These last couple months have been NUTS. I have been happy, estatic, sad, depressed, angry, regretful, and so much more. There’s been new/old people entering and exiting my life, some I am thanful for and some I am not. I have gained a new love, a new best friend, a new ptential roommate, friends, sisters, a brother. I have lost friends, enemies, past loves, sisters, and bestfriends. I’m doing a few shout outs, know that if you are not included it’s just ‘cuz I’m tired. Sorry.

Mack Browning has literally changed my life in so many ways. (S)He has made me the happiest girl ever, the saddest girl alive, the lonliest girl “alive,” the most loved. (S)He has also taught me lessons: stand up for myself, love is the answer, getting on your knees can totally be non-sexual, trust is useful, faithfulness is worth it, being loud isn’t all bad, don’t give up if you still know you care, and give people a second chance. I’m so excited for our future, our plans, and our present. You make me excited to wake up because I never want to fall asleep. Reality is too good to be true. I love you baby, you are amazing. Thank you for changing me.

Denise Sanchez has definitely changed my life. Yes, she is my boss but, she is my friend also. She has taught me that I don’t need to question myself, I can ask questions without feeling stupid or afraid, I can be assertive and not a doormat, being different isn’t bad; I’m not alone!!, there’s room for a laugh in ANYTHING!, work can be fun. Thanks Denise, you truly are an inspiration.

Kevin Brosnan has been changing my life for many months. You have taught me that it is OKAY to take someone’s help, that if people offer something I am not being a burden, that I can reach out without being selfish, entitlement is not a quality for one to want, every and any moment should be cherished, and to be more selfless and caring. Kevin, you’re honestly one of my closest buddies. You make my day so much brighter every single time I get to speak to/see you, you are awesome my dear. Know that I will always be here for you and no matter what: you are amazing!

Becca Brewster has a different angle… She has changed my life in good and in bad ways. You’re nuts Beccs, you’re rude, loud mouthed, you are impulsive, and you are annoying. Although, Becca, you are sweet, kind-hearted, giving, caring, and you would do anything to save someone. We have once hated eachother, I think part of us still has that hate but has been conquered by love. You showed me that hate isn’t a vaule or a virtue, it is a poison. It blinds others to see an image that is distorted and manipulated. I love you Rebecca Brewster.

Hannah Jo Emery, my God have you made my life better. I’m so glad to have you in my life. You’re so innocent, sweet, shy, and adorable. GAH.! I have nothing bad to say. You are such a strong, intelligent young lady. I know that you are going to be an even more of an adult that I ever will be. You have your struggles and you keep on this front to make sure everyone is okay before you. But, please, please, please, learn with me that we need to make sure we’re okay before ANYONE else. I wish I could be more of an influence on you or make more of an impact, but if I can’t know that I am trying my best. I love you Nanners.

Izzie Pierce, man dude… I miss you. You taught me to not be silent when I need to speak up, you taught me that being a bitch is a good thing at times, that I need to be proud of myself, you taught me to have fun with my enemies. You my darling are amazing. I love you and I thank you for being a role model to me. <3

Emily Damon, Mikayla Browning, Ashley Madix, Montana Browning, Christain Davis, Alisa Browning: I am SOOOOO glad that Mack has let me meet you all! You all are SO amazing and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to know you. You all are either adorable, inspirtational, amazing, stunning, loving, caring, and/or breath taking. Thank you all for being you and letting me know important people such as yourselves.

Britney Bremer is AMAZING. Dude, you are like a big sister I wish I had. You’re there for me, you give me advice, and you glare at icky boys I shouldn’t be involved with. Thank you Britney, you have been so good to me. I have no idea why. You are a gold hearted woman. I love you chicka.

Now, do you all know how much you mean to me?