There’s been a translation floating around for this just recently, but before that I’ve been asked to do a scanlation of it and since I had already finished mine before realizing someone else had already translated this doujinshi, I was unsure whether or not I should still post mine. But eh. I don’t want all my work go to waste, so I’m posting it…!  ( ゚Д゚)ノ
Bra is actually singing the children song “とんとんとんとんひげじいさん”!

This was drawn by Kuri.
translator ★

Story Time: A Trip To Lane Bryant

I went to Lane Bryant today to figure out my bra size because by the looks of it, it’s time for me to go bra shopping.

As the lady is measuring me, I’m freaking the fuck out because I’m already a DDD and I don’t want my boobs to go any higher. So I’m over here like:

Next thing you know, she tells me I am a 42F. WHAT IN THE BUBBLEFUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?! I was so mad as hell because my boobs were to go down not up. The fuck? I literally walked out like:

I need to lose weight or get a breast reduction bruh, cause I don’t need my boobs getting any bigger… Bras are too expensive for this bullshit ass growth.