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prob already posts like this written better but , guys, it still spins me out that theres basically 0 (zero) sexualization, of ANYONE, and pretty much no romantic plot in dirk gently’s holistic detective agency … like …. how often do u see that, man?? how often do u see that, my dude???? my guy, how often, do you see that?????

like, shit, there is a scene where a woman showers, with ZERO gratuitous shots of her body. where a man sits outside the door to keep her company but makes ZERO passes at her. they also share a hotel room and again, nothing sexual happens between them.

there is a scene where a woman takes off her bra to use the wire to pick a lock and it is NOT SEXUALIZED AT ALL. nothing about it is about her boobs.

there is a scene where a girl gets into a van with four strangers, all of them male, and they don’t view her sexually in any apparent way.. they just…paint her nails radioactive green and welcome her into their gang?? guys can u believe this

several characters are in nothing but their underwear multiple times throughout the show and the shots are never fanservicey????

zero (0) women are raped.

the show hints at todd having a small crush on farah but it doesnt seem forced or “male lead likes girl. because straights. he has to” and the show doesnt culminate to them kissing.. it seems natural cus heck, she’s gorgeous, who wouldn’t have a bit of a crush on her

the only dude who oggles at a woman is friedkin, and he’s a) a bad dude and b) an absolute doofus being seduced into doing something

like???? im in constant shock abt this ???

Throwback to that time i was at my first-aid course for my driver’s license, and since we were only using a male dummy for the training, I asked about using a defibrillator on women, and if the bra (specifically the wire) could cause issues, and the teacher kinda laughed and said “well i guess you gotta get it out of the way”, implying I was asking because i felt embarrassed about having to do that.

like, no dude, in the given situation the woman’s life would be in danger, and I wouldn’t give two shits about who gets uncomfortable at boobs, I just want to know whether or not it’s dangerous for the woman to have METAL wire connected to her CHEST while applying ELECTRICITY to her CHEST 


Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count : 2,380
Author : Mel

Final Part of Say my Name.

As time went by, you ran into them more and more. You didn’t seek them out, in fact you were still almost avoiding them. But it seemed no matter what, at least once a month when you walked out of your motel room, you’d find the Impala parked right outside. They somehow always got the room next to you.

You joked once with Sam over drinks that they were borderline stalking you. His smirk let you know they were in fact finding you on purpose. “Seriously, Sammy?”

He had shrugged. “He doesn’t like you hunting alone.” You rolled your eyes.

If there was even a scratch on you when they saw you, you’d never hear the end of it. One time, you got so frustrated at Dean’s comment about your wrist brace, and how you shouldn’t be hunting alone, that you snapped back. “Its fucking Carpal Tunnel, Dean. The only thing hurting me, is all the research you keep making me do.” Sam had burst out laughing.

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// luv me some titty
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- NUT!!!

- He loves your boobs honestly– but he’s never really had much of a preference, small boob, big boob, good boob

- But he’s sohappy with your assets.

- Especially if you exercise with him and you pile on the sports bras; yet they’re still all over the place. Watching you fuss about it is so cute, he loves them. They’re so big and fill up his palms shit, he can’t get enough of it. Who needs a bra when you have his hands honestly


- This man loves him some ass and boob so hell yeah he’s so down

- He likes lacey bras on you because they just look so nice, he also really loves picking out clothing for you that would work well with what you have.

- Especially clothes that show cleavage, he loves being teased like that but he hates it at the same time since he can tell when straying eyes are on you; It’s makes him upset. Not at you, at the others. Can’t they keep their eyes to themselves? But he does know how difficult that can be, you are quite irresistible.



- Starry eyed little kid in a candy shop, he’s so immature sometimes but he can’t help it, they’re just so big and soft

- But he comments on how bulky your bras look, wires look so uncomfortable? Expect massages wherever you want; shoulders, back, even boobs tbh he’s happy to get his hands on them because they’re just so soft and squishy


- Okay but have you seen her honestly her boobs are so big good god i see why Jumin made her cover them up

- She loves them, like Zen; she’s never really had a preference but you’re just so pretty she can’t help but love the way you look.

- But she’s also a woman, so she knows the harsh struggles of having big boobs. She’ll give you back rubs, help you adjust your straps, go bra shopping with you and help you pick out cute but comfortable ones– etc.

- Blushes so bad when you wear something a bit more reveling to work on certain times, she can’t keep her eyes off you which causes her to make mistakes throughout the day.


- Grabs them all the time and goes
“ honk honk! ” don’t lie

- Your boob is literally his stress reliever; To hell with those kiddos over here with their orbeez and slime, he has the best damn XL orbeez he could ever have

- Grabbing your boobs has just become a good habit honestly, they’re just so soft and warm– What’s not to love?

Titty: Grabbed
Seven: Pleased
Stress: Released

the circle of life


- He finds all bodies absolutely beautiful, even though Rika was relatively petite and small doesn’t mean that’s strictly what he likes. Falls in love with personality over anything else.

- Can’t deny that you have an amazing figure. While cuddling as the little spoon he loves burying his face into your chest and literally never returning.

- 6 hours later everyone’s like where’s v? the boi in the tittie


- Whatever body you have– that’s his preference. He’s never been in love before so every bit of you is absolutely perfect. Including your amazing chest, damn you’re so beautiful.

- BITES expect bites and hickeys everywhere on your boobs. There will never be a time where they’re not covered with those oh so familiar tiny dark bruises; he’s basically obsessed with leaving his mark on you in that way.

- Like Saeyoung, he loves to grab and massage them when he or you are stressed. They’re just so squishy and big

I’ve been wanting to make a master post on this for a while and now have the time. I work in a psychiatric hospital and would like to share my knowledge of how things go for anyone being admitted

1. What to bring: Comfortable clothing. Make sure to bring multiple sets in case you’re in there longer than expected. Specially bring a lot of underwear, a sweater(it’s pretty cold most of the time), socks(although the hospital will also provide some), shoes, pajamas, and day clothing. Books are great for keeping yourself busy as unfortunately there isn’t always much to do. The books should have soft covers, hardbacks are considered dangerous(this is depending on the hospital). Markers(the mini crayola ones)/ crayons and a coloring book is also a good way to stay busy and relieve anxiety. Bring a list of important phone numbers. You will not be allowed your cellphone or access to it to retrieve numbers.

2. What not to bring: Any clothes with strings, straps, or drawstrings. These items are considered dangerous and are not allowed on the floor. Double check your pajama pants and hoodies before bringing them. Make sure to bring shoes without laces. Bras with wire are not allowed, so bring sports bras. No colored pencils, pens, pins for your hair, rubber bands, and basically anything else that would be possible to stab or strangle or cut with. I don’t recommend bringing your own shampoo/ deodorant because hospitals are very strict about the ingredients and will most likely not allow these items. No outside food is allowed even if it was bought brand new. Jewelry is not allowed other than small piercings.

3. What to expect on arrival: You will first stop at security where they will take the belongings you brought so they can go through them and remove any contraband. These items will be kept in a secure room. This includes your wallet, money, cellphone, ID, other valuable items, and anything deemed dangerous. The next step is the admissions office where they get all of your paperwork together and a nurse assesses you. This can be a very long process(at least an hour or two), so prepare yourself for that. They will weigh you and take your vitals signs too.

4. When you get on the psych floor: You will first be greeted by an employee(most likely a tech) who will take your vitals again. After that you will get to meet your nurse, where again you will be assessed. A portion of the assessment is a skin check where you remove all of your clothing so they can check your body for tattoos, scars, bruises, and cuts. This is to make sure we know if any new injuries show up while you’re in the hospital. It can be awkward, but it is mandatory. After this you will receive a bag of toiletries(towels, soap, toothbrush, comb, etc.). Then you’re free to go where you’d like on the unit.

5. What the unit looks like: There are typically 1-2 hallways with patient bedrooms. You will most likely have a roommate. There are consult rooms for the doctors to meet with patients in private. You will also have access to a day room that has chairs, tables, a television, puzzles/ games, etc. This is where most people spend their time so they can socialize.

6. What a typical day looks like: The day after you arrive, you will get blood work done(almost always). After that you will get your vitals again(this happens every morning and sometimes multiple times a day depending on why you’re there). The doctors(psych and medical) visit in the morning and check up on how everything is going and talk to you about meds and treatment plans. You will also see a social worker. They are especially helpful for patients in rehab or homeless patients because they can help find you a group home. There are multiple groups throughout the day such as Coping Skills, Art Therapy, etc. It is your choice on whether or not you’d like to attend. You will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks can also be provided as needed. Sometimes you will be able to go outside or to a gym within the facility, but this usually only happens after you’ve been there a few days and have demonstrated good behavior. You will receive your meds typically twice a day and can get your PRN(as needed) meds if you ask for them.

7. How long your stay will be: This honestly just depends on the person. There are a lot of factors that play into this such as how well your meds are working, your behavior, whether or not you’re attending group, how much you’ve slept, etc. If you are a voluntary patient you are able to fill out a request to leave at any time and the doctor legally has to see you within one hour to assess you. However, your request can be denied if the doctor feels it would be unsafe for you to leave. Yes, even if you’re voluntary. You can testify against the doctor in court if you so choose.

This is all I have for now. There’s a lot more I could say but this post is already pretty long. I also want to acknowledge that I’ve only worked in two hospitals in the United States and I’m sure things can vary at different hospitals/ in different states.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Remedying Bra Fit Issues

If you find that you have some signs of poor fit in your bras, the following chart outlines what the typical explanation for each issue is. Please note that this chart is not absolutely definitive and just serves as a general guideline on the first step to remedy common fitting issues. For more specific suggestions on how to fix any fit issues you may experience, we suggest submitting a [Fit Check] post.

Fit Issue: Band rides up

Explanation:  Your band is too large

Remedy:  Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue:  Band is uncomfortably tight

Explanation:  Your band is too small or your cups are too small

Remedy:  Try the bra on backwards; if it still feels too tight, go up a band size while maintaining cup volume*. If it is now comfortable, your cups are too small, so go up a cup size in the same band size.

Fit Issue:  Straps dig into your shoulders

Explanation:  Your band is too large (so you are compensating the lack of support by over tightening your straps)

Remedy:  Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue:  Straps fall off your shoulders

Explanation: Your band is too large (so the straps are too wide set for your frame)

Remedy: Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue: Cups have wrinkles

Explanation:  Your cups are too large, or are the wrong shape

Remedy:  Go down a cup volume, or try a different shape

Fit Issue: Cups are overflowing somewhere

Explanation:  Your cups are too small, or are the wrong shape

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume, or try a different shape

Fit Issue:  Empty space between underwires and the outer side of your breasts

Explanation:  Wires are too wide (either due to the cup being too large or simply because you have narrow roots)

Remedy:  Go down a cup volume, or find a bra with narrower wires

Fit Issue:  Underwires are sitting on your breast tissue

Explanation:  Wires are too narrow (either due to cup being too small or simply because you have wide roots)

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume, or find a bra with wider wires

Fit Issue:  Gore (bit between the cups) does not touch your sternum

Explanation:  Cups are too small or your breasts are too close set for the width of the gore

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume or try bras with narrower gores (like plunges)

*Please keep in mind that cup size is not static. Remember the concept of sister sizing: to maintain cup volume, when you go down a band size, you must go up a cup size, and vice versa. For example, 34B = 32C, 28E = 30DD, 36G = 34GG, etc. Please pay close attention to when this chart suggests changing band size while maintaining cup size, when it suggests changing cup volume while maintaining band size, and when it suggests changing both.

Also note that each “remedy” operates under the assumption that the corresponding fit issue is the only one you experience. If you are experiencing more than one issue, combine the two remedies. For example, if your band rides up and you have spillage in your cups, you would want to go down one band size and up one cup volume. Keeping the concept of sister sizing in mind, if you were hypothetically trying on a 36B and experienced these two issues, you would want to next try a 34D.

Ronnie Radke: Game Over

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 988

Featuring: Ronnie Radke, Max Green & others of Falling In Reverse

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: Wrote it in June of 2014, haven’t edited anything since then. Sorry if it sucks.

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Hey guys, sorry this isn’t art related but it’s something that means a lot to me and it needs to be talked about more and more.

I’ll start with saying that I’m really happy that over the past couple of years ladies have started easing up a little on what I used to think was the unshakable western 1950’s beauty fads. Mainly the god awfully uncomfortable bras with the wire, 50% padding, and cheap bedazzlement flashy enough to wave down airplanes with your boobies. Also I’m talking about the societal pressure that you have to shave your body on a constant basis to be any form of attractive. *BREATHE*

A few years ago I started thinking more and more why I “have” to do certain things that I don’t enjoy. I started wearing lace bras and only occasionally shaved (btw this hasn’t affected how much I smell/sweat but it has made me cut back on deodorant which also has helped me sweat less). My family is great for letting me know when I am doing something “weird” I love them and they are the only ones that I usually allow to pick on me for these things. After bugging me by pinching my nips through my shirt, sending razors in the mail and gasping at me when I show them my armpits I can honestly say I’m pretty damn confident about it now. The more I think about the rules in this world, the more I want to fuck with them.

Now I’m super stoked to see that pit hair is becoming a trend, it’s nice to know it’s okay to choose what you do with your body and your life. My boyfriend loves it and thinks I’m MORE attractive because I am confident. After talking to my sister she was even wanting to grow HER pit hair out and dye it. Anyways, if you ladies don’t feel comfortable in bras or shaving constantly you don’t need to wear them or shave…just be sure to walk quickly through the frozen foods aisle. If anyone has a problem with those things don’t feel like you need to care. 

honestly one of the best decisions i ever made was to stop wearing bras with wire in them. i started wearing only sports bras and bralettes and my traps stopped being sore and i stopped adjusting every ten minutes and i just feel so much more free and comfortable. i’m lucky enough to have small enough breasts to make this decision, too

anonymous asked:

is it possible to be a femme lesbian and still be a radical feminist? i know i'm not supposed to enjoy "femininity" because it is a patriarchal structure made to hurt women, i see that being said everywhere. but i enjoy makeup and dresses and heels and presenting in a traditionally feminine way. i am also attracted to other femmes. i am new to radical feminism so i just don't know.

Oh, girl, give it time. If you are actually a radical feminist, and read up on feminist papers, and the feminist agenda, you’ll realize there is no space to coddle or approve of any sort of feminine prison. 

Heels fuck up your back and your feet, they are literally there to make it harder for you to move around, and can cause lasting damage to your health.

Makeup is a waste of money and time. It fucks up your skin, it dries up your wallet for no fucking reason. Makeup is one of the best examples of how capitalism benefits directly from the oppression of women.

As for clothes… Remember that clothes have real functions, to protect you, to make you comfortable, to make life more practical. So if you’re going rock climbing or some other tough physical activity and still find yourself choosing under-wire bras over sports bras… I’d reevaluate your choices if I were you.

Dresses and blouses and other topically feminine clothes tend to be very impractical, with no pockets, and extremely sheer fabric. And they tend to still cost more than men’s clothes (which circles back to how capitalism benefits from the patriarchy).

Basically femininity has been instated by patriarchy so that women can never truly and fully exist naturally. We’re made to wax, shave, put on make up, put on bras, put on thongs, put on short uncomfortable dresses… All because we are socialized to think that “beauty is pain” and that beautiful is the most important thing a woman can be. 

If you choose to continue to present femininely, do so at your own risk, and do so knowing that there is absolutely nothing truly feminist about makeup, heels, and femininity in general. If you endorse and support these industries that have been put in place to benefit off of women’s discomfort, then you cannot tell yourself you’re being an activist. 

Just because you agree with radical feminism’s ideology, does not mean you’re living by it. To not conform takes effort, it takes practice and sacrifices. Like our dear Mod C reminded me, all women are conditioning into conforming to femininity, but the revolution starts with each and every one of us, whenever we choose to rebel against femininity, and refuse to perform it.

I strongly suggest you do. 

/Mod A