Considering my PC is broken here’s all I’ve done lately!
I made a qixels lucky cat and used dotpict to make it a real pixel

Qixels are super fun if you don’t have the convenience of ironing perler beads
Downside expensive and very limited colors :/


ive had this species around since i was like 12 or 13 and never have done anything with it but myfirst oc ever was of this breed and i really wanna share it

working on a stats thing and am going to start doing adoptables

theyre called Varians or Vavarians. Huge like 5-7 foot tall long thin canine like creatures that have big chests, small bellies, twice body length tails and massive ears. Their tails are extremely thick with large, flexible vertibrae for support and movement

Mainly theyre built for speed, the tails and ears help with steering, but theyre sort of an ancient race similar to how the shark and crocs have been around forever, so theyre associated with age old powers as well. some are gifted and some arent, most usually have unearthly speed as sort of a base power. One of my gods The Father, creator of all living and material, theyre passed down from him along with their more reptile/amphibious cousins Ocelopes. Which ill probalby do a proper bone ref for next

im excited