There are very few good things that can happen to Subjects 1 and 2, but a day without agonizing experiments is certainly among the best.

*pathetically tries to claw together enough material to create something at least slightly positive from this AU*  
“There’s enough broken pieces of hopes and dreams here. I can work with that.”

I wanted to draw something for @zarla-s​ and took that chance to practice more of the style I used here, since I really like where I’m going with it, and it makes for great comic scenes.

Not the happiest thing, but what is happy about Handplates, I wonder?

Children not being tortured, for once.

(PS; On the first panel Papyrus is sleeping with the pillow stuffing that I want to assume Gaster let them keep after they ripped the pillow apart on one of my favourite pages of this comic.)


sans making awful decisions 101.
(aka my take at slapstick comedy.
being a comedian himself, i’m sure sans will be able to appreciate it once he gets over the absolute horror he just went through)

i honestly can’t decide whether this is hilarious or terrifying (both?), and i have no idea why i made it exist but here you go. it exists.

it’s terrible and i should feel terrible but i don’t and i won’t.

(PS who else loves the idea of sans getting drunk off of ketchup? is that no one else’s aesthetic? come on i know you people who agree are out there.)


Thumbnails for The Misanthropic Lord’s Undertale playthrough.

As always, I strongly suggest you look at his videos, maybe subscribe, maybe drop a comment, his playthrough so far has been absolutely hilarious, I’m psyched for the next part to come out omg

((PS his voice acting is A+, would listen to again.))

((PPS - reblogs are greatly appreciated on this, to get the guy some promotion!))

Check him out —> The Misanthropic Lord


Snowdin Town, Papyurs fight and Papyrus date thumbnails I made for The Misanthropic Lord’s AWESOME Undertale playthrough.

If you like Undertale, if you like fresh reactions and good comedy, then I suggest you really give this guy a look, a like or maybe even a subscribe! <:

—> The Misanthropic Lord

[Check the previous three thumbnails I made!]


* The skeleton crew ditches the battle.

I love this game and I love Papyrus and I decided to join the gang.

Judge me all you want.

Mini boss Moderator Jim can be spared if you engage in an argument with him until he loses his shit and basically rips his skin off - y’know, as one does.
If you try share interests, the battle will never end, because he will never stop talking about his favourite things and will dodge attacks. If you try to tell him a meme, he will laugh and then become annoyed if that act is repeated three times, which will make him use a stronger attack.
His attacks are fairly easy to dodge because they are literally just poorly thrown sticks, with an occasional light blue one.

When he becomes a skeleton, his skele-homies will join the fight, and together they will ditch the battle, not giving you a chance to neither fight, nor show mercy. Because they don’t care anymore. They are together and they are happy and they are ready to bounce in sync forever more.

(Concept+Colour version and a list of some flavour text can be viewed here)

Credits given where credits are due:

  • Template
  • Font (It’s not 8bitoperator)
  • And of course, sprites of Sans and Papyrus by Toby Fox. As well as the whole concept. But you should honestly know that by now.

some skelebros practice i did in college

i’ll draw them properly at some point, i was just mainly trying to get down their features here

sans is being a bit tricky and doesn’t want to look like i want him to yet, but i’m getting there

i really should finish the game before drawing them though, i’m sure am taking my god damned time with it

it doesn’t feel right drawing characters of something i haven’t finished playing/watching lmao


My friend’s gems; Padparadscha (whom you might remember from long ago, Tuna wanted her re-done to be more Sapphire-like, since this gem is a type of sapphire) and Banana Citrine (pale variation, also citrine is a quartz, so she was based on the appearance of Jasper)

These were based off Tuna’s concept sketches, and I just kinda went wild with regenerations because HECK YEAH gems are so much fun to design lmao

Either way; Padparadscha and Citrine!

They belong to my friend Tuna <:

(See regenerations of my gemsonas here!)