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Some truths about 2014 Cup in Brazil by a Brazilian.

Dear rest of the world, lets have some serious talk.

Probably you have seen some post or even news where the brazilians say that the country is not safe for tourists and if you come here you’ll suffer damage, theft, kidnapping, etc.

It’s not a truth BUT that serves for a greater good.

Very recently we entered in a process of public manifestations for improvements at Federal level which have been proven very effective, at least up to now. I don’t know if international media tells something about (and if it does, I have a strange ’feel’ it sounded bad) but people are waking up and finally deciding to do something real about the corruption, bread and circuses massive manipulation and unwarrantable situation of the security and transport at the great cities. Basically, the final straw was the increased on the passage of public transportation. 20 cents, yes, but any increase on this service that hasn’t yet reached an acceptable quality in its great part, it would be unacceptable on any value. It was that missing spark.
A few decades ago we had a terrible dictatorship which was only overcome on high costs - blood, torture and tears - and that was the last time that we join a large proportion for changes, for the greater good. After that we let the government (or whoever is behind it - hello global conspiracy) and began to pass over our long-suffering rights (some people say we still live in this, but it’s in disguise!) until all get back into a state of civilian blindness.
But now there was enough, the Cup was choking for years in the throat of the people: overpricing useless constructions, manipulation, embezzlement of serious incredibly urgent social problems thrown further under the rug. I really do not have enough phrases to describe how it comes up hurting more and more our society, reaching (thankfully) various social spheres. Sure, the perfect time to start watering that small fruits of conscientization sown for years, and even a few they have proved very fruitful. In your respective countries, and I’m absolutely sure of it, you find examples of strikes, protests and even revolutions of the people for the good of the people, so you know how this works and how society reacts to it.

And how to start? Well… boycotting the World Cup.

First, take into consideration one thing: historically, our way of doing things is a bit… different. Plus, there’s always that part of the total who does stupidity! Theyr moronic conclusion to make foreigners don’t come here, so the boycott becomes increasingly deep, was doing what our government has made us believe is the best way to handle things: Fear.
This group (part was already dominated by HUE idiots) decided spread terror across the world to keep people away. It is obvious that parts of our metropolis are dangerous but this is for anyone and I dare anyone to shoot the first stone saying that the metropolis of your country are impeccably perfect (lie is ugly, bro). Anyway, you get the idea…

People are spreading around that Brazil is a horrible place for tourists just to retain them with aiming to contribute to our - still - small social revolution. We are an attempt to begin to correct the defects of a lasting manipulated social mentality. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

Ei, Princesinha! Você realmente acha que é a pessoa que mais sofre no mundo. Que todos os caras vão machucar seu coraçãozinho porque são muito maus. Mas eu tenho uma novidade pra você: a humanidade não gira à sua merce. Você é toda delicada quando se trara dos seus sentimentos, mas vem cá… você já parou para pensar no que você já fez e que machucou outras pessoas? Que já fez alguma merda pro meio mabiente? Pra algum animal? Se liga garota! O mundo é muito mais do que essa sua cabeça oca.