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I'm 14 and fucked my choreographer he's 29 and it felt hella good because I lost my virginity to him.. It wasn't planned because we were just hanging out and he held me against the foist and started kissing me and we kinda did it then we just keep fucking each other two times a week but we stop now

oh boyyyyyyyy

i’m doing this because i feel like it and im procrastinating on doing my homework so here we gooooooooo

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Nickname: katie (only my family calls me that bc i havent came out to them)

Birthday: 24 may

Star sign: gemini

Gender: transboy, boyyyyyyyy

Sexual orientation: biromantic asexual or something like that idk its really confusing

Height: 4′11′’ (im very tiny)

Favourite Colour: probs black

Average amount of sleep: at least 5 but average is probs 6-7

Last thing I googled: trees in urban areas help keep air fresh (the beginning to my math problem)

First thing to come to mind: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath suuuuuuuucks

Happy place: in my bed watching steven universe

How many blankets I sleep with: one during summer and spring but up to three in autumn and winter

Favourite Book: space ducks by daniel johnston (its a comic not a novel buuuuut) 

Favourite artist/band: probs girls or mac demarco

Last Movie I Saw in theatres: inside out

Dream job: a job that gives me money that will keep me financially stable

What I’m wearing right now: a crush t shirt with really short black shorts with two white stripes at the sides

I tag: moobelline, say-yes-to-wesanderson, whatatravestry, the-really-good-gatsby, coffeecupcrow


Teriyaki boyyyyyyyy