DBT Skills: Emotion Regulation

What are they?

Emotion Regulation skills teach you how to control your emotions. They’ll also help you effectively express your emotions as well as alter your emotional experiences when desired and/or necessary.

Why Do You Need Them?

Emotion Regulation is necessary for mental health. Harmful behavior patterns (suicidal acts, eating disorders, substance abuse issues, unhealthy relationships, etc.) are the result of faulty attempts of handling painful emotions.

Emotion Regulation Aims To Help You:

1.) Increase awareness and understanding of emotions

  • Understand the function of your emotions
  • Identify obstacles to changing your emotions
  • Identify and label your emotions

2.) Change unwanted emotions

  • Check the facts of a situation
  • Problem solve 
  • Apply opposite action to emotions

3.) Reduce vulnerability deriving from emotions

  • Accumulate positive emotions
  • Build mastery
  • Learn to cope ahead
  • Take care of your body

4.) Learn to effectively manage powerful emotions

  • Be mindful of your current emotion
  • Identify your skills breakdown point


1. DBT Skills Training Manual Second Edition by Marsha Linehan (x)

I’m so good at beginnings, but in the end I always seem to destroy everything, including myself.
—  Kiera Van Gelder, The Buddha and the Borderline: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Buddhism, and Online Dating
I was agnostic before I met you. But then I heard an angel
            sing hymns in your laughter
                                   and I found God in the reflections in your eyes.
My brain is very sick and it does this, it makes gods or demons
                                               out of people and the gods are so beautiful
           they make my knees shake. Your hands could have been
an altar from how I pushed offerings into them.
                                               You turned me into a believer—
you taught me that people exist who are this hallowed,
                                   and that I have divinity running through
           my own skin like holy water.
I tried to stop crucifying myself for you; you cried at the sight
                       of my blood and so I gave you the nails, asked you
           to get rid of them for me. I never truly understood what people
meant when they said that whatever God
                                               they believed in had saved their lives
until you saved mine.
—  Martina Dansereau | Resurgence

can tumblr stop shitting on black & white thinking?

it is symptom of bpd? it’s the way our borderline brains think? we cannot help it? why does everyone hate people with personality disorders so much? fuck you?


I am finally cleaning my room. Let’s just say that there are stacks and stacks of books, papers, and clothes. Everywhere. Dressers, floor, with a small path to my bed.

Depression and BPD is awful because I can’t handle too much at once. It’s like everything around me just makes me so anxious and reactive. Too much at once puts a lot on me. I’ve been so exhausted. I haven’t been able to do anything. Not even clean my room.

I have new clothes and new stuff that I haven’t even opened yet. It is just lying there. I forgot about it, but after going through just a little bit of it, I realized.. It’s all sort of a nice surprise. Haha. I found awesome red wings stuff and a cool shirt and workout clothes XD Some of it is from Christmas.

I also found lots of stuff I’ve been looking for to get rid of. My ihome, old gear that my band used, etc. I sell them pretty quickly, so it’ll be nice.

Basically I’m posting this because it is a huge step for me… I have been trying to do this for months.. I’m really happy to be starting this… I’m sure it’ll help me feel better about myself too. The environment in my room is a mess and so cluttered.. Perhaps it overwhelms me. Not for long XD I am cleaning it everywhere all around.

the problem about having a mental illness that develops in early adulthood is that every day i get worse!!!!! and i have no way of knowing how bad this will eventually get and when i will plateau in my Great Decline into BPD Hell :-) and whether or not everyone i love will leave me because they didn’t sign up to love a piece of shit who has no control over anything and cannot stop being truly awful!!!!!! it’s great i Love it

ok so most of the time i have a negative interaction with someone i’ll throw them into the enemy category and i’ll make sure that literally every interaction with them is filled with hate and anger cuz thats what youre supposed to do to enemies right but what i didnt know for the longest fucking time is that doing that isnt normal and it really confuses me when my “enemies” dont react the same way, then i’ll start to cry cuz i’ll perceive their lack of hate as extreme kindness and it gets pretty exhausting cuz i never know how im supposed to feel about people

I know not everybody can afford to get professionally diagnosed, but I can’t help but be annoyed by people who fucking self diagnose from taking an unreliable online quiz.

a while ago my doctor told me i couldnt have bipolar bc my cycles were so fast, like changing by the hours and like now that i think abt it,, is that a trait of bpd??

i was reluctant abt looking into bpd earlier bc in my mind i fit a lot of the traits but physically ,i dont bc im just so incredibly passive and restrained by myself and have no energy whatsoever