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stop slutshaming bra/bulla 2k17

i have a lot of love for this character and i don’t think she deserves any of the disrespect she receives so often from the dragon ball fandom so in honor of her recent birth in super i decided to do some fleshing out of the one and only daughter of bulma and vegeta.

(note: her birth was bumped up to year 780; she’s younger than pan) but this was the bit of information we were given for vegebul’s youngest child: a precocious girl who has a bit of impishness to her

she’s first seen at the end of z alongside her mother at the world martial arts tournament and appears to be a sweet, well-behaved, and gentle girl. she doesn’t appear to be a fighter, but is only about three years old, and eagerly cheers on her friend pan and marvels at her father’s strength

there is potential

not many people seem to have a problem with this bra, and why would they? she’s an adorable little girl who received very little screen time.

the real hate is usually directed at “teenage” bra in the non-canon spin-off dragon ball gt.

so fun fact! bra isn’t actually a teenager here. if it wasn’t obvious by her underdeveloped build in comparison to her mother’s in dragon ball, then you can simply do the math. gt takes place 5 years after the end of z, making bra 8 at the start and 9 by the end. she’s not even a preteen!

this is a common misconception and the dialogue in the english dub which many of us watched growing up isn’t very helpful either. vegeta never scoffs ‘teenagers’ in the original episode. he, in fact, says ‘nonsense’ in response to his daughter’s dialogue while out on their shopping trip.

so bra is unfortunately a victim of jessica rabbit syndrome, y’know, ‘i’m not bad, i was just drawn that way.’ and while i agree her attire is highly inappropriate for her age, it’s totally unfair to judge her character because of it. this wouldn’t be the first time a young girl was unnecessarily sexualized in the series.


in the few scenes we get to see bra, she’s always either with her mother or her father. the one time she’s seen interacting with males is when she is hit on by two much older creeps while in the car, and she’s unbothered when vegeta proceeds to rip off their steering wheel and send them flying off the road

another common assumption about this character is that all she does is shop. well, in the subbed version, bra happily states “papa, this is the first time you’ve taken me shopping in my whole life!” she may have gone a little overboard, and might like to indulge in material things, but again, she’s not the first

it would be ridiculous to assume that her only interest is shopping

my favorite bra scene would have to be when she’s watching as chi-chi and videl prepare for battle. the look of amusement is a vegeta look if i’ve ever seen one, and a glimpse of that impishness we’re told about in her character bio. despite her lack of screen time, you see the perfect blend of both parents.

there have been plenty of other complaints about her being “bratty” and “entitled” but i don’t care to address them. what i hate seeing is the “slut” and “whore” and “hooker.” it’s baseless and rude. 

thanks for reading

D.I.D Movie Idea

A movie told from the Alters slice of life, now hang in with me here…

  • Movie begins with just a person walking down to the coffee shop, cute light music plays, as they walks down the street people call out to them and each calls person different things. “Yo Ray!” “Hey Ms.Marshfeild!” “Hi Hannah!!” “How are you today, Jean?”
  • Person arrives at Coffeeshop and pays for coffee, barista looks at the name on the card and goes “Have A Good Day, Ms, Nguyen.” Person smiles and we see them sign the receipt as ‘Jake Derfler’ Barista looks down confused but Jake is already gone.
  • Jake takes his coffee and is walking down the street, he obviously is presenting as a woman in a professional black dress, and he looks down at his phone ‘Meeting @ 9am’ is in his calendar and he just kind of nods and goes to work.
  • Funny scenes such as Jake going to the mens bathroom and then just realizing as he touches the door he has to use the ladies room. Jake going on a date with the hosts husband, and he tries to hit on the waitress totally forgetting hes married to the man in front of him. Jake wearing clothes that he picked out and running into hosts friends and having to explain why he’s dressed very masculine and/or without a bra (imagine him in those tanks with the giant arm holes all down the side with no bra)
  • Dramatic/Scary scenes may be him suddenly ‘coming to’ and a guy is getting really sexual or aggressive with him and he has to fight them off. Jake needing money for a bus ticket or even a cab cause hes somewhere he has no idea where- only to find he doesn’t know the pin to the card in his pocket. Jake ‘coming to’ in a ditch in his car, and the cop asks him if he’s been drinking that night and Jake can’t answer yes or no? and cant recall anything that happened.
  • Sad scene where because of the car accident he sees a therapist, and the therapist asks him his earliest memory, cuts to a small girl in scrubs and/or a hospital gown in a mental ward. A woman comes over and is something like ‘Come with me Kim’ and when Jack doesn’t move the woman grabs him and repeats it, Jack confused answers ‘but my names not Kim, It’s Jack’ and the woman snarls at him to stop pretending and being stupid and she drags him with her into the foggy distance.
  • Therapist figures out that Jack is a multiple and this makes so much sense now! Jack still struggles with everyday life but through sticky notes/food/clothes etc, he finds the names of a few others! Rob, Jean, Lucy, Don, Kim, etc.
  • Jack gets a girlfriend, makes friends and tells them his secret after awhile, and overall learns skills on how to talk to and work with the others. There are a few bumps in the road-he gets fired or theres another big scare like the car accident, etc- but overall with the help of a therapist both him and the others all seem to get along.
  • Movie ends with Jack walking into the therapists office, he sits down and he shakes the therapists hand. “Hi, My names Kim” She says. Therapists mouth opens and she seems to light up. “My names Dr. Montgomery, and I have heard so much about you.”

The movie does none of that ‘changes clothes every time someone fronts’ thing. It doesn’t make him or his lifestyle out to be a freak, hes not a punch line. They don’t move towards integration, and Jack is never called Trans. Jack looks exactly like Kim, Jean, Roy or anyone else. If an appointment is written in the calendar it’s kept so Jack is never confused why he goes to work. There’s no talking out loud to ‘yourself’ moment where hes made out to be a freak. Movie is simply a slice of life a little more comedy lineament movie about an Alter in a system.