hey s0 in light of s0me recent bullshit i have to turn 0ff anon, thanks guys. f0r real if you g0t a fuckin question ab0ut my memories 0r want to fakeclaim me, at least say it t0 my motherfucking face, kay? kay. n0w i love y0u motherfuckers en0ugh i wanna believe it wasn’t n0body cl0se to me, but evidence suggests 0therwise. we’re all sisters n br0thers n neithers n inbetweeners in the end, so lay off each 0ther k? fakeclaiming n gatekeeping won’t d0 nothing but cause more fear n pain than we’ve all already been thr0ugh. im disappointed and tbh I kn0w y’all can do better.

BR0THER was the prototype for the ToySoldier bot, but was rejected after he developed an internal programming error and refused to follow orders

Gingham saved him from the scrapyard. The gang wasn’t too happy about letting an oversized ToySoldier stay in their apartment, but he grew on them and now BR0THER is an invaluable member of the team.