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Are there any solid black BP morphs?

Eeeh the only ones are super cinni and super black pastel, both of which are very likely to be born with deformities so I don’t really support the breeding of them :/

ancientarchipelago  asked:

What do you think of the sugar morph in BPs? I recently re-discovered it and fell in love with the colors and white sides.

i dont really have an interest in them. i like for patterns to be more clear and distinct and you never know what youre getting into when breeding sugar and calico combos. They could have high white or they could just have a disrupted pattern. I dont really like the ones with disrupted patterns because it makes them look dirty.

External image

External image
Not good

in my opinion, of course.

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I found a breeder that has these amazing coral lavendar type BP morphs (I know I'm not using the right words but I hope I get the picture across) but he also sells spider morphs :/

Easily 85% of ball python breeders do. *shrugs*

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i know that this is an incredibly stupid question, but where can i get an affordable bp morph? or rather, which morphs are considered more inexpensive than others? because i have the means to provide for the snake, but wowie, they are pricey for the initial expenses.

It’s not a stupid question. Morphs are very gorgeous and alluring, but can be really expensive. Some of the cheapest morphs ($75-$200) are the ones that often don’t look as obviously different, such as

Any morph that does look more striking will cost you at least $250 usually (such as albino, bumblebee, super pastel, etc.) 

Another way to save on morphs is to shop at a local reptile show rather than online. This is especially true if it’s a smaller show and not one of the major regional ones in a big city. Reptile show prices are often much better than online ones, and of course you don’t have to pay for shipping. When at a reptile show, also look into getting the often overlooked adult ball pythons. When I was at a local reptile show, I saw an adult Super Mojave ball python for only $150 - they can usually go for $500-$800! Babies are really popular for various reasons, but sometimes getting an adult morph can really save you on those initial expenses.