I had a dream I died and then came back and I had to dig myself out of my grave and was like ‘ta-da everybody i am not dead i am a zombie’ except i wasn’t like gross or anything i was just me u kno like jesus and anyway nobody really threw a big deal over it but i was afraid to tell people on tumblr because how awkward is that having someone make a post for you that you’re dead and then you come back 'I actually just rose from my grave so how u doin’ and like do u kno how many people would accuse you of lying for attention or something like that’s really stressful

so anyway then there was like this amusement park?????? ride????? that WOULD NOT STOP FLAILING and I was like 'tHIS IS A BAD IDEA’ because I had my laptop and it was whippin everybody around and THERE WERE NO SEATBELTS YOU JUST HAD TO HANG ON and it was like one of those indoors things where you like go around sets and scenery 
well this was supposed to be like a Sioux Indian history or something??? (why the damned thing wouldn’t stay still and why there was some fatass lion guy wITH AN ANATOMICALLY CORRECT SUIT????? jumping on people I have no idea. I. do not understand my mind but I am concerned.)
and I was thinking none of you people look Sioux Indian sir u look Italian but I didn’t say anything aloud because you can’t just ask people why they’re white and so in retrospect the entire ride was like about a feud??? a cooking feud???? of families???? and it all summed up to how people found out how to make deep fried thINGS????
HE WAS DEEP FRYING EVERYTHING and there were powdered churros and in retrospect I don’t know what smaller eggs and a…wow that was a lot of butter like there were literally buckets
ok so basically before the climax it was just showing them making gratuitous amounts of one thing each and I????? guess you can only learn four moves?????
and this lady was just making buckets of butter????? i think somebody was making bacon I cant remember but there were also eggs and that was a really messy house

aNyWaY yep that is how my dream ended with this guy tossing shit around and being like “LET’S MAKE POPCORN THINGS” and i was like ???? until i remembered popcorn chicken is breaded and deep fried so I guess that’s what he meant?????

i don’t know anymore. i just don’t know.

but if you think for one second that i wouldn’t milk the whole zombie thing you are terribly mistaken.