my latest video, which I hope is relatable in some way??? let me know in the comments if you have a similar experience xxx

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Me, hearing distant unclear voices probably from outside at night: Oh fuck, they must be talking about me, they must be out to get me

Also me: shut up, you’re not that important, why would they want to get you

Also me: and why not? They’re spying on me and they want to get me

Also me: ok and what if they can read your thoughts?

All of me: oh fuck I’m screwed

God I love how my desire to be loved is ripping my insides to shreds and shattering my mind, making me feel like I’ve lost my head. God I love how no amount of actual attention and affection that I’m given is enough to satisfy me. God I just fucking LOVE it.

Ok i need to talk about Keith and that vlog for a sec cause like….yes it was heartbreaking as fuck. But at the same time something beautiful is happening with it too? And its honestly kinda helping with my own MI issues that Im dealing with today.

Cause I personally have always seen Keith as BPD and C-PTSD to a certain extent. I thought I was just projecting but after the vlog it basically confirmed it for me. But then I also see people seeing themselves in him with autism, aspergers, bipolar disorder etc. and it just….it makes me so happy? For myself to see my mental health issues be shown in a positive light, as a HERO when they’re so often vilified. But also that other people are seeing that positive representation in this character and are relating to him and it just makes me really goddamn happy.