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Stan Twins + similarities


An anonymous asker wanted me to comment on a certain analysis of Dipper and Mabel’s relationship, encountered elsewhere on the Internet, which interpreted their bond as a destructive and unhealthy one. Anon shared the original analysis with me in full, but was kind enough to provide me with a point-by-point summation of the poster’s arguments, each of which I will address herein.

A) Mabel may learn lessons, but she easily forgets them later on and doesn’t actually tangibly change as a person and doesn’t actually learn anything as her behaviour is still roughly the same.

Mabel’s a more static character than her brother, I grant you that. Dipper’s the protagonist, and as such the character whose growth is the series focus; he’s an avatar of creator Alex Hirsch himself, so there’s a lot of gentle self-deprecation in the way he’s written. But I tend to think that, in terms of story, it makes sense for Mabel to maintain a certain childishness, because that part of her comes to a head during the Weirdmageddon arc, when she has to choose between eternal childhood and the hard reality of growing older.

Dipper himself doesn’t change much during the series; he learns various smaller lessons to the effect of “just let things happen and don’t try to rush them,” but, until the finale, fails to fully imbibe the larger lesson about growing up. The events of Weirdmageddon give us Dipper at his best; he sheds the pervasive need to be seen as an adult that has characterized him from the beginning and in so doing appears at his most mature. He becomes a realist. He stops getting in his own way. At the same time, Mabel relinquishes her selfishness, the world which revolves around her, and her unwillingness to move forward, even granting Dipper the freedom to stay with Ford if he so chooses. They each grow in a far more definite way than they did over the course of the series proper, in which their character flaws were excellent plot fodder. (It’s also worth noting that in the show, as in real life, maturation is a process; we tend to revert to type, and it’s rare that one definitive “lesson” alters our tendencies. We have to learn again and again.)

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casual reminder that gravity falls brilliantly said “fuck you” to the whole “i’m the hero because i exposed how douchey your boyfriend is” cliche’

too often do tv shows and movies and the media in general portray dipper’s behavior in “boyz crazy” as appropriate and worthy of some sort of gratitude or “reward” (usually in the form of a kiss or a hug by the person they’re in love with) when really this behavior is actually kind of manipulative and shitty

dipper didn’t expose robbie’s secret for wendy’s sake—he did it for his own sake, because he wanted the couple broken up in order to increase his chances of wendy rebounding to him. he didn’t think about the fact that wendy would be heartbroken and hurt from finding out her boyfriend is a controlling fraud, and that she maybe wouldn’t want to immediately jump into someone else’s arms for comfort. yes, it’s wrong that robbie was manipulating wendy into staying with him, but dipper was being just as manipulative in trying to “rescue” her, because his motives were selfish, insensitive, and careless.

i congratulate gravity falls for trying to teach kids that dipper is no hero here, that ruining a relationship for the sole purpose of wanting someone to use you as a shoulder to cry on, while having absolutely no consideration for the person’s feelings as a result of your meddling, is still not okay.


Gravity Falls Season 1 (1|2)

here’s a little hug montage requested here by anonymous

Stan and Bill Comparisons

This guy…

There are some pretty eerie similarities between Stan and Bill. A few examples are:

They’re both snappy dressers. As we know Stan likes to dress nice, he always wears a suit. And bill is always seen wearing a tie. They both share the quality of dressing to impress.

But an eerier example of their similarities is the fact that they have said similar things and even said the exact same thing to the same person. 

In Boyz Crazy, Stan tells Robbie to buy gold.

“You’ve been buying gold, right?”

And in Dreamscapers, Bill tells Gideon to buy gold.

“Buy gold, bye!”  

Is it an odd coincidence? 

But the weirdest thing is that both Stan and Bill have said the exact phrase “eeny-meeny-miny- you” to Dipper.

In Tourist Trapped when Stan chose Dipper to go into the forest and nail up signs.

And in Sock Opera, Bill says this right before he rips out Dipper’s soul so he can use his body as a puppet. 

eeny-meeny-miny- YOOOUUUUU

It’s pretty weird and as to exactly what it means, we don’t have a clue. We just wanted to point it out.

So we know that this is not much proof, but we still think it’s weird, how they say similar things and dress similarly.