aww yay!

V - 3 big dreams.

1. To move to London (then accidently bump into Steven Moffat, get offered a job on Doctor Who, marry Arthur Darvill and have adorable british children) 

2. See the northern lights (preferably in a small tent with Arthur Darvill)

3. I’m going to cheat and make it a tie: Meet Chris Nolan and have an actual conversation instead of just fangirling and drooling like I probably would if I ever met him OR work on Planet Earth.  Both are acceptable.  

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I guess I can stop feeling miserable about myself for a moment and do a stupid meme.

  • I told this story again. I will always tell this story. Born on January 25, 1987. That day was the Super Bowl! The Giants and Broncos were playing. My grandfather, God bless his soul, was a Giants fan. I grew fond of John Elway and was a Broncos fan early on. Doesn’t hurt that I have an aunt that lives in Denver. Free Broncos swag. :3 1998, the Broncos won a Super Bowl on my birthday.
  • You want more birthday sports stories? Okay. 1997, the Vermont State Taekwondo Championships occurred on my birthday. I was only a blue belt at the time but I was way taller and heavier than my belt division for sparring so they bumped me to the black belts. First round had me against a two-time national champion. I didn’t want to die on my birthday. :( This was also the first time that I’ve experienced full contact to the head and thus the first time I’ve ever been knocked out. I ended up getting silver for pumsae and a gold for… lasting two minutes against a national champion. (Made it to 1st dan black belt but had to stop because I was slipping in school)
  • My love for Street Fighter happened when my family got a SNES the Christmas of 1992. There was a common belief in our household that Ryu was better than Ken (gasp, my brother was just better at the game) and since you couldn’t have mirror matches in SF2 and I failed to realize that Ken is just a palette swap, I was forced to learn other characters. I ended up learning Guile and E. Honda.
  • Hated the color orange in high school. (Kids obsessed with orange are… weird. [sorry brenna…….]) But three of the four teams I follow wear orange so… I… warmed up to… that… [Blue is my favorite color though. BLEED BLUE AND ORANGE BABY]
  • Used to edit sprites for MUGEN and RPG Maker back in the day! Hoo boy. My SA avatar is a terrible, terrible example of this [well, that’s more of a terrible recolor if anything.]

  • My love for metal was ignited when a friend on a forum (R.I.P. gave me “Face of Melinda” by Opeth. It was a beautiful song and when I tried to find more of this band, I was shocked to realize that most of their material isn’t this soft, melodic music but it was very harsh and rather demonic sounding.  I eventually warmed up to this genre. I’m still actually kind of a metal babby because I like melodic death metal and NOT REAL KVLT STUFF (because it’s kind of silly sounding… like dubstep)
  • I have a fear of water. I nearly drowned as a kid like twice. Once at a swimming hole and once in a neighbor’s pool. So… uh… I get really pissed if you try to splash water or dunk my head underwater. :V
  • I’ve only had one real injury and that was I broke my left ring finger in two places. How? In sixth grade, I got into an argument with a friend and took a swing at him. It was the winter time and I think I was standing on ice. I missed and tried to catch myself. I ended up jamming my finger in the ground.
  • Copout entry: Half filipino, half white bread, don’t look like either. It’s great fun. :|
  • I have a problem of collecting flat brim hats, hoodies and limited edition clothing. You just need to tell me that you only made 40 of something and I can only order it from some group of asians from San Diego and I will magically plop down the money. Double buying bonus if it’s anything filipino.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed I ran out of steam at the end there.