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Indica tumblr bom pra seguir ae man ?

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Ta ai mano os que eu lembrei agora

i said before i would kill for my br0ther but he wouldnt even try to take action for the shit he did so you know whatr! hes canceled! bye bye! fend for yourself since you wanna side with our abusive mom cunt. 

i hate/love that i can almost instantly recognize most lipsticks. like big br0ther is on TV at work and a girl was doing her makeup and i was like “oh that’s the nyx liquid suede in soft spoken, it’s a good color”
to be fair those do have a Distinct Applicator, but more often than not i can Recognize

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Pfvor me indica tumblr fem e masc

@misspeitei @missvingativa @brutesco @despacitto @garota-pervertida @japa-pervertida @slutxputa @criwe @seufeitico @we-orienta @meuanjuu @c4chaceiro @orlatrip @preciozinha @sequelador @teu-cretino @teu-br0ther @cafajeste-baiano @awsckr @zonasp @ofsereia @excitadeira @haikass @minatrap @recomplica @amorporvoce @brutex @xarlequina @emocionari-a @srcafajestte @faveangel @luttadora @ohcatchorro @melsilvestre @6ixtrip @couple–lov @prisonerofyoureyess
Lembro desses aí agora,são muito bons!!

BR0THER was the prototype for the ToySoldier bot, but was rejected after he developed an internal programming error and refused to follow orders

Gingham saved him from the scrapyard. The gang wasn’t too happy about letting an oversized ToySoldier stay in their apartment, but he grew on them and now BR0THER is an invaluable member of the team.