Till the Clock strikes Twelve

Soulmate AU - bp!Kurt

Kurt and Blaine are best friends - and soul mates. Kurt knows it already, Blaine is about to find out. But there is also another secret….

2000 words

“Already exited, Blaine?” Kurt asked, when he sat down next to his best friend in class. Blaine’s head snapped up, where he had been staring into empty space. Kurt knew exactly why his mind was racing and what thoughts were busy in Blaine’s head.

“Just…Does it hurt? I mean…when the mark appears?”, Blaine asked nervously and Kurt couldn’t help but smile. He had his mark since a few weeks already, but now it was the turn of Blaine. The boy, he knew for years. His best friend. His soul mate…

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FIC: Never In Your Wildest Dreams (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

This is an extremely late birthday present for colfhummel. Yes, I am ashamed. BP!Kurt and Sebastian in an established relationship. Sex. Nothing out of the ordinary. 4,2k. For full list of kinks and such, refer to ao3

“So, your birthday is coming up,” Kurt says when they’re settled on the subway. They’re on their way to Sebastian’s friends Halloween party, dressed in semi-matching costumes and working hard on keeping their hands off of each other.

“Mhm. So?” Sebastian says, pressing his thigh closer against Kurt’s.

So,” Kurt says, squeezing Sebastian’s hand. “What do you want? Do you want to do anything special, do you want a gift?”

Sebastian snorts and rearranges himself, slips his hand out of Kurt’s and slides his arm around Kurt’s waist instead. “No, I don’t want a gift. I don’t want to do anything.”

“Nothing? Really?”

“Yes, really. It’s no big deal.”

Kurt tries hard to keep his face in check and not let his surprise and shock show, but judging by Sebastian’s entertained expression, he’s failing.

“But…It’s your birthday,” Kurt tries to argue. He doesn’t have a better argument than that, though, and he hears how weak it sounds.

“Yeah. But I’m only turning twenty-two. It’s just another day.”

“But there’s gotta be something?” Kurt tries.

Sebastian leans in, puts his mouth so close to Kurt’s ear that his breath makes Kurt shiver. “Well, if you really want to give me something, you can let me fuck you.”

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FIC: Be My Baby (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

Kurt and Sebastian being on vacation and Kurt wanting to see the sights but Sebastian wanting to ~stay in bed~.

warnings: bp!kurt, daddy!kink

my darling bekah prompted this four months ago and i finally got around to writing it.

i haven’t written porn in ages, so i apologize for the severe lack in quality /o\

Kurt wakes up feeling more well-rested than he has in months. He glances around the hotel room and burrows down deeper under the covers, a pleased smile spreading over his face. 

They’re on vacation, finally. Kurt shifts to his side, facing Sebastian, and looks at him, and smiles again when the frown that’s been pretty much permanent on Sebastian’s forehead the past couple of weeks now is completely gone. Kurt has been pushing this for awhile, coaxing his boyfriend into just taking some time off, and now they’re here, the vacation coinciding with Kurt’s spring break. They arrived late yesterday, and Kurt is excited to go out today and just look at everything.

If he manages to get Sebastian to come along, that is. He doesn’t want to wake him up, but at the same time, he really wants to go out, and not alone. 

Kurt bites his lip, considers his options. He can get up and shower, at least, and go through his moisturizing routine, so he’s ready when Sebastian wakes up. 

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prompt: innocent bp!kurt rubbing his pussy against the edge of the couch and blaine catching him?

just a tiny crappy piece to try and break my writer’s block. prompt by the ever-so-lovely julia ♥︎

It’s nine in the evening, and the heat is still pressing. They’ve spent all day lazing around by the pool in Blaine’s parents’ backyard, both a little intimidated by the amount of skin they’ve been showing off and seeing. Now, they’re inside, and Blaine just left Kurt on the couch to get some lemonade. 

“Hey, sweetheart, do you wanna watch…” Blaine falters when he reenters the living room and sees what Kurt is doing, “…a movie.” He almost drops the glasses, but catches himself at the last second and grips them tighter instead, the condensation mixing with the sweat on his palms. “What–” His voice cracks, and he coughs. “What are you doing?” he asks, his question completely redundant, because he can see what Kurt is doing. 

Kurt is straddling the armrest of the couch and is rubbing himself against it. When he hears Blaine, he turns around, aims his big, pleading eyes at him. “I just–it’s so hot, I’m so hot, it’s–please, Blaine, I don’t know what to do.” He sounds like he’s on the verge of tears, the desperation clear on his face, and Blaine feels light-headed as blood rushes to his cock. He takes a few quick steps to the couch, puts the glasses down on the coffee table, then kneels in front of Kurt. 

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prompted: sebklaine prompt where Sebastian and Blaine body worship a bp!Kurt?

A/N: I’ve never written bp before…I hope this is okay!


“Please Kurt, just help us understand.” Blaine’s breath ghosted across Kurt’s earlobe as he wound himself around his boyfriend, and Kurt couldn’t help the shudder that ran through his body. He wanted to, he wanted to so badly, and yet…

“It’s just too much,” he spoke quietly, trying not to let his voice crack, eyes fixed firmly on his hands which were balled in his lap.

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three times blaine doesn’t have sex with kurt, and the one time he does

or the one in which mpreg!kurt and blaine are just friends and shouldn’t be. 

it’s loosely inspired by ross and rachel circa season 8. 

this one’s a birthday present for the lovely mika! I hope you like it, doll. 
thanks to lena, for essentially being my beta and my cheerleader. 

warnings: bp!mpreg!kurt 

rating: nc-17 

word count: ~3500


Everybody said month three. So, when month three came and left, Kurt thought (or rather, desperately hoped) his time wouldn’t come. He and Blaine were only friends after all. Living together, but friends. Having a baby together, but friends.

Unfortunately, it starts the second week of his fourth month, and Kurt is most definitely not ready.

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Pairing: Kurt/Burt (Hummelcest)
Warning(s): anal, begging, bp, denial, dub/non-con, incest, oral, overstimulation, PWP, spanking

Burt doesn’t recall exactly how he got here, with his son on his hands and knees on the mattress  moaning wildly, as a large dildo protrudes from his tight and unstretched ass, but - damn - he’s glad that he’s here now. He vaguely remembers Kurt bending to pick a dropped fork off of the ground in the kitchen, his boxer-clad ass on display, but that’s about it.

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FIC: Dressed For Success (Kelliott, NC-17)

Crossdressing!bp!Kurt & Elliott having sex. That’s it. 


Thanks to bononoh for beta. 

It’s one of those days where they just pass by each other all day. Elliott kissing Kurt goodbye on his way out of the door, while Kurt is just entering the kitchen to have breakfast; a couple of quick text messages when Kurt’s lunch break ends, just as Elliott’s begins; a five-minute conversation in the hallway when Elliott comes home and Kurt is leaving for his shift at the diner. 

When Kurt gets home again it’s pretty late, but it’s a Friday, and they’re both free the next day. 

“Hey,” Elliott says, smiling warmly when Kurt joins him in the kitchen. “How are you?” He turns away from the counter and the tea he’s making, opening up his arms for Kurt, who goes straight into his embrace. 

“Tired,” Kurt says, his voice muffled by Elliott’s t-shirt. “So tired.”

Elliott kisses his temple and strokes his back. “You’ve had dinner?” Kurt nods. “You want tea?” Another nod. “My computer’s on the coffee table, go put on a movie and I’ll be right there, okay?”

“I love you,” Kurt says, leaning up to press a kiss to Elliott’s jaw, before he does as he’s told. 

When Elliott comes out in the living room, Kurt is sitting on the floor by the coffee table, Elliott’s computer open in front of him, and with an expression Elliott can’t quite parse. Then Kurt looks up at him, and Elliott is reminded with startling clarity just what he was doing before he went to make tea. 

He was browsing for porn. 

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Anything for you

Apparently, I can only write fluff so here you go! A fluffly one-shot, including cheerio!Kurt and Badboy!Blaine.

Warnings: Mentions of bp!Kurt, mpreg!Kurt, mentions of crossdressing. Also mentions of miscarriage (not Kurt) and teen pregnancy. 

Hope you enjoy it!

PS: As usual, sorry for any mistake uwu

Edited on 9/27: you can find the prequel here


From Kurt (11.15am)

Meet me in my car during lunch.

From Blaine (11.45 am)

See you there, babe ;)


Lunch time found Kurt Hummel, head Cheerio, sitting in the passenger seat of his Navigator; breathing anxiously through his nose while he waited for the resident bad boy of William McKinley to show his face as he had indicated. He looked outside the car’s windows to see if he could see Blaine around but he had no such luck. He was getting desperate, he had been waiting for that moment since the day before and he was getting mad because Anderson wasn’t showing up when he had told him to.

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FIC: this is my winter song to you (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

Anonymous asked: it’s winter and kurt + sebastian decide to go play in the snow behind their house. just fluffy winter cuteness please and thank you *o*

Anonymous asked: Sebastian and kurt going to Ohio for Christmas and being disgustingly adorable and then Sebastian eating kurt out

A/N: First anon, you can stop reading when Burt leaves. Second anon… read on. 

“Either you’re a natural and we have a good time together, or I get to watch you fall on your ass for a couple of hours and then kiss it all better. Pretty much a win-win situation for me, either way,” Sebastian says, winking. Kurt glares at him and kicks him under the table. 

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I did this instead of sleeping so please forgive all of the spelling an grammar mistakes!

bp!cheerio Kurt & nerd!Sebastian

The awful smell of the locker room bombarded Sebastian’s senses as he tentatively pushed open the door, peering left and right, only his head inside the room before he shuffled the rest of his body in, closing the door behind him gently to prevent it from making too much of a noise. To say that Sebastian was nervous about entering the room was an understatement. The last time he was in this room, a group of neanderthal jocks cornered him and shoved him aggressively into a cupboard. How ironic.

But Sebastian knew that the only way he was going to get what he needed would be to enter this odorous room of hell.

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fic: angel blue (kurt/blaine)

by: mal

word count: ~2,200

a/n: a little combination of this and this.

warnings: daddy!kink, bp!kurt, voyeur!blaine and a vibrator. 

Blaine never actually thought he’d win Kurt in the auction, so since then he’s been exceptionally nervous around his new house mate; knowing the nature of his innocence however, the pure unadulterated view he had of the world was sort of nice to return to after a long day out in the real world.

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Anon asked: Maybe bp!sassy!kurt and possesive!sebastian?




Kurt’s doing that thing again.

Where he dances with other boys and pretends that Sebastian doesn’t even exist, that he’s not even good enough to grace Kurt’s ever-present radar.

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Aww this was going so amazingly! Thank you to whoever you were and I'm sorry it disconnected!
  • You both like Klaine, and Crisscolfer.
  • (TW: Eating disorder, Bp!Kurt, College!Klaine, Established!Klaine, Insecure!Kurt, Anorexic!Kurt) Kurt leaned against the wall as he waited for the kettle to boil. He had been sticking to a tea only diet and maybe a few crackers. He was lucky Blaine was still in class or he wouldn't be able to get away with his eating habits. Being in New York was amazing but that also meant more competition in men. He had to make sure that Blaine would stay with him so he needed to get rid of the bits of baby fat that still clung to him as well as his femine figure.
  • Blaine grinned to himself, he finally got to come home early. One of his lecturers couldn't make it so he just had to do the online coursework, but that could wait. For now he was going to spend his afternoon with his boyfriend. He stepped inside quietly, putting down his bag and toeing off his shoes. "Baby?" he called out, excited to see Kurt. The past week or so he'd been getting home when Kurt was already asleep and leaving before he woke up.
  • Kurt opened his eyes as they widened. Blaine was early... He sighed, shaking his head before turning off the now whistling kettle. "In here." He called out from the kitchen. Maybe he could get away with having a cold.
  • Blaine walked into the room, grinning and moving to wrap his arms around Kurt's middle. He couldn't help but notice how much thinner he'd gotten and he frowned a little, but didn't say anything. "Hey sweetheart. I have the afternoon off classes. I thought we could go for lunch and then come back here and cuddle," he said, nosing at Kurt's neck.
  • Kurt frowned slightly, lowering his head as he leaned back against Blaine. "Hey, honey." He whispered, closing his eyes. "Do you mind if we order take out instead? I haven't been feeling that well. It might just be some bug or the cold."
  • Blaine frowned even more and turned Kurt so he could see his face. Other than looker thinner, not as alive as it used to (which made Blaine's heart throb a little painfully), he looked fine. "Kurt what's going on?" he asked. Kurt had been losing weight, and he seemed so much sadder lately, and he couldn't understand why. It was amazing here, sharing an apartment. Maybe Blaine got a little busy with school, but they got to spend so much time together. He couldn't understand why Kurt would be upset. "I-Is it me?" he asked, stepping back a little, "did you not wanna spend any time with me?"
  • Kurt shook his head quickly. "No, not at all. I love spending time with you." He rushed to say, trying to pull Blaine back. He looked up at him, swallowing thickly. "I haven't been feeling well lately, honestly. I want to spend every second with you. Believe me, please."
  • Blaine pressed a kiss to Kurt's cheek, sighing in relief and keeping his arms around Kurt's middle. He tucked his face into Kurt's neck and sighed. "I just... you've been losing weight and you've looked so... so sad. I'm worried about you, Kurt."
  • Kurt nodded slowly. "I told you, it might be a bug or something." He whispered, leaning against him. "I just miss spending more time with you. With our classes and my internship. It been a bit hectic."
  • "I know, but Semester's almost over, and then we'll have all the time in the world," he said fondly, kissing at Kurt's neck gently. "Can I be honest with you for a minute?" he asked after a while of just standing there with Kurt.
  • "Of course you can." Kurt nodded, biting his lip nervously as he waited. He had a feeling what the question was and feared if his thought was true.
  • "I just..." he started, not pulling back. He thought that if he met Kurt's eyes it'd be a little too confronting. "The amount of weight you've lost... it doesn't seem healthy to me," he took a deep breath, "And come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw you eat a full meal, and the last few times I invited you out for lunch or dinner you've turned it down. Is... is something going on?"
  • Kurt let out a shakey breath, stepping out of Blaine's arms. He covered his face with his hands and shook his head. "I'm fine. I just haven't been hungry whenever you asked." He said quietly, letting his arms fall to his side.
  • Blaine looked at Kurt with concern and love shining in his eyes. "Kurt... I really think that something's going on. You know you can tell me anything, baby. I love you. I love you so much, and I just want you to be healthy and happy, okay?"
  • "I am healthy and I'm almost completely perfect. I need to be." Kurt said, his voice shaking as he started to tremble. "I'm almost perfect for you. Don't stop it."
  • Realization dawned on Blaine and he moved forward to wrap his arms around Kurt, kissing at his temple, his forehead, anywhere he could reach. "God, Kurt. You already were perfect, you didn't need to do this to yourself, baby. It's okay, we'll get you help, I promise. I love you so, so much, alright? I don't care what you look like, but I don't want you hurting yourself."
  • Kurt tried pushing him away but melted into his touch. "I'm not perfect yet. I need to be for you to stay. I see it, Blaine. All the looks you get, all the offers." He said, voice just above a whisper. His tears filled with tears as he placed his hands on Blaine's chest.
  • Blaine shook his head again, holding Kurt tighter. "It doesn't matter Kurt, no one else matters. I could have a thousand men offering themselves to me, but you know what? It wouldn't matter. I love you and I want to be with you and I'm never, ever leaving you, Kurt. Never," he said, trying to keep it together, but he couldn't help but feel as though he'd failed a little, letting Kurt get like this.
  • "You need a real man. Something I can't be so I need to make it up with becoming perfect some other way." Kurt sniffled, his tears falling down his cheeks. "All those men have something you want and I will never have that."
  • "Kurt, baby, you're so, so perfect for me. There is no one else on this earth who I'd rather be with, honey. I love you," he said with conviction, pulling back to look into Kurt's eyes. "I love you, you hear me? Not anyone else. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You can't keep doing this to yourself or I'll spend the rest of my life missing you because you won't be here any more. This isn't healthy Kurt, and I won't let you hurt youself."
  • Kurt looked up at Blaine with teary eyes before lowering his head, looking at the ground. "But what happened when you meet someone else? You never know, it could happen and here I'll be not perfect enough for you to have stayed. One day, the man of your dreams will tak you away because I wasn't enough." He sobbe out, shaking his head.
  • Happens*
  • sobbed*
  • Take* (sorry about the errors I'm on my phone.)
  • (Ot
  • (It's all good : P)
  • "You are the man of my dreams, baby." It was breaking Blaine's heart, seeing Kurt like this. "If anything I'm the one that should be worried about you going off with someone else. You're so beautiful, sweetheart. And you're sexy and confident and it hurts so much to know that you don't see that."
  • "I'm too busy seeing how incredibly amazing you are and trying to match up to it." Kurt admitted, wiping his nose. "I love you so much and I can't stand the thought of being without you. I know when you first started you were okay with my condition but now we're here. And with some many different options for you means more competition for me since they have what every gay man loves."
  • Blaine couldn't stand this, it was breaking his heart. He tilted Kurt's chin so he was looking at him, and leaned forward to brush their noses together. "Kurt, you are perfect," he breathed, and then he kissed Kurt gently, stroking over his cheeks with his thumb. "There is nothing, nothing, I would change about you. Maybe I'm not gay... I'm Kurt-sexual," he said, chuckling despite himself. "I love everything about you."
  • Kurt sniffled, averting his eyes only to look up at Blaine's again. He wanted to believe it, more than anything in the world but his growing doubt that he had over the past few months was too much. "I love you too but..." He swallowed thickly, bit his lip. "I can't see how or why you do."
  • "Then I'll prove it to you every day from now on until you start believeing it, every day for the rest of my life," he took a shuddering breath, tears filling his own eyes, "but that means this needs to stop, we need to get you help, because if you keep doing this you're not gonna be around for the rest of my life," he said in a shaky voice, stomach twisting unpleasantly at the thought.
  • Kurt hesitantly nodded, wrapping his arms around Blaine before leaning his head on his shoulder. "I will never understand how I managed to get someone as perfect as you. You are my dream man and the love of my life, Blaine. I'll try if it means I get to have you forever. As selfish as it seems, I can't live without you." He whispered,
  • "I couldn't live without you, either," Blaine said, voice choked up with tears that were threatening to spill over, and he held Kurt tight. "Can we make love, please?" he asked, almost begging. He wasn't going to force Kurt too, never. But it'd been so long and he needed to show Kurt just how much he loved him.
  • "But I... You won't like what you see." Kurt whispered, glancing up at him. "I want to, I really do but you won't like what my diet did. Seeing as you're worried about my weigh loss."
  • "I don't care," Blaine said, shaking his head, "I just want to show you how much I love you. This... this doesn't really matter to me, I don't care how you look as long as it's healthy, Kurt. And while this isn't healthy, I still want to be close to you, be intimate with you. It's been so long, baby. I've missed you."
  • Kurt sighed, nodding slowly. "Okay, just slow. Can we take it slow?" He asked, brushing his lips against Blaine's. It had been so long since they had been intimate and Kurt was feeling as terrified as he was during their first time.
  • "Of course, baby," he said softly, letting their lips brush a few times before kissing Kurt gently, letting it linger and carry on, not pushing for more. He needed to let Kurt set the pace.
  • Kurt decided after a few kisses to deepen them, wrapping his arms around Blaine's neck. He pulled him closer, kissing him passionately. "I love you."
  • "I love you too," Blaine said, letting his hands rest under Kurt's thighs so he could pick him up, keeping the kiss and carrying him to their bedroom.
  • Kurt chuckled lightly, a small blush covering his cheeks as he was lifted. He held onto blaine tighter, leaning closer
  • Blaine laid Kurt on the bed gently, holding him so delicately as though he'd break if Blaine was too rough, and then crawled over him, hovering over Kurt's body. He kissed him again, smiling against Kurt's lips.
  • Kurt smiled back as they kissed, laying back against the bed. He parted his lips slightly. He loved how sweet and soft Blaine was but he did want him to know he was ready and okay.
  • Blaine started to gently kiss down Kurt's neck, stripping them both slowly until they were naked, and a little desperate, in the middle of them bed. "Do you want me to..." he trailed off, gesturing to the draw where they kept their condoms.
  • Kurt shook his head, pulling Blaine into another heated kiss. "I want to feel you. I need you, Blaine. I want you." He whispered.

What if bp!Kurt was like super popular toward men because he was really good, and so every night he gets fuck by a new guy, and Blaine is like a spy or something and his boss wants him to find everything he can on Kurt (because he’s super rich or something) so while kurt was out one day they transformed his bedroom mirror (the one on his wardrobe) into one where you can see when you’re behind it.
And so when Kurt come back with a guy in his bedroom, Blaine is hiding behind the mirror and can see everything… And he gets turned on. Because Kurt riding a man, facing the mirror is hot!:)

Can someone write this pleaseee??