A Tribute to br0-Harry

As many of you may know, our beloved friend and fandom artist by the name of br0-Harry passed away late last year. Br0-Harry was such an inspiration for a lot of us in the Sherlock fandom from the very beginning, blessing us with his talent of art and sharing it and the world. His wife, Verity Burns, a beautifully talented writer in the fandom, recently wrote and posted about Harry’s passing, telling their story of how they fell in love through the Sherlock fandom, which can be read here: [link]

The Three Patch Podcast @threepatchpodcast and I wanted to show our support for all Harry has done for us, from bringing us together as a family to giving us happiness on our cloudy days, so we asked Verity if there were any charities we could donate to in memory of Harry. She decided on Macmillan Cancer Support, since they did so, so much for the both of them.

The Three Patch Podcast has set up a page on JustGiving for anyone to donate. Donations through JustGiving go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support: [link]

As well as charity, I’ve decided to compile a scrapbook in memory of Harry, filled with your art, your stories, your photos, etc. to send directly to Verity. I’ll be accepting submissions physically for the scrapbook at my table at 221B Con. If you can’t attend 221BCon and wish to contribute to the project, you can send it to me at:

P.O BOX #185
Highland Lakes, NJ, 07422
United States

Br0-Harry brought a lot of love into our hearts, as well as into the Sherlock fandom. Harry has gifted us with his talent and inspired us in so many different ways, and we want to give back. He will always be remembered by all of us, one way or another, in this family of a fandom.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself and Caroline at

~ Saki

Episode 46: First Time February

art by @foxestacado

It’s February and Sherlockian first times are on the brain. Show notes and direct download information are available HERE at Or subscribe via RSS or via iTunes (search for threepatch). 


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‘The Road Less Traveled’ by verityburns was the very first Sherlock fic I ever read, and to hear that Br0-harry, who was so talented and created such beautiful artwork for it, has died.. it hurts, in a way I didn’t actually expect. I have never met Verity or Harry, never talked outside my leaving reviews of their work - and yet it still hurts to know that Harry is gone. All my love and thoughts are with Verity (who I’ve only just learned was actually Harry’s wife) at this awful time. Cancer is a horrible, disgusting thing, and I’m so, so sorry that it has taken one of our most loved members of the Sherlock fandom.

RIP Br0-harry. You’ll be missed.

I’m a little surprised at how affected I am by br0-harry’s passing?? I’ve just been doing a lot of reflecting on how much the sherlock fandom changed my life and god it’s hitting me hard. Even though i’m not “in” the sherlock fandom anymore I can’t deny how much it changed me as a person and I truly believe that in some weird butterfly effect way that if br0-harry had never been a sherlock artist I might not have been in the fandom?? Like honestly?? I started the blog because of the road less traveled and without the art would it have blown up like it had?? Would I have read it when I did?? Would I have wanted to create the blog still?? ugh I’m emotional 

A Tribute to br0-Harry: Update!

I just wanted to let you all know that amazingly in just four days, we’ve raised $628, reaching our goal of $500 and climbing, for Macmillan Cancer Support as a tribute to Harry! This is really, really is amazing and so incredibly moving. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated and signal boosted our original post! Who knows, maybe we’ll reach 1k!

If you wish to donate, here’s a link to our JustGiving page: [link]