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grantaire's like this hobo, hipster creature and dresses like a homeless person and no one asks him about it because you just don't so they just assume he's homeless but whenever the amis is faced with a financial problem he's just "ok ill handle that" and he actually owns an island or something

Heir to a corporate mogul is one of my favourite Grantaire headcanons ohmygod y’all don’t even know, just imagine everyone misunderstanding Grantaire even though he’s not exactly trying to hide his wealth, like:

“Where are you staying tonight?” // “I don’t know, we’ll see?” 

And people assume he’s homeless, and taking turns crashing at a different friend’s house every few nights, but in actuality, he just isn’t sure which penthouse he wants to spend the night in yet, probably whichever one is closest to where he gets drunk at though?

When he shows up in a hella expensive suit for Feuilly’s art exhibition: “Dude, that suit looks dope? How much did you get it for?” // “I don’t know, I just took it?”

And they low-key assume he either 1) stole it, 2) borrowed it off someone, when really, he’s just rich enough to shop without having to check price tags?

Oooh, when he picks up the tab for the amis at a bar: “It’s fine, it’s really not much.” // “…..should we try to pay for this? I know R used to work here, but can he really get this much money written off?” 

When really, Grantaire’s just passing his credit card to the bartender, not even bothering to ask for the bill, because it’s not like he’s the one paying his credit card bills, and really, this money is peanuts to his family. 


ahnhani_92: 무대에선 카리스마 넘쳐도
훗 내앞에선 귀여운 카나리아같은 아넬리

“Non disturbi mai”, ti dice. E sai che non è una frase fatta: lo senti dalla voce, dalla sua semplice, serena e normale contentezza nel sentirti, dall’assenza di sforzo nel trovare le cose giuste da dirti – che a volte sono semplicemente il tempo che fa, o il film che daranno stasera. Ci puoi contare sempre, non importa quale sia la distanza che vi sta in mezzo, sa di te senza che tu dica nulla, e nel tuo “grazie” trova tutto ciò che tu hai provato a metterci dentro sperando che ne venisse fuori almeno un po’. Ognuno nella vita dovrebbe avere almeno una persona così, e se ne dovrebbe prendere cura, perché le fortune vanno meritate, e custodite.
—  Squonk - “Non disturbi mai”