bpc: june

Chilled beverages for the signs

Aries: Gatorade

Taurus: Horchata

Gemini: Italian soda

Cancer: Sweet tea

Leo: Vitamin water

Virgo: Lemonade

Libra: Iced tea

Scorpio: Cola

Sagittarius: Sparkling water

Capricorn: Iced coffee

Aquarius: Ice water

Pisces: Sparkling cider

Griffin: The clock tower snaps at its midsection as it chimes it twelfth chime, and it falls over into that large two story manor at the end of the street with a loud crash. And the ground, as quickly as it expanded, just falls out beneath your feet. And you’re falling. And you’re burning. And you’re being crushed by the shattered earth as it compresses down into the ground. And you hear an anguished scream come from something massive and furious.

And all three of you have died.

And there’s something about the dying that feels familiar. And then you’re back in that white space and you see that old woman again, and she says-

Old Woman: Oh, you’ll have to do much better than that, loves.

Griffin: And then you wake up.

  • when trini officially comes out to her mom, june is confused and a little uncomfortable
  • june’s been raised to believe that only a man and woman can be together, nothing else
    • also conflicts with her religion a bit
  • she had all these fantasies about trini coming to her and talking about any boys she liked, picking out what to wear for dates and any boy problems she had
    • she’s at a lost of what to do now that trini came out to her
    • how does she talk to her about girls?? is it the same as asking about boys???
  • she comes off as overbearing and pushy when she’s trying to ask about any special girls in trini’s life ‘cause she ends up asking awkward questions making the both of them uncomfortable
  • yahoo becomes june’s best friend when asking questions about her gay daughter
  • trini goes through a phase where she thinks june doesn’t love her and is just waiting to kick her out
    • things become a little bit more strained between them
    • trini distances herself more from her mom and june is desperately trying to understand her daughter
  • it all boils over at a church function
    • they start screaming at each other in front of everyone and they’re both crying
    • trini comes out again, saying that she can’t change who she is
    • june replies she doesn’t want her to change, just wants to understand her again before everything started going to shit
    • they hug it out, they both still got issues to sort through but this one is the start of their healing relationship
  • someone from the church is visibly disgusted and loudly voices their displeasure at trini being allowed to come to the church
    • some others agree with them, but the majority don’t really care since the Big Guy Upstairs loves everyone
    • the pastor’s about to come and ‘politely’ disagree with their opinion before june beats ‘em to it
  • june goes apeshit on these people, scaring them into submission and causing an even bigger scene
    • the pastor is silently clapping and cheering her on in the background
  • a couple weeks later, after everything’s died down trini asks if she could bring her girlfriend over for dinner
    • june drops the lasagna she’s holding out of surprise
    • trini:…is that a ‘no’?
  • kim comes over later, nervous and skittish
    • doesn’t help that trini’s dad keeps mentioning his nonexistent guns or the fact that the twins are staring at her with frowns
    • honestly, the only one she feels relatively comfortable with is june and that’s only for a little bit before june starts purposely asking awkward questions
  • and trini? well, she’s having the time of her life ‘cause she never thought this would be possible