bra stuffer

passing tips for trans men: cut your hair short, bind, wear baggy clothes, bike shorts/sports bras help to compress if you’re curvier but idk just be yourself :)

passing tips for trans women: remove or meticulously maintain all body and facial hair, wear makeup and wigs but not shitty wigs and only “natural” makeup (contouring, concealer, primer, mascara, nude lipstick, etc, so basically a full face of makeup), pluck your brows, make sure to conceal your facial hair with orange tones if you can’t afford laser hair removal,  walk with your back straight and your feet together and shake your hips subtly as you go, speak from the throat rather than the diaphragm at all times, smile at EVERYONE (even if they glare at you),  wear tight clothes to accentuate your curves but make sure your arms and shoulders are invisible, wear breast forms and/or bra stuffers but make sure they’re not visible, police every single aspect of your appearance and every single movement and never be physically comfortable ever again. oh and wear high heels


Tone sat at his vanity, and leaned over a little farther so that the little Claptrap unit could apply his lipstick better.  Tone used to do his own makeup, but now with Athena stumbling around everywhere he found he needed his hands free to try and restrain her from eating everything.  He supposed he could get a babysitter when he needed to get ready, but the thought didn’t appeal to him.  he would rather have it be him or Adonis and that was it.  Maybe it was over protective, but Tone really didn’t care.  Athena was the whole world and he wasn’t going to let anything get to her.

Athena wasn’t as concerned about anything except trying to pull out the little gel filled bra stuffers Tone had put on a few minutes ago.  He had no idea why she was so fascinated by the things, but she liked nothing more than pulling them out of whatever dress he was wearing and starting to suck on them.  Which was fine when they were jsut at home, but they were all going out tonight and that would just make everything significantly awkward.  "No, no, honey, mommy needs those right now, you can play later,“ he said again, and he was far enough in makeup that his voice was just getting a little higher as he talked, sinking into a more female role.  He pulled the fake breast from her fingers and tried to stuff it back in his bra, but then Athena started to wail and grabbed for it again, startling Tone enough that the Claptrap trailed eyeliner all down his cheek.  The Claptrap started squaking and reached for the makeup remover and Tone let out a soft laugh.

"Adonis!” he yelled, trying to fight the pouting baby and the Claptrap off at the same time.  "Adonis, come get your daughter this instant, she’s trying to steal my boobs again.“

my experiences with the signs
  • Aries: Very competitive but is always there for you. They think they are super popular when they are just normal. They do lots of sports, mainly track and field. Very easy to become friends with cause they accept everyone.
  • Taurus: Shy af. they definitely open up after a while and when they do open up they are funny, crazy, and don't give a fuck. super chill and looks good in all clothes.
  • Gemini: Get upset so frickin easy and never forgive you. I feel like they always want their way and if they can't get it they will blame it on someone else, other than that they always like to hang out and are partners in crime.
  • Cancer: Very, very clingy and they are attached to you, like a leech lol. Super kind and are always willing to do a favour no matter how big the favour is. They always WANT to do adventurous thing but sometimes get scared at the last minute.
  • Leo: Misses a ton of school but then comes back like nothing happened, and they think they are the shit. Show-offs but humble at the same time oddly.
  • Virgo: You go to them for advice no matter what and they are honest with their answers. Very loyal but kinda shy.
  • Libra: Flirts everywhere and whenever they can. The Libra i know spies on me creepily and likes to say "get rekt" way too much. other than that a great teammate.
  • Scorpio: Very cuddly and nice. i don't know one too well but that is what I've seen of them
  • Sagittarius: Is the comedy master 5000, can make anyone laugh at any time and they are very popular. Everyone wants to be their friend and everyone is their friend.
  • Capricorn: Stays with one person all the time, they eat lunch with them, are partners in projects with them and always walk to school together. Super sweet and always willing to help out
  • Aquarius: Judgemental and has a don't give a fuck attitude. Some I've met are super kind and are super loyal, but others spread rumours and gossip about you when you are right there. This one girl is flat chested and one day decided she is a B cup aka bra stuffer
  • Pisces: Shy and innocent, just like the stereotype