braap braap

I should really get to posting more sketches of characters and compile all the little things I’m always doodling on the side, seriously :V

Anyways, more of these weird ‘lil monsterbikes: “Mischief” the TW200, based on my own bike. I’ve been zooming around like crazy on that thing: it’s a stupid-fun go-anywhere bike, I love it! Not quite the best thing for highways but where I live there are lots of backroads and unpaved areas to mess around on, so it’s perfect.

Also it’s short enough for me to actually reach the ground on, it makes things a lot easier :’D

Actual lines from critically acclaimed 5 star musical Hamilton

“Awesome, wow”

“Um, france?”



“My dog speaks more eloquently than thee”

“Everything is legal in New Jersy”

“Yes I heard your mother say “come again?””

“Hey turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits”


Super quick warmup sketch :’D

[Also sorry for the lack of updates, term is in full swing so as usual, quality art updates will be few and far between since I generally need to be putting all my sketch time towards school projects. Some get away though, like this lil guy! :D]