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Here is my latest twitter rant and I don’t have the energy to convert it into a cohesive blog post.

Who will crowdfund me so I can manufacture bras for super fat people I mean really please come on.

Did you know bra wires just stop existing past a certain point?

Like someone decided “no, sorry fat person, you do not deserve separated, and uplifted boobs.“

You want to make fun of a fat person not wearing a supportive bra? THEY STOP EXISTING.

I’m about to slap someone in the face with these unsupported boobs.

Don’t tell me to sew my own clothes.

I mean, I do sew my own clothes. But I make patterns, I grade up patterns. Patterns just don’t exist for me. I’m basically fucking magical.

Even the people in the “curvy sewing group” tell me to just “grade patterns up”. No one gives a shit about super fat people.

Exactly who the fuck is doing all the work in this “body positive” world? Super fat people have been bootstrapping forever.

Super fat people DIY to survive.

♡ What Jin’s Like In Bed ♡

● Lord do I have a lot to say about this boy

● I used to think he was innocent but now I have finally come to my senses and now realise he is really perverted.

● So first I think he really likes you wearing lingerie for him.

○ Tbh I think he could get off to any type of lingerie but he personal favourites are strappy ones with thigh high stockings.

○ See through bralettes would make him bust a nut right there.

○ He’d probably just want you to where them like nearly every day, if not nothing at all.

○ I think he’d prefer you wearing no wire bras because I can see him being someone who appreciates the natural shape of boobs and likes your body how it is naturally, naked.

○ He is really into pastel blue and pink babydoll lingerie and that’s what you’ll probably have the most of.

○ He probably also really likes white and strappy lingerie sets.

○ He likes thongs, but he also likes boxer briefs that have cute little designs like ice creams or hello kitty which brings me to my next subject.

● His daddy kink, now he isn’t like Namjoon he is pretty rough in bed he is more gentle and just like rewarding you for being good and just worshipping your body.

○ He definitely likes cute tail butt plugs, collars, furry cuffs, anything that can he use for humiliation, sexual humiliation obviously.

○ Not even in bed but in general I just think we just like to take care of you and just have you listen to him and follow what he says because even though he’s the eldest the boys never listen and so he just likes having you to always follow him like a cute puppy.

○ He’d be a really caring daddy and would l o v e nicknames that are just sound cute like pie, peaches, bunny, kitty.

○ I think he would love it if you called him things like jinnie, squish bear or daddy duh.

○ Okay, I’m getting too carried away, but just a last note on this, I still think he would be slightly sub, more of a switch than dom tbh.

● His favourite positions include.. (try to keep up there’s a lot)

○ Doggy style but not usual doggy style like he likes when he is balls deep and not moving at all and you’re going crazy so you try to push in and out but he just keeps your hips still before he bends down next you, basically reaching over you like shield before letting you back yourself off and on his dick while he fondles your breasts.

○ Him sitting down while you lay on his lap. A lot of skin slapping and hickeys. If you wanna go the extra mile grip his hair. When you’re close his hands would start to rub your clit before you cum on his dick, your juices leaking through, dripping onto his thigh.

○ Reverse cowgirl, he just likes the view. He definitely would squeeze your cheeks and spank them as you coat his dick in your juices.

○ Fucking you into a wall, stomach facing it of course. He particularly likes doing this one in the shower.

● As for pubic hair, I honestly don’t think he has any preference.

○ But, if you want a more specific description maybe just neat. Like no hair on the inner thigh or near your ass.

● As for sexting, mainly just random texts from when he’s away of really descriptive text of what he would do to you if he was there.

○ A lot of nudes with his dick fully erect.

○ Later, you would receive a full video of him jacking off his boner which he showcased earlier.

○ You’ll probably end up doing the same but most likely it’s just of you sitting on the bathroom counter, your ass on show.

○ Later a video of you riding a dildo or grinding a pillow.

○ You should probably get multiple cameras because that boy likes multiple angles.

● Idk why but I feel like he is the type to l o v e lap dances and strip teases.

○ Especially when you strip him slowly, which ends up with a blowjob.

● I don’t think he’s really into public sex mainly because of his idol life and is wary of being found out, especially being caught eating you out in a toilet.

○ I can’t see him being into threesomes or voyeurism either.

○ I think sex to him is about appreciating and pleasuring you and only you, and he also feels that he is the only that can see you so vulnerable.


○ Tbh he probably not that much experience. He probably had done it around three times at the most.

○ He would really make it about you.

○ He’d start slow with gently rubbing you before finally fucking you slowly under the blankets.

○ A lot of stroking, kitten licks and kisses and closed eyes.

○ Just imagine him on top of you under a large blanket covering you both completely, rolling his hips into you slowly. His head rested in the crook of his neck.

○ I think he’d speed up a small bit, while rubbing your clit, bringing you both to orgasm.

● Jin has a food kink. Jin has a food kink. Jin has a food kink. Jin has a food kink. Jin has a food kink. Jin has a food ki

○ He just really likes to eat you out like an ice cream sundae man.

○ While others like pouring wax, Jin likes pouring melted chocolate.

○ Probably spreading your legs before laying whip cream from your clit to your asshole, and eating it.

○ On his birthday treat him by riding him while covering your chest in melted chocolate and cream before wiping up some of the liquids with a strawberry, and popping into his mouth.

○ Don’t forget to leave some on your nipples for him to suck off.

○ Probably would drip honey all over his dick and then tell you to give him a succ.

○ His cum would mix with the honey.

○ Feeding you desserts while fucking you doggy style.


● I think he’d definitely like playful, bubble bath sex.

○ Legit just sitting on his dick and playing with the bubbles, like tbh you’re not really riding him you just need to sit somewhere while you be giddy little kids.

○ He’d finish later, though…

○ He’d hop out quickly, dim the lighting, hop back in and let you ride him gently.

● Morning sex wasn’t very common but treasured.

○ Just having an intimate moment together on a morning was really a good way to wake up.

● This boy really likes hickeys.

○ Giving AND receiving.

○ Just having a very heated moment and waking up the next morning to being covered in each other’s love bites is something he l o v e s.

Okay listen up coz ive found a new spoonie fav.

So you see these bras? These fuckers are the two comfy-est bras I’ve ever owned. Theyre Hanes “ComfortFlex Fit, Comfort Evolution” WIRE FREE bras. Now I know what youre thinking: “Wire free? Ain’t no way they provide any support!” Well let me get a lil personal for a sec. The E.D.s has run rampant in the collagen in my breast tissue so i have such an issue finding bras that support me without the added push-up/extreme discomfort of wires.

When suddenly one day in Target i came across this gem. It holds me up (and like, im a 36/38C so im kinda busty) and theyre made from that rly stretchy/comfy athletic material. They are so comfy that I (mind you i have Fibromyalgia,) actually fell asleep in these bras and didn’t hate myself for it.

Unfortunately they only go up to XL (42C) and i haven’t found any for those who are really busty. But I will def post if i find one and if anyone wants to add to this to include a good “Big Boob Friendly” bra, by all means, go for it.

Anyway this has been a PSA for my new favorite bras. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Little girl - Yugyeom

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Drabble/Sexy scenario (A/N: Okay, these are way longer than a regular drabble, so from now on, i’ll call them sexy scenarios. It will be between 500-800 words, and NOT a full smut. Just something little sexy for you! Enjoy. xx)

2)  “H-how long have y-you been standing there?”

29)  “Don’t you know how to knock?!”

*Request a smutty/sexy drabble! Pick a number here + member and send it to my inbox. All credit for the drabble sentences goes to the owner(s).

Your favourite thing to do when get home is take off your bra. The horrible, wired torturing thing that’s squeezing your body all day, has to go off as soon as you cross your doorstep.

Even though your parents are still at work, the house is unusually quiet. Your brother has the tendency to shout at his virtual friends while playing his video games, but today you don’t hear anything.

“That idiot must be out. Great, I have the house for me” you say as you get up the stairs to your room. You can’t wait to get to your room, instead you throw your things off already in the hallway. First to finish on the floor is your shirt, accompanied with your jeans right after.

“Let’s get this bitch off me” you say unclasping your bra, and happily throwing it on your bed.

“Umm… do you need some help with that?” you hear someone say behind you.

All you can think of is scream in panic because of the intruder.

“Come on baby, it’s not like it’s the first time you see me” says Yugyeom, leaning on your door frame.

“Fuck… Yugyeom” you panically say, running around your room, looking for something to cover up. “H-how long have y-you been standing there?”

“Long enough to enjoy the little show you put on” he responds calmly, entering your room.

“Wait, why are you alone in my house? Where’s my brother? No, don’t you know how to knock?!” you stutter from all the embarrassment.

“He went out to grab us pizza, and I was playing games in his room. And there is no point in knocking since you left your door wide open” he smirks, this time even more daring, approaching you without hesitation.

“Fuck you Yugyeom. Get out” you point towards your door and take a step back to avoid his body being pressed against yours.

“Oh baby, I love when you’re playing hard to get. But I’m sick of it by now. So stop pretending, and admit you want me as bad as I want you.”

“I don’t know what are you talking about” you try to avoid his eyes, so you look down.

Yugyeom grabs you by the chin, pulling your head up to meet his hungry gaze.

“Shit baby, this is going to be fun” and without a warning he pulls your face closer to his and gives you a deep, long kiss.

You hesitate for a second, but you decide to go with your feelings, and give in. Once he sees you’re kissing him back, Yugyeom grabs you by the waist, pulling you vigorously against his already hard dick.

“We really shoudn’t do this Yugyeom” it’s more to convince yourself than avert Yugyeom.

But he doesn’t listen, instead he rips the fabric you’ve been covering your upper body with, and takes your bare breasts in both of his hands.

“Oh god, baby, you’re not a little girl anymore” Yugyeom says in between sucking your hardened buds.

“This is so wrong” you weakly say, unzipping his already tight pants.

“Wait until you feel my dick inside you, baby” Yugyeom moves his lips from your nipples to your neck, kissing and sucking his way up your sensitive skin, finishing with a little too hard nibble on your earlobe.

He then lifts you up, and throws you on the bed, immediately hovering over you. With one breast in his hand, massaging it lightly, he flicks the nipple on the free boob a few times, making you moan softly.

Yugyeom then starts lowering his lips, planting small, wet kisses all over your stomach, coming down to the hem of your panties.

“I see you’re ready for me baby, all nice and wet” he teases you by kissing your heated core over the thin fabric of your undies. 

But you need more, you need to feel his wet tongue on your burning clit, so you tangle your fingers in Yugyeom’s hair, pulling him down.

“Fuck Yugyeom, stop teasing me” you practically moan out the words.

Yugyeom complies, and without a word starts pulling your panties down.

“Bro, I’m back! Come downstairs and grab some pizza.”

“Fuck!” Yugyeom curses under his breath. “We’re out of time baby. But don’t think I won’t finish what I started next time.”

Yugyeom kisses your lips lightly, and leaves your room with a smirk on his face.


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Since walang pasyente and 11-7 shift ko, naisipan kong kamustahin ang estado ng scoliosis ko. Hahaha. Hindi naman lumala. Pero kung dati, sa L-spine lang yung may mali, ngayon pati naman na sa T-spine. Gusto ko sanang ipatingin sa radio resident on duty kaso nahihiya akooo haha.

P.S: Yeap yung wire ng bra. Di ko na inalis yung bra, hassle.

P.P.S: Maganda magRadtech mga loves. May power kang makita ang kaloob looban ng tao. Lol. Radiation? As long as you know how to protect yourself, walang mangyayari sayo. Parang sa love, kung alam mo namang mahalin ang sarili mo, kahit iwan ka pa niya, strong ka pa din.

Women’s Secret Makeover Natural Lift Wire-Free Striped Bra. I was pleased with this bra for an everyday, comfortable bra. Full coverage and great lift for not having wires. I’ve never had a bra that had the adjustable straps on the front; what a convenient feature!! The straps are thick also which helps with the support this bra provides. I also like the thicker layer of the bra cup; eliminates show-thru and adds just a little “extra” to your shape. Definitely recommend. This bra DOES NOT have wires, however, despite that, it somehow provides great support!! Also, this bra does NOT have side panels to push breasts together more.

Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra. All I can say is…dayum! I’m a busty gal, but my boobs are generally low-maintenance. I can wear regular sports bras and do high-intensity sports just fine. The girls never complain, even when I bounce them repeatedly on horseback. But I’m telling you guys – this bra is life-changing. Never again will I go back to the ranks of mere S/M/L sports bras. My boobs have never felt so supported, not even in a regular underwire bra. Wires totally unnecessary. It might be the tiniest bit snug in the band, but otherwise it fits perfectly.

preteen summer feelings:

  • mother worrying about the spaghetti straps on my tank top. “the wrong kind of attention.” 
  • itching in my first wired bra. semicircle lines on my ribcage.
  • the ice cream truck that only played sad songs for heartbroken girls
  • self conscious when the tilt-a-whirl seat bar squishes my soft thighs 
  • designing covers for mixed cds, heart stickers and bubble letters. 
  • laying outside on a beach towel, squinting at sunlit pages of paperback books about daring girls with freckles and scars
  • brambles in my socks and sand in my shorts
  • sneaking in the swimming pool after dark. chlorine glow under firework stars. mermaids under the moon.
  • promises to never love a boy. promises to never let them touch you.
  • sickness growing in my stomach like milkweeds reaching to my throat when the school supplies letter comes in the mail. like a spell breaking.


So 2014 was a really bad year for me.

Skipping all the details, what it comes down to is I have a feeding tube pretty much exactly where and under wire bra/sports bra rests

I really really miss wearing a bra.

I mean aside from lugging around a machine, and having a tube stick out of my chest, people really seem to notice “HEY, YOUR BOOBS AREN’T SMOOTH AND PERKY.” And they stare. And as far as a “fuck you” attitude can go, it really does upset me. And my back is killing me.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any options? 

Whether it be a brand, or a cosplay alteration, ANYTHING. PLEASE!


I should say I have “Breast Lift-Up Tape” but it’s one use and I need something long term