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Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Title: Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,122

Anon Request: you think you could write one where the reader feels insecure about her stretch marks/size and Jensen is her best friend and tries to help her feel better?

Warnings: Negative Thoughts, Low Self-Esteem, Fluff, Implied Smut

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated, friends! xoxox


Your name: submit What is this?

    Pacing back and forth around your trailer almost drove you dizzy. Back and forth. Back and forth; as if that was going to simultaneously solve all of your problems. It wasn’t. Not even close.

    You had just gotten the memo that your intimate scene with Jensen was moved to today, not that you weren’t sweating buckets the second you got the script, but the fact that the scene was moved to today instead of five days from now had you ripping your hair from your head. You were going to be very exposed to him, and no matter how long the two of you had been friends, this was something you weren’t comfortable with on so many levels.

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Summary: Bucky asks to borrow your laptop and finds the smutty fanfiction that you’ve been writing on your anonymous Tumblr account.

Warnings: smut, secondhand embarrassment, fingering, metal arm kink

A/N: Thank you guys for being so nice to me today and sending me asks because I really like getting asks and they helped me feel better. I finished writing this at three in the morning because my anxiety is really bad because I’m waiting for my advisor to email me back about whether or not I can withdrawal my Physics class and I’m going really crazy waiting because I have a Physics test Thursday and welp. Anyway, that’s why you have this fic; I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you want to be added to the tag list you have to send me an ask.

“Hey, (Y/N), can I borrow your laptop?” Bucky peered into your room, making sure you weren’t indecent first.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You unplugged the MacBook from it’s charger and handed it to Bucky. “I’ll be down in the gym if you have any questions.”

“Thanks, doll.” His fingers brushed against yours as he took the metal computer from you. The mixture of his pet name and the tingling from his touch sent a need between your legs. “Mind if I just sit in here and use it?” 

“Not at all.” You headed out of your room and to the gym, ready to work out.

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M-I-A-M-I (PART 2)

Prompt: Please read Part 1 first. Inspired by Daveed’s Instagram post that made the fandom go wild. Y/N and Daveed are in Miami, and things are about to get hot.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Smut. It’s porn, basically.

A/N: *smokes a cigarette* Shout out to @imaginebeinghamiltrash, @tempfixeliza, and the anons who made sure I wouldn’t abandon this story. Also, @tallish-hobbit  here ya go. Ready to sin? Lehggo.

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Bts reaction to their s/o undressing in front of them for the first time

relijeon-s asked:

HIIIII! I LOVEEEEEEEE YOUR ACCOUNT SINCE I CAME HERE!! SINR IM A FIRST TIMER CAN I REQUEST A REACTION?? :) where their s/o undress infront of them for the first time and felt insecure. ⊙▽⊙

I’m so~ glad you found my blog!!! Hope that you liked this love, and thank you for requesting.


Jin had just taken off his own shirt, his broad shoulders on display for your eyes to roam across. His smirked at you, teasing you as you didn’t break your stare.

“I know I’m beautiful, but how about you let me see you too.” 

Hearing his words, you instantly started taking off your own shirt, only to feel uncomfortable being bare. You stopped midway, putting your shirt back down until you felt a pair of hands on either of yours.

“Don’t feel nervous. You’re just as good looking as I am, if not more, and I don’t say that to anyone.”

Originally posted by fawnave

Namjoon/Rap monster:

You sat on top of him, leaving kisses on his neck before reaching his chest. Taking his shirt off, you ran your hands against him.

Moving to do the same, he moved to the bottom of your shirt. Slightly lifting it, he saw you get nervous. Quickly, he let go, cupping your cheeks only to follow it with a kiss.

“You don’t have to be shy, but if you are, that’s okay. We can go slow if you need.”

Originally posted by bangthebae


Sitting between Yoongi’s legs, you laid on his chest only to feel him rubbing you back. Lifting up, you started to remove you shirt, stopping when you wondered if that would be okay.

Soon though you heard his voice, reassuring you to keep going.

“I want to see you, don’t stop.”

Originally posted by gotjhope


Hoseok sat on the couch, phone in his hand when you walked in. Looking up, he saw you in front of him, just standing there.

After a second, you started to strip, lifting your shirt above your head before moving to your bra. 

Hoseok never took his eyes off, shocked but relishing in what was happening.

Hands on the clasps, you suddenly realized what you were doing, instantly freezing.

Hoseok noticed, chuckling before getting up with your shirt and handing it to you. Accompanied with his words, he hugged you, covering you up.

“You’re cute, you know that?”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jimin pat his thigh, signalling his wanted you to come to him. Moving to where he was, he put you between his legs, kissing you before leaning back.

“Don’t you want to take this off?”

Nodding your head, you slowly removed it. You weren’t wearing anything underneath, the air of the room hitting your chest only to remind you that you were on full view. 

Instantly, you moved to put your hands to your chest, only to be stopped with Jimin looking up at you.

“Don’t ever try to hide something so gorgeous from me again.”

Originally posted by bwipsul


Taehyung was laying on top of you, light kisses being brought down above your clothing, teasing you until he hit your shorts. Looking up at you under his eyelashes, he smiled at you.

“Would you like me to take these off for you.”

Your lack of response worried him as he saw your eyes flitting from each side of the room. Lifting himself up, he sat on his knees.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want.”

Smiling at him, you removed your shorts yourself. He smirked, looking down at you with a glint in his eyes.

“But I like this option better.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia


He was getting ready for bed, only his sweats on as his walked in the room, seeing you just about to take off you top. Your cheeks were red, showing your embarrassment. he thought you were going to stop, until he saw your hands keeping their movement, no end in sight until everything was off.

Quickly, he was behind you, kissing your shoulder before whispering to you,

“Now we won’t be able to go to bed anymore.”

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Time For a Little Break

Characters/Pairing: MOC!Dean x Female!Reader

Word count: 2k

Warnings: Smut, safe sex (this is not a warning, more like an advice), oral - female receiving, tiny bit of angst if you squint but none really, and fluff.

Summary: Dean’s feelings for you are the only thing holding him to the ground, aware of it you decide to do something about it.

A/N: This is the first thing I write in a long time that’s not for a challenge or a request of any type. Beta’d by the beautiful Kris aka @kdfrqqg . If you’re not already I will strongly suggest you follow her… NOW, go. Click the follow button I can wait. 

There’s a little spanish in there, translation at the bottom.

[Remember, feedback is the best way to show your love]

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Time for a little break

From across the table, Y/N glanced at him again, a slight smile formed on her plump lips. Dean knew that she did it unconsciously, just because she caught him staring every time she moved her gaze from the laptop screen to the yellow notepad or to one of the books around her. He tried not to do it, he really did, but the way her brow frowned in concentration typing everything away, how she scratched her head and move of her silky hair from one side of her face to the other or the expressions she made while having some inside conversation with herself. Dean found everything Y/N did absolutely mesmerizing.

She leaned back against the chair letting out an exasperating sigh bringing both her knees to her chest hugging herself tight as she dropped her head, her forehead meeting her knees.

“You look like you need a beer,” Dean finally said. She strained her neck up to look at him and nodded rubbing down her trapezius.

“And maybe an aspirin… or better yet, do we have any ibuprofen?” she asked, showing a flinching pain on her face.

“Yeah, I have some,” he told her and left her alone on the bunker’s library to go the kitchen.

When he returned, he found her talking on the phone. He placed the beer bottle in front of her and the small pills; she gratefully smiled at him and continued with her conversation.

“Si.  De acuerdo, señora.” She nodded though the person on the other side of the line couldn’t see her. “Está bien, la veremos mañana. Por la mañana, si.  Usted también. ¡Que tenga una Buena tarde!” *

She hung up, dropping her phone on top of the pile of papers, and popped the pills in her mouth chasing them down with a big chug of beer.  It still surprised him how well she could speak Spanish and French, and even some German was sexy.

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BTS Reaction to: their S/O not wearing a bra to sleep

Thank you to anon for the request!

***I do not own any of the gifs***


Jin would be such a gentleman about it when you got into bed with him after noticing you were bra-less. He would express that he wanted you to be comfortable and didn’t mind you sleeping without a bra on, besides it allowed him to be much closer to you. He’d also obviously be quite turned on by it, but probably wouldn’t say anything about it directly and just silently enjoy your chest pressed against his as he cuddled you closer to him while snaking his arms around your waist.


Yoongi would try to play things off cool as he usually does and pretend that he totally didn’t notice that you climbed into bed next to him without a bra on. He’d try to steal sly glances down at your chest when he thought you weren’t looking and would claim he didn’t know what you were talking about if you called him out on it. In reality, he’d probably be secretly turned on and would maybe even leave the room at one point if he couldn’t handle it while claiming that he had something “super important” to do. 


Hoseok would definitely not be shy about pointing out the fact that you didn’t have a bra on and would express his love for it. He would probably be turned on but would only express it by cuddling you. You could expect him to immediately bound towards you to wrap his arms around you and pull you close to him so he could feel your warmth against him. He’d also definitely take advantage of you being bra-less by resting his head on your pillowy chest. 


Namjoon would not be afraid to express his attraction towards you when he saw that you got into bed next to him without a bra on. You would literally have to pry him off as he would not let go of you, tightly wrapping his arms around your waist to keep your chest pressed against his. He’d also probably make so many attempts to slide his hands under your shirt to rest against your bare skin while suggestively looking you up and down.    


Jimin would try to be discreet about how turned on he was by seeing you come into the bedroom without a bra on and would probably try to make secret glances. However, after a while, he wouldn’t be able to hide it very well and would just resort to slowly making moves to cuddle with you and get as close to you as possible. Jimin wouldn’t directly express how turned on he was, rather he would start out with soft neck kisses and then pulling you closer so he could rest his head on top of your chest.


Taehyung would be as touchy as anyone could be. You would have to be prepared for hands all over you when he saw you weren’t wearing a bra as you got into bed with him. He wouldn’t be able to help it honestly, he’d be so interested with the way your chest looked under your shirt when you were bra-less and his hands would just subconsciously reach for your boobs. You could also expect him trying to sneak his hands inside of your shirt and being all giggly when he felt your warm skin.

“Jagi, they just look so soft!”


This poor boy would have no idea what to do with himself when you came into the bedroom without a bra. Jungkook would be immediately turned on after seeing the way your pajama shirt outlined your chest and would get so flustered. If you tried to hug him, he’d probably back away slowly because he’d feel embarrassed, but he would also unintentionally stare at your chest with wide eyes and claim that he had no idea he was doing it when you called him out.

“No, jagi! I wasn’t staring, I promise!”

***Feel free to send me any requests!***

Distraction (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Hi!! Your writing is fantastic! I wanted to request a smutty one shot (or more if you decide to keep the story going) where Jughead is trying to finish up typing on his research and the reader is just horny and wants his attention and he’s not having it and then the reader takes matters into their own hands which leads jughead no choice but to comply because he can’t ignore the readers moans?

A/N: I love this request! I hope I did it justice. As always, I write the characters as a few years older when I write these requests. (Some of you didn’t know this.) ALSO If you don’t like Jughead smut, please don’t read it then. I’m tired of getting messages and other rude things. This is fanFICTION. (Not real!) Anyways, Requests are welcome!

Warning: Light smut, Reader’s a tease.


Distraction (Jughead x Reader)

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Best Mistake - Part 1 - Smut

Originally posted by prettiestcaptain

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,347
AN: IDK I WANTED TO WRITE THIS DON’T JUDGE ME. There’s some Polish in here, I used Google translate so it may not be correct. I left the word meanings at the end. Thanks to @writing-obrien and @celestial-writing for being my pals. Also his hand looks so yummy in this gif. okay bye.

This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. You sat and stared at the little white stick in your hand, the little pink plus sign mocking you. Your eyes swept across the floor to see the other discarded tests around your feet, all with the same result. You were pregnant.

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Happy Hour

Originally posted by littlepawz

Yesterday was very productive. So, I present drunken handsy Leonard, I hope I did it justice.

3,950 word(s) of drunk handsy Leonard, and it ends with smut.

Beta’d by: @bkwrm523


Tags of people who showed interest: @imoutofmyvulcanmind @pinkamour1588 @feelmyroarrrr @yourtropegirl @pinkfrogbreathing @girl-next-door-writes @daybreak96 @the-witching-hours12-3

You were running late. You were the last to finish your shift that day. Jim and Leonard had suggested a final night out before heading out on another long space mission. You had tried to turn them down, several times. You weren’t that big of a drinker, and honestly, you just wanted to sleep. You finally had to relent; it was the only way to get any relief from their constant begging for you to join them.

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Pairing: FBI!Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2677

Author’s Note: In relation to the new teen wolf trailer, this! Lol I wrote this in a couple hours and I think it’s cute? I mean it’s probably shit but I couldn’t wait. I hope y’all enjoy! Thanks to my babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for meeeeeee.

Originally posted by stydiaislove

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machine-guns-n-metal-arms  asked:

Hi, if it's not too much trouble, would you be able to write a little drabble for Peter Parker with the prompts 9, 54 and 62? Thanks 😺

Sure! I hope you like it- and sorry it took a bit :)

A/N: THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS!! i literally made this account a week ago lol

Warnings: i don’t think there is anything to warn ya’ll about

Words: 541

9. “Will you be quiet?!”

54. “I think I forgot how to breathe.”

62. "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”


I sat at my desk, studying for my algebra test that is happening tomorrow.

"Yeah… what does x equal…” I whispered aloud, talking to myself.

“Is that problem 23? If so x equals 465.” I jumped at the voice coming from behind me and I let out a squeal. I turned my chair around to face Peter Parker, my loving but probably bored at the moment boyfriend.

“Jesus- Peter! You scared me!” I said angrily. He threw his hands up as if he was surrendering.

“S-Sorry- Sorry!” I sighed and went back to my desk.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I wanted to hang out…” He mumbled, even without looking at him I could tell he was looking around my room.

“Well- Maybe later. I’m busy.” I continued to write in my notebook, putting the number 465 after the equal sign.

“I can wait.” He said. I sighed at his words and groaned.

“Okkayy. But only if you shut up and don’t do anything distracting.” I said without looking up. I could basically hear him grin. He lived up to what I asked… for about 5 minutes. A quiet humming disrupted the silence in my room. I tuned it out and focused on my work. Then tapping and snapping came after. I groaned loudly and turned to him in my chair.

Will you be quiet?!” I snapped at him. He put his head in his hands and nodded. I turned back around and just as I was about to put my pencil to the paper he sighed. I bolted up and walked over to him. “Petteeerr!” I moaned and stopped in front of him. “What do you want!?” He looked up at me.

“I want to not be bored!” He put his hands on my waist. I grinned.

“You wanna not be bored, huh?” I asked. He began to nod and I grabbed the bottom hem of my shirt. I lifted it over my head and threw my shirt across the room. Peters eyes widened and I crawled on top of him, straddling him.

“Y-Y/N- Wh-At-?” He began to stutter and looked at my bra. I grabbed his head and tilted his head up. “I think I forgot how to breathe.” He mumbled breathlessly. I blushed at his comment and put my hands on his shoulder. The door to my room abruptly opened and our heads shot in that direction.

“Y/N- Dad brought home din-” My brother opened the door halfway and made eye contact with me, eyes wide. “I- uh-”

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Peter and I yelled simultaneously. I stumbled off of him and grabbed my shirt.

I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.” My brother said while walking away and closing the door behind him. I walked over to Peter with my shirt in my hand and sat next to him. We were both beat red.

“Next time… I’ll lock my door.” I said.

“So there will be a next time?” He asked, cockily looking at me. He smirked and bit his lip.

“Next time as in…” I leaned in towards him and he blushed. “After I study.” I said, pulling away from him and putting my shirt on. I walked over to my desk and he groaned.

“God… you’re such a tease.”

“You know you love me!”

Late Night Snacks and Underwear - 2

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  Y/N and Peter run into each other late one night. After, she is beyond confused about how she sees Peter. And Peter? Well he was already in love with her, but it takes advice, teasing, and another surprise encounter for them to face their feelings.

Words: 900+

Pairing/Characters: PeterParkerxStark!Reader

Warning: Mentions of partial nudity. Maybe a curse?

Author’s Note: Well, Part 1 seemed to have received a good response (I was hoping you guys would like it because I love writing awkward lil’Peter). This one’s a little short, but here ya go.

Part 1

Originally posted by sexy-stan

He knew there was no way he’d be able to get to sleep after seeing you like that… But as soon as he asked you if you needed help, he regretted it. You probably thought it was weird, that he was weird for asking you that at one in the morning after you’d run into each other so awkwardly. You were just so pretty and sweet, he couldn’t help himself. In truth he was surprised he’d been able to be ‘cool’ around you up until then. He thought his awkwardness would surely scare you off. And yet, months later, he had grown so close with you, falling further and further for you.

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Mile High | Taeyong

Warning: Strong language, Smut

Word count: 1930

Originally posted by nakamotens

I slumped into the hard, faux leather chair while shoving my earbuds into my ears. Music slowly started to fill my mind and I was at ease once again. I looked around the gate, my eyes scanning over every person. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the chair, waiting for the flight attendant to board my plane.

I was on my way back from Japan, where I went to visit what I had thought was my boyfriend. Only to walk in on him and another girl which then proceeded to cancel any and all plans I had for this trip and buy the first ticket back home. What a prick. I grew angry just thinking about him, and secretly thanked the flight attendant when she pulled me out of my thoughts.

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Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 3

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 3

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You used to be a nude cam model. Negan was your favorite customer. What are the chances that you’d see him again now that the dead’s taken over the world?

Warnings: NSFW, pure smut, smut, daddy kink, smut, more smut

Note: A little something before I go out of town for the next days! Kinda rushed but I really wanted to get this up before I leave tomorrow night. Sorry if it’s messy and all over the place but I hope you guys will enjoy this omg. Let me know your thoughts! This is the last part btw. :)


“Daddy wants his little girl to sit on his face.”

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how about now?

➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2686
➵ summary: jiyong awakens you from your sleep for reasons you should have already seen coming.
➵ author’s note: i know i haven’t posted anything in forever, but i’ve been so busy and uninspired as well as shook by this one guy. but i am back and i hope you do enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

‘Don’t you dare.’

‘I didn’t even do anything.’

Jiyong’s presence was heavily felt over your splayed body on the sofa, having already been asleep on it for the past hour. But his loud movements as soon as he entered your home meant his wore woken, but still kept your eyes closed in the hopes he’d leave you be.

But you should have known he wouldn’t; as soon as he saw you, he headed straight for you, calling your name several times. You remained silent. So when that didn’t work, he thought of another strategy to get you to open your eyes, lowering himself to your level and gently poking your sides.

You giggled lowly. ‘Jiyong, stop it.’

‘Then get up.’ He snaked his hand beneath the material of your t-shirt to dig into your sides deeper, making your hip jolt.

With your laughter becoming louder, you turned on your stomach to trap Jiyong’s hand, but it only enabled him to use his other hand to attack your other side. Though you couldn’t see through your tightly shut eyes, you can just imagine Jiyong smirking to himself as he caused your body to twitch uncontrollably.

‘Okay, okay!’ you said between each cackle. ‘I’ll get up!’ The sudden attack of tickles finally came to an end and you could breath normally again to then turn to Jiyong, who stood beside you waiting for you to do the same.

To make him wait just a bit longer, you moved your body torturously slow, swinging yours legs off the sofa one by one. You remained in a seating position yawning and scratching your head for a few moments, and Jiyong rolled his eyes.

‘[Y/N], can we just go to bed already?’ he now whined.

‘Damn, why are you so impatient—’ you were cut off by your own yelp when Jiyong essentially yanked you from the sofa by your hands, making you crash against his body. As a reflex, your hands were placed in front of you, landing on his chest, and to keep you both up and in balance, Jiyong embraced you by your waist, stepping his right foot out for stability.

Straightening his body and still keeping you close, your bodies were now pressed up against each other, and you couldn’t help but notice an aimless, but familiar, feeling grazing your hip bone. The longevity of the intimate hold made you raise an eyebrow. ‘So this is why you want me in bed to badly?’

He chuckled. ‘One of the reasons.’

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touch me

Requested by @alone-in-madness


word count: 941

**warning: SMUT**

I hovered over Shawn’s lap and kissed him oh so slowly. My hands rested on his chest to support myself. His hands, however, could not stay in one place for long. They moved from my cheek, down my shoulder and arm then to my waist. They soon found my breasts and squeezed lightly. Shawn’s bottom lip rested between my lip while we kissed. He had just gotten home from tour, and as much as we wanted to jump right into sex, we took our time kissing one another.

His eager hands roamed underneath my shirt and pulled it over my head. His fingers reached into my bra and teased my nipples. I continued to only kiss him but began to grind on his crotch slowly. A hard bulge started to grow where I sat on Shawn’s lap. Our tongues glided over one another’s and Shawn whimpered into the kiss. I finally pulled away from Shawn’s lips for the first time since he removed my shirt, gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?” I breathed out. Shawn was struggling with his breath more than I was.

“Nothing, keep going.” He encouraged. I didn’t believe him, but kissed him again anyways. I lowered myself back onto his lap and he groaned as soon as my clothed core made contact with his length, which was also still clothed. I pulled away once again, giving him a look that told him to confess what was wrong. “Okay, fine. It’s just that I missed you and I really need you to, uhm, touch me.”

I rolled my eyes at how needy he was but continued kissing his sweet lips. Shawn’s hands quickly found my butt; he squeezed hard and I gasped. I barely let my lips linger over his while I looked into his gorgeous eyes. He looked so eager for my touch, like he was craving it. I loved to see him this way. I pecked his lips lightly before removing his shirt. Regardless of how long I had been with Shawn, I was always pleased when I saw him undressed. His body was, for lack of a better word, perfect. There was no other way to put it.

I kissed his neck teasingly, my tongue grazing his warm flesh occasionally. His breath hitched in his throat and I took it as a sign to continue. I nipped at his neck with my teeth before sucking hard enough to leave a mark. I grinded on his crotch only to hear more sounds leave his lips.

“Fuck, I need you.” Shawn groaned. I kissed down his toned chest and abdomen slowly. I kissed just below his belly button, right at the skin above his belt. I listened to his begs and whimpers only moments longer before deciding to give in to him. My fingers worked to take off his belt and Shawn’s previously tense body relaxed underneath me.

Shawn was still eager and as soon as I pulled his pants down his legs, he kicked them off. I looked up at Shawn, into his eyes. I rested my hands on his thighs, so close to his throbbing length. I rubbed him through the tight, thin fabric of his boxers. I looked up at Shawn to see him biting his plump bottom lip. I teased until I sensed Shawn actually couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to hear him begging for my touch, but only to a certain extent.

I slowly pulled down his underwear then starting pumping up and down his cock with my hand. Shawn already breathed heavily and was very anxious. I took him into my mouth and sucked the head lightly. I licked the underside of his cock right below the head, the most sensitive area. I began to bob my head up and down now and Shawn seemed to enjoy it; his soft moans told me so.

I pushed my mouth down as far as I could go without gagging. Shawn struggled to keep his hips from bucking up so I rested my hands on them, trying to keep them down. I looked up Shawn’s body at his face to see his head thrown back in pleasure. I pushed my hair away from my face, attempting to get it out of my way. Shawn noticed my struggle. He sat up and his hand served as a makeshift hair tie for the moment, as his back rested against the headboard. My mouth moved up and down his length faster now that my hair was no longer an issue. Shawn now had some control over how fast I sucked him, holding my hair, and took full advantage of this.

“Y/N,” Shawn moaned. I smirked then quickly continued to suck him. I swirled my tongue around the tip and felt Shawn’s whole body tense at the sensation. I glanced up at Shawn to briefly look into his eyes. He stared down at me intently, watching my every motion. “I’m gonna cum.”

After Shawn’s announcement, I only picked up the the pace even more. I bobbed my head quickly up and down trying to bring him to orgasm. Even with this fast pace, Shawn still pushed my head faster with my ponytail. I felt veins twitching on his cock and prepared myself to swallow what was coming. I sucked him clean of his juices and felt his whole body relax immediately after.

I raised myself up to face Shawn again. He pulled me onto his lap and flipped me over. Shawn was now on top of me and worked to remove my pants.

“My turn.” Shawn said smirking as he began kissing down my halfway nude body.

my apologies || thomas (smut)

word count: 3214

warnings: shower sex

prompt: collab with @sincerelystiles

author’s note: this is a very steamy thomas smut from soph and i! enjoy!


coming soon

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