they’re gonna look at these photos later on and be like…

“who the f is that Asian kid with the beer and candy in his hands?? Does he work here? Is he the accountant? What’s that on his head?! He’s SUPER cute!!”


Crashed some party/event at BPMW last night…

I came.

I took pics.

…and I left my bag of candy at the office…. shit………


Yesterday Matt took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure sponsored by (capsule). We chose Matt as our representative because of his undying love for roller coasters/theme parks. Needless to say, he had a blast! Excessive booze, fried food and fun were had by all. Thank you to (capsule) and BPMW for inviting us to a gnarly outing and bringing together such awesome people.


Yesterday you got a peek into the showroom of BPMW*** but I know you want to see the goods too.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the FW12 collection of Stussy

For me, growing on the beach in Hollywood, Florida is was all about crushing on those surfer-skate rats.  I will forever love the classic Stussy logo because it immediately brings me back to being 13 and stealing boys tee shirts on the beach while they were surfing. 

See what I’m talking about here