lol you think I’ll only get jealous if you’re interacting with another person?? hahaha sucker. I’ll get jealous of a cat. I’ll get jealous of a pillow. I’ll get jealous of that videogame you’re playing. I’ll get jealous of a fucking bowl of ice cream if you pay it enough attention. ain’t no limit buddy this is endless

  • friend:gives short reply
  • brain:stop talking to them now, they clearly want to end the conversation, they're talking to you out of pity
  • me:umm they messaged me first so i'm pretty sure that's not true
  • brain:nah i'm pretty positive they hate you now
  • me:shit u right

literally every little thing is the end of the fucking world for me like. sending a message and my friend doesn’t respond? end of the world. getting criticized? end of the world. getting in an argument/fight? end of the world. someone tells me something I don’t want to hear? end of the world. something really bad happens? end of the world. something not-that-bad happens? end of the fucking world

emotions that are a million times worse with bpd

-missing someone
-feeling unwanted
-all of them
-literally every fucking emotion sucks so much more when u have bpd

The reason why borderlines get so upset over our favourite person showing love or caring about others is because of how we perceive caring and love. To us, caring about our favourite person means giving our entire heart to them. Making our life completely about making them happy and adoring them as much as possible. And we can only give ourselves so completely to one person at a time. So when the favourite person then expresses caring or love towards someone else, we perceive it as them offering themselves completely to that person and that they don’t care about us (since we think that you can only care about one person at a time). And that’s why we get so hurt by it. Not because we’d like being mean and jealous, but because we genuinely feel abandoned and unloved when it happens because we don’t understand normal caring or love.

how about a shout out to the people who have the “ugly” symptoms like obsessing over others, having fits of rage, idolizing people, debating their validity constantly, crying over the tiniest things, depending on others for validation. shout out to the people who are frustrated with not being able to control their own mind. you guys rock! i understand that feeling and i’m here for you!

Poorly brain

The brain is an organ. Mental illness is an illness of that organ. Brain scans show that there is a physical difference between a healthy brain and a sick brain. Telling somebody “you’re not really sick, it’s all in your head” is like telling someone with asthma “it’s not real it’s in your lungs” the brain is an organ that can malfunction as much as any other organ.


when you can’t talk about your symptoms when you’re not experiencing them because your lack of emotional permanence makes you forget what they feel like and you feel like a faker, but you also can’t talk about them when you’re feeling them because you’re too depressed/anxious/feel like everyone hates you, so you just internalise everything until you have a breakdown ¯\_(ツ)_/¯