bra dance

After multiple attempts at recording this I finally got it. There are two things here that I wanted to bring attention to. 1. Right at the start of the chase you can hear Bendy saying what /kind of/ sounds like ‘stop’ I mentioned this in an earlier post but I also wanted to record it to show you. 2. Once you get behind the door you’ll hear Bendy pound on it a few times and then you hear his heavy breathing followed by inky sounds as he leaves. I find it quite odd that an animated ink demon has to breathe. I also think it’s weird that rather than hearing foot steps as he leaves we hear those squishy sounds instead.

I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast