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Looks like the BP gang is in LA supporting their friend Nettie. RK fans must be excited for this one as they clearly believe that Rob is in LA too, which of course their belief come from what u said. Ever thought that Rob n Kristen are 2 ppl who mature enough to still be friends n not telling their friends to stop hang out w the other? But looks like each of their friends never get caught hanging out w Rob or Kristen or maybe they just don't do that to not caught up w thr past

I think it’s funny that you think that RK fans hang on my every word like you do!

As for all the BP being in LA I think that’s great if it’s in fact true. I know Rob’s been in LA recently, though I can’t be sure where he is 24/7.

As for RK’s friends being mature…that’s an interesting thought considering that based on the shiteating narrative you all claim that RK can’t be in the same vicinity at the same time. Remember when you all said that Rob & Kristen refused to see each other at the Hollywood Awards where they both presented?

IF they were a mature “former” couple and past co-stars their professional commitment would have surfaced and we would have gotten a pic of the too of them together being courteous professionals. And yet no picture because once more for the stupid..RK are very much together and that wouldn’t be a professional pic but a personal one! They don’t do that shit!

Your narrative of two ppl so “pressed” they can’t be seen together at an event they both attend does not fit with mature friends. Friends would have chosen sides as they most often do in these situations EVEN when the couple in question is able to be more mature.

So nice try but you fail once more.

Whether the BP is in town to see Rob or not doesn’t change RK’s relationship.

Rob is never required to be in a certain local to make my “story” work. Because it’s not a story and I know that both Rob & Kristen are required to travel extensively for their careers. I also know that they can and do travel way more than we are ever aware. How many times does one or the other just POP up in a location after they had JUST been somewhere else??? It happens all they time amazing how quiet commercial flights can be as well as RK’s ability to travel private when they so desire.

Wherever Rob and or Kristen maybe at any time doesn’t change that they are married with two baby girls. The only thing that’s changed since the addition of the girls is the logistics involved and I for one am thankful that I don’t have to work those logistics, that that’s up to RK and their team to figure out!

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I have a problem with sugar ants in my bp's tank!!! I don't know what to do or how to get rid of them, please help me!!!

Step 1. Take snake out of tank and put him in a temporary enclosure for a while.
Step 2. Empty tank, wash tank and all decor with a bleach and water solution, then rinse everything off with hot water amd let air dry completely.
Step 3. Use paper towels as substrate for a while then switch over to regular substrate
How did you get sugar ants? Just curious so you can make sure it doesn’t happen again

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what are your thoughts on the BP nominees? like each one.

oh boy okay

Spotlight - good but boring, like it wasn’t a waste of time to watch but i’ll probably never watch it again.

The Revenant - mostly boring except the bear attack was fucking intense. i’m definitely in awe of the sheer spectacle of it and tom hardy stole the show (leo who?)

Bridge of Spies - i haven’t seen it and don’t care to

Room - honestly amazing, brie larson deserves all the praise she’s getting and i’ll never be able to watch it without crying.

Mad Max: Fury Road - easily my favorite movie of the year, easily the best movie of the year, and easily one of the best movies of the decade. it probably won’t win BP but it will definitely be remembered more than any of the other nominees.

The Martian - a fun little blockbuster and ridley scott is my inconsistent dad

Brooklyn - so charming, definitely one of my favorites of the year. i liked it A LOT more than i thought i was going to!!!

The Big Short - boring af, the ~breaking the fourth wall thing got old really fast and idk it just did nothing for me, even the performances were just fine at best imo.

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Ok, I'm very proud to say this, even though I don't own any snakes (sadly), I am advocating for them. So a bio teacher at my school has three snakes (BP, Corn, and a wild Rat), that are all living in tanks that are too small (the BP doesn't even have a hide D:). So today the BP was shedding and we were going to soak him (bless the snake he puts up with so much), and I pointed out he didn't have a hide, and the teacher asked "whats a hide". After explaining that they are all in too small tanks...

(continued) once I said they were in too small of tanks and explaining the BP needed a hide (the poor thing’s got anxiety and raised scales he needs more than TLC). The teacher seemed interested until shutting me down saying “Oh but the BP is always in a ball thats why they are called BPs”. Um, no he curls up hiding his head and what he can under his own body as his form of protection (sigh). The teacher hasn’t taken them to the vet in ~15 years (and even let a BP die of ‘heat related issues’)

I wish I could rightly explain the amount of internal screaming i face right now. Can you link them to my care sheet? or my page? can you yell at them for me? (jk)

Gosh, I am soooo glad you spoke up though.