I’ve updated our essential readings list, There are now links to PDFs for several of the books listed and links where you can read the full list of works by certain writers. 

I’m still working on updating this list and would totally love some suggestions but I’m hoping to find ways for people to read most of these books for free. Some just won’t be possible BUT there are a ton to get you started, especially since I know many of you have been asking for book suggestions.


Again it’s not finished but I’ll work on it more later this week. 

anonymous asked:

Explain your ideal first date vs your fantasy date!

Well my ideal first date would start with us at a restaurant. He’d forget his wallet but I’d pay for him. Then he’d take me to the theater to see a play. He’d ask me to chose and I’d go with a horror play. Some crazy shit would happen and his evil alter ego would try to keep me forever but them he’d show up and then they’d fight. The evil one would pull a gun but then I’d get it and I’d have to shoot one but I don’t know which is which. I’d shoot one and then other one would reassure me and take me to an ice cream parlor. I’d worry for a second that I had picked the wrong one but it turns out I picked the right one and everything is okay and he’d ask if I want to go out again sometime. Just something vanilla you know?

My fantasy date on the other hand would probably start off the same. We’d be at a nice restaurant and he’d forget his wallet but this time I wouldn’t pay so the chef would get mad and kidnap us. We’d be in the car but my date would try to hit him with a tire iron but we’d crash and end up in the desert. We’d walk a little and see a road but also a weird glowy artifact. He’d go see what the artifact was about but then aliens would abduct us! He’d get pulled into the darkness and probed and stuff and come back covered in…something. They’d send us back to earth and we’d try to take the road but suddenly these men in black would appear and put these weird masks on our faces to make us forget everything we saw. So yeah best fantasy date tbh