El amor no es abrazos, besos o sexo; eso es deseo. El amor es contarle tu día, exponerle tus miedos, mostrarle lo tontito y frágil que puedes ser sin temor a que se burle o lo use en tu contra.
—  B-P
Es gracioso, tierno e incómodo saber que le gustas a alguien; ver cada uno de sus intentos de que no te des cuenta de sus sentimientos, la manera en que te mira cuando cree que no te das cuenta y sus pequeñas indirectas. No tiene precio.
—  Biblioteca-prohibida
Okay but...

Can we talk about Blue Pearl watching her Diamond talk to Greg with her hand on her hip?

Like Blue Diamond is all sad and depressed and talking about her dead lover and the cluster and her Pearl’s just standing there like…

“We know, My Diamond. We’ve gone over this already.”

Honestly I love watching the Pearls do these little things it’s great.

Basically what happened in The Trial
  • <p> <b>Blue Diamond:</b> So. Who broke her?<p/><b>Everyone:</b> ...<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> I'm not mad. I just wanna know.<p/><b>Steven:</b> I did. I broke-<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> No. No, you didn't. Yellow?<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> Don't look at me. Look at this Ruby.<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> What? I didn't break her.<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> Funny. How'd you even know she was broken?<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> Because she was sitting right in front of me and she was broken.<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> ...Suspicious.<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> No, it's not.<p/><b>Zircon:</b> I-if I may, the traitorous Pearl was Pink's Pearl...<p/><b>Yellow Pearl:</b> What are you talking about? She wasn't even under her authority!<p/><b>Zircon:</b> Oh, really? Then why is all of her things associated with pink?<p/><b>Yellow Pearl:</b> Because she was gay for Rose Quartz, everyone knows that, ZIRCON.<p/><b>Steven:</b> All right, let's stop fighting, I broke her, let me be executed, Blue Diamond.<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> No! Who broke her?<p/><b>Everyone:</b> ...<p/><b>Blue Pearl:</b> My Diamond... White Diamond has been awfully quiet recently.<p/><b>White Diamond:</b> REALLY?!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> [loud incoherent arguing]<p/><b>Lars:</b> ????<p/><b>BD [while no one is listening]:</b> I broke her. She wanted to save the Earth so I shattered her. I predict everyone will be at each other's throats in five minutes. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.<p/></p>