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Just One Word September BPC
Day 20: Released 

Love that OwlCrate gets new released books. This one released on 9/12/17!

(P.S. Anybody notice the Book Beau?!? It’s awesome and the book fits in nicely!)

[🍁October’s theme is “Find Me In The Forest.” The book is described as a magical realism novel all about family, curses, and gardens.]

Just One Word September BPC
Day 14: Cheap

I love Book Outlet because I can get books cheap. I got all these books for $65.

Just One Word September BPC | Challenge Your Shelf September BPC
Day 29: Recap | Day 30: Books I’ve Read This Month

Not shown what I read on my e-reader: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Passenger, So Close to You, The Named, 3:59.