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Things Boys Have Said To Me In Online Games:

  • you shouldn’t be here, you’re a ‘chick’
  • girls can’t / don’t play computer games
  • I bet you’re rubbish, girls can’t game
  • ‘do u hav a web cam’
  • I’ll go easy on you
  • you must be ugly to be a girl who games
  • fat bitch always online
  • if I let you win will you skype me
  • I don’t want the girl on my team

and of course finally:

  • don’t tell me what I can and can’t say stupid feminist princess don’t come online if you don’t want to be treated this way (legit)

Now I am always one of the first to believe ‘not all men do this, not all men do that’, but the amount of harassment I have received in the world of online gaming is just unreal. Girls should be able to game without being patronized. Girls should be able to game without sex coming into the conversation. Girls should be able to game and not be insulted. Girls should be able to play what they want and do what they want online and not have sexist, objectifying, rude comments hurled at them. It’s not hard to be respectful. Live and let live.

50 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do
  1. Study;
  2. Read;
  3. Listen a music;
  4. Watch a film;
  5. Clean the house. Your mother will be happy;
  6. Learn a different recipe;
  7. Learn a language;
  8. Work out;
  9. Dance in your room;
  10. Make a DIY;
  11. Ride a bike;
  12. Go out with your friends;
  13. Write a book;
  14. Send / say a “I love you” to someone you love;
  15. Make new friends;
  16. Go out alone and see how good is your company;
  17. Turn the night watching something you enjoy and eating nonsense. One day will not kill anyone;
  18. Make a day of beauty for you;
  19. Do some volunteer work;
  20. Draw;
  21. Sleep;
  22. Fix something;
  23. Compose a song;
  24. Play a instrument;
  25. Sing;
  26. Stay with your boyfriend / girlfriend;
  27. Write a book;
  28. Write a letter or e-mail to someone who lives far away;
  29. Change your hair;
  30. Paint your nails;
  31. Pick flowers and decorate your home with them;
  32. Reflect on your attitudes;
  33. Go to a party;
  34. Paint a picture;
  35. Plan your next vacation;
  36. Build a puzzle;
  37. Play The Sims or other game you like;
  38. Write your feelings;
  39. Cry if you need. It’s okay to cry now and then;
  40. Smile;
  41. Be grateful for everything and do not complain;
  42. Take from your life everything that hurts you in a bad way;
  43. Eat your prefer food;
  44. Think about new projects;
  45. Plant a tree. The nature say “thanks”;
  46. Feed your spiritual life;
  47. Buy something you need;
  48. Find your hobby and practice it;
  49. Be happy;
  50. Be you.

LATER, CHIRRUT SLEEPS next to me. […] He stirs and the air stirs with him, bearing the musk-sweet smell of his body. I think: This is what I will miss. I think: I will kill myself rather than miss it. I think: How long do we have? (insp.)


so I’m very bored and need something to do, also I want to follow new blogs to keep my dash going 

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name aesthetics!!!

so I just reached a small goal and I’m extremely happy ily let’s do this

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syllabus week blogrates✩

soo im in my last term of undergrad and it’s the one week  where classes don’t matter bc professors just go over syllabi and intro stuff so while i have this week im gonna do blogrates/compliments and make more edits too! also i like never do blogrates and i feel bad and i passed 1.1k so thank you guys <3


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Como fora pedido, abaixo do read more terá #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 texturas e bordas para gif icons. Ao total, foram #45 resources para gif icons. Tive ajuda da Tauriel, então uma parte vai para ela também. Caso usar, por favor, dê like ou reblogue. Esperamos que goste.

{{ As requested, below the cut will have  #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 textures e borders for gif icons. In total, they were #45 resources for gif icons. I had help from Tauriel, so a part goes to her as well. If you use, please give like or reblogue. We hope you enjoy. }} 

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some les mis br things i noticed (10/03):

• dige’s expressions are priceless!! he is so intense and so good, a great valjean

• nando pradho as javert is AMAZING! it’s so hard for me to find a javert i enjoy but i feel he captured the javert vibe very very well

• enjolras is intense but also very soft and i love him. pedro caetano did an amazing job and added 10 years to my lifespan

• bRUNO SIGRIST AS GRANTAIRE IS AAAAAAA he is constantly looking at enjolras and sUFFERING but also being a lil shit and it’s beautiful

• when marius sings about loving cosette grantaire didn’t take his eyes off of enjolras and at the end he sighed which made me weep

• joly is amazing and when marius is talking about loving cosette and her maybe being a ghost he gets terrified and excited and offers marius a glass of water and it’s beautiful

• eponine is actually strong af and independent af

• after eponine screams, there is a quick interaction between her, marius and cosette; they look at each other and cosette is confused and recognises eponine and it’s very eposette i lived

• marius is absolutely in character and he is sweet and trips sometimes and he is amazing and HIS VOICE OMG OK

• when eponine dies gavroche hugs R and they go to a corner and cry

• when gav dies grantaire holds him in his arms and cries in the centre of the stage for a while

• after gav dies R sings something that i don’t recall and enjolras looks at him very fondly and it’s so small but powerful

• grantaire watches everyone die, one by one, enjolras LITERALLY throw himself to his death and he (grantaire) is the last one to die; he climbs the barricade, desperate, and dies alone

• after turning the ladies, all in black (one with a black veil on her face that i took the liberty to interpret as chetta), leave candles on the stage; marius enters and sings empty chairs and everyone cries because it’s the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing in the universe and catches one of the candles. the amis enter the stage, each one catches a candle too and they blow out their candles. marius finishes the song and blows out his candle and stays still for almost a minute, the smoke in the air, everyone crying… it’s beautiful and painful

• the thenardiers are potentially the most incredible actors in the entire show ??? they are so fucking good ??? oh my god ??? if everything else hadn’t been good (which didn’t happen because it was all amazing) them alone would have made it worth the price of the tickets honest to god

• the ending murdered me,,,,,, when everyone enters the stage and cosette is reading the letter and i just,,,, so good

• basically: if you have the chance of watching it go watch it because OH MY GOD so good!

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! Okay, since the br thing was a flop (lmao) I decided to just do a follow forever thing. This’ll include all the blogs I follow, with my mutuals bolded, my favourite blogs italicized, and my favourite mutuals will be italicized and bolded. If I forgot anyone, just shoot me a message or an ask and I’ll make sure to add you immediately :)

Special Thanks:

@thepeculiaroutsider: Omg Jules, you were one of the first blogs I followed and one of the first good friends I’ve made on this site. You’ve helped me throughout the process of this blog, and also dealt with my dorky stuff and problems. Love youu <3

@ailecpaint: Ce!!! You’re such a sweetheart, and you’ve been with me for a long time. You’re one the best people on this site and deserve all the good in this world!

@newtscamandersniffler: Lisaaaaaa! Where should I start? Again, you were one of the first blogs I ever followed, and I’ve always aspired to, well, be you. You’re so kind and amazing, and I hope we can meet in the future to go the museum and the theme park you told me about xD Have a great day!

@mademoisellepeculiar: Dude, I absolutely love talking to you! Your writing is seriously amazing, and it’s a pleasure to help you with it :) Have an awesome day!

@vorona-raven: Okay, Mary, you’re actually one of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met. You’re wonderful like omg! I hope you achieve your dreams, and have an amazing day!!

@azure-the-princess: Alexa, you’re one of the best people I’ve ever met. I absolutely love talking to you, and even if you don’t know it, you’ve helped me so much!! Have a wonderful day :)

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☼ Blogrates + Icons ☼

basically I’m revamping my icon page and I want to do something special for my followers cos I haven’t done anything in awhile, so…

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overall:  5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I Poe Dameron