Wear To His Concert. Your Coachella Outfit. Cake for your son’s 2nd birthday. What they would be arrested for. Why They’d Get Detention. Bag He Buys You. The Louboutin’s He Buys You. Eye Mask He Buys You. The Song You Listen To Together. Father and Son Matching T-Shirt. Ticklish. Take Care Of Her Whilst I’m Gone. Big Rides Are Scary! Just Saying. Hate Because You’re Bisexual(Submiteed: x3danna3x) Their ideal girl. Body Part He Loves. Colour Guard Flag Twirling. Forgetting your birthday. First Date lyrics. Bipolar…Leave Me Alone. (Submitted: textbooks-and-teabags) Wrapped Around Your Finger. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Phone Names. First I Love You. (Submitted: ANON) Cute things he does when you’re pregnant. His Thoughts When You Walk Down The Aisle. Holding your daughter for the first time. Babies first word. Give in to me. Shared Parenting: Mashton Kodaline-Talk. Dances With Children. Mrs All American. Dancing In The Rain *gif* My Child Is More Important. I’m Not Leaving. Love Triangle: CAKE Hogwarts Houses. Bad Enough. Divergent Factions. First Time Waking Up Together. Showering Together (Visuals). Disney Movie You Watch Together. Wedding Shoes. Wedding Flowers. Suit He Wears. Piano Singing. So Far Away. Small Bump Broadway Baby. Facemask. If you don’t know. Oh, Calamity Lyrics. Casual Affair Lyrics. Interview Crush Reveal. Me Without You Lyrics. Little Lullabies. Backseat Serenade Lyrics. All Of The Stars Lyrics. Cute with baby *GIF* Stay in bed. Just the way you are lyrics. You have a cold. Schizophrenia:Cashton | Muke. Losing You Lyrics. Flaws Lyrics. You make him laugh. Cooking together. The pet he buys you. Back off (Jealousy). He tweets he misses you. The skull outfit he loves on you. Cute couple moments. He spins you around movie style. Break dance together. How you cuddle (GIF). How you kiss. Cute dancing. CAUGHT: Heated moment leads to concern. Favourite tattoo on you. He doesn’t know he’s flirting. Cuddling (BLURBS). He tweets babies Halloween costume. The style of your toddler. His favourite hat on you. Photoshoot flirting. The hair he likes on you. The dress he buys you. Theme park date. Band shirt he buys you. Skinny jeans he buys you. Matching onesies. Matching shirts. OUT AND ABOUT: his favourite gif of you. YOUTUBER: He appears in a video. Matching halloween costumes. Amnesia lyrics. What you wear to his concert. Picnic date. Clothing item you steal. Your wedding dress. Worried about your fever. How he hugs you. Pregnancy reveal. He proposes in front of fans. She looks so perfect lyrics.

On the Spot by DShou (Completed 7-15-15)

A more simpler drawing, there’s not much going on in the background, granted that’s not really the focus here - -

Am I glad my braces didn’t set off airport security! That would’ve been awkward - but they got these fancy mili-scan-technology-spinny things nowadays anyways so it wouldn’t exactly blare alarms anymore but I mean -

(Original Scene from MLP S4 E11)