The Murder of Fred Hampton


Angela Davis and Assata Shakur’s Lawyer  Discuss the New Threat against Assata Shakur

“The Black Panthers have never viewed such paramilitary groups as the Ku Klux Klan or the Minutemen as particularly dangerous. The real danger comes from highly organized Establishment forces -the local police, the National Guard, and the United States military. They were the ones who devastated Watts and killed innocent people. In comparison to them the paramilitary groups are insignificant. In fact, these groups are hardly organized at all. It is the uniformed men who are dangerous and who come into our communities every day to commit violence against us, knowing that the laws will protect them." 

- Huey P. Newton, Sacramento and the "Panther Bill”

January 26, 1944: Birthday of Comrade Angela Yvonne Davis, former political prisoner, Marxist-feminist theorist and prison abolition activist.

I wish Angela Davis a great birthday. She has been a major inspiration in my life and has done incredible work on so many issues. I still hope she will say something about the way her good name was exploited by Mayor Bill de Blasio, killer cop Bill Bratton and the New York Democratic establishment at last week’s Martin Luther King Day event in Brooklyn: http://bknation.org/2014/01/letter-angela-davis/

I always carried lawbooks in my car. Sometimes, when a policeman was harassing a citizen, I would stand off a little and read the relevant portions of the penal code in a loud voice to all within hearing distance. In doing this, we were helping to educate those who gathered to observe these incidents. If the policeman arrested the citizen and took him to the station, we would follow and immediately post bail. Many community people could not believe at first that we had only their interest at heart. Nobody had ever given them any support or assistance when the police harassed them, but here we were, proud Black men, armed with guns and a knowledge of the law. Many citizens came right out of jail and into the Party, and the statistics of murder and brutality by policemen in our communities fell sharply.
—  Huey P. Newton, “patrolling, from the the Huey P. Newton Reader

Some more amazing artwork by Emory Douglas, the Black Panther Party Minister for Culture. 

Douglas, responsible for much of the iconic imagery of the Black Panther Party is confirmed to speak at Marxism 2015. He will be speaking on ‘Revolution, Art and Power’ at 1pm on the Friday of Marxism 2015. There will also be an exhibition of his work at the conference. This is some good news if you’re an artist, graphic designer or a general lefty.  Douglas is one of the most influential and culturally significant artists of the 20th century, so it’s exciting that he’ll be speaking about his art in Australia. Marxism Conference takes place over Easter in Melbourne, so block those four days out in your calendar. Tickets are available from the website now: www.marxismconference.org