she pranked her boyfriend into thinking she broke his favorite camera and his reaction was so sweet

i really want someone to write a taekook version of this,,, i mean

just imagine jungkook laughing and kissing tae all over his face cause jk thinks he is really crying bc of the camera

- “baby, why are you crying? it’s just a camera. i didn’t even like it that much.’’ 

i saw this video on twitter and this is their youtube channel ^~^

u know when idols feel bad abt their skin tone if they’re a bit darker and all the other members are like ‘nonono ur skin is beautiful !!’ and fully supportive of the beautiful melanin and they smile rlly big and it just makes you happy reblog if u agree

BTS as youtubers

Rap monster: how to not break things/how to get away with it/how to hide the stuff you broke

Jin: cooking/how to be handsome like him (spoiler: you can’t)/how to handle 5 hyper kids (another spoiler: you put sleeping pills in their food)

Suga: how to nap/positions to nap in/ how to not give a fuck/how to spit fire

J-hope: a guide for people who’s afraid of everything (spoiler: basically just stay at home)/how to dance/how to be a sunshine like him (another spoiler: seriously you can’t he’s the actual sun)

Jimin: how to make everyone fall for you (you can’t, you have to be Jimin in order to be able to do it)/how to twerk/posts videos of him working out shirtless

Tae: how to pet dogs/how to become professional photographer using your Iphone only/how to talk to animals

Jungkook: how life is for a golden maknae (vlog)/how to annoy Jin & your hyungs (demonstrates by pulling pranks on them 24/7)/how to do everything perfectly good (spoiler: even if you try you’ll fail, you’re not the golden maknae!)