tbh the worst thing about being a self aware mentally ill person is that people assume that because you understand your illness you’re automatically able to actually apply your knowledge to your life and cure yourself

Signs you grew up lonely

- Chasing people who don’t want you

-Making up lots of stories and worlds

-Overtalking whenever there’s someone to talk to

-Excessive reading


-Clinging emotionally to others

-Being the ‘disposable’ friend in the group

-Excessive baths

-Talking to oneself

-Obsessive friendships

-Excessive helpfulness

Shout out to:

The people who don’t have a best friend because their friends already have best friends

The people who want to make friends and don’t know how

The people who have lots of friends but always feel lonely

The people who get left behind in a group

The people who are alone and nobody notices

The people who put their soul into a friendship and watched it fall apart

The people who are introverted and mistaken for being anti social

it’s weird because mentally i’m years above my age but emotionally i’m more immature than my age which means I have all these emotions and i am so aware of them but i don’t know how to change them and i get angry at myself for feeling these emotions because i’m painfully aware of how irrational they are

95% of my personality is worrying I do everything wrong and that I will inevitably be abandoned because my traumatised ass is too much and simultaneously not enough

Me: I’m going to be SO productive today

Also me: *dissociates for five hours*