Hi guys I’m running dry on inspiration right now so please feel free to give me ideas…. this one is so cliche but it’s kinda cute…. have a lovely everyday


Your phone buzzed
‘Y/n Shawn needs you’ Aaliyah texted in you. Even in your post shower - pre coffee pyjama state of course you would drop everything for him.

As you went to knock on the door of the Mendes household it swung open with Karen staring back at you.
'Hey love thanks for coming, he is at his desk in his room’ she said in a happy but still slightly concerned voice.
Even though you and Shawn were not dating he was still one of your best friends and always had your back so you were just merely returning the favour. As you trailed up the stairs you gently tapped on Shawn’s door in a little melodic tune that you always did, that was kind of an inside joke between you as it was the rhythm he used for inspiration to write Ruin. He had his headphones in with his cheeks flushed red and tiny droplets on the paper in front of him, he was a mess. Finals were due on Monday and considering it was Saturday night you cold understand why. He slowly plucked out his headphones as he swivels in his chair to face you, sitting on the corner of his bed. Words need not be shared, you could see it on his face what the problem was. You reached over and closed his book while picking up the guitar and just started playing…. silence still between you. You both just sat there and listened to you just play random chords.

Eventually he softly said your name and reached out to take the guitar off you while placing it down on the floor and shifting to sprawl lying down on his bed. You slowly laid down next to him…. it was kinda nice and comforting to have him just close like this…. in this moment you just hoped that it was as comforting for him…. you reach over to brush a tear of his cheek… he gently grabs your hand and pulls you in closer… with your faces so close to touching…. you can see the soul and heart behind his eyes. He gently runs his thumb across you lips before sealing the space between them… he tasted like a thousand seas and pistachio flavoured ice cream and you could feel all of his stress and chaos run out of him. You both just smiled as you barely pulled away…. he buried his head in your chest and let out a sigh while letting his world melt around you.
'I’ve been waiting a long time to do that’ Shawn ever so quietly said as he let out a breathless laugh.

Night melted around you both and the next day you spent with paper and books spread out on the bed helping Shawn with his assignments while sharing more laughs and the new addiction of sweet life giving kisses and hugs.

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Hey sorry idk where you're supposed to post recommendations for fics but there's a new multi chapter wip called The Seven Stages of Loving James Potter that is so good! It's on ff

Thank you for the recommendation!

Title: The Seven Stages of Loving James Potter
Author: LovelyFlowerAK 
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 6 [WIP]
Word Count: 26,146
Summary: Lily’s been hit with an affliction, and she can’t seem to shake it. One for a certain Gryffindor Head Boy. As Emmaline so eloquently put it, Lily is experiencing the Seven Stages of Falling for James Potter. Which is complete hogwash, of course. Except, as Lily and James grow close, she fears that Emmaline might be on to something…