Father & Son | Neal and Henry

Neal waited after school for Henry at the bus stop, now that he knew that Henry knew who he was he was going to stop at nothing to spending some time with his new son. When the bus pulled up, Neal stood up straight and waiting for Henry to come bouncing off the bus. When he had seen him he walked closer until he was in front of Henry.“Hey kid, I think we may need to talk about a few things,” Neal said with a smile.

Finding Henry (part 2) // Emma, Gold, Regina, Henry and Graham

Looking at the CCTV hadn’t much helped find Henry but did confirm the worry that everyone had of Cora being behind the boy going missing. Since talking with Aurora and Gold it had turned out that they would the help of the dark one in getting him back with his mothers. Together Graham, Emma and Regina went into Gold’s shop with Henry’s jacket in hopes of finding him fast.

Wanting | OPEN

Alice was sat in Granny’s alone sipping her cup of tea while reading a book that she had borrowed from the library when she stopped to look around at the people of Storybrooke. There was Henry who was ordering a hot chocolate with hazlenut on top with his mother, Emma. Then there was Ruby smiling and laughing with a red headed girl named Ariel. Alice looked around for Jefferson, but he wasn’t there yet and then she looked for anyone that might be new to Storybrooke. She could only image how she looked, sitting in a dinner on her own. 

Hearts Returned // Rumple & Henry

Gold was just about shaking when he finally left Bae to go in search of Henry. So much had happened in the last hour or so and he was still processing it all. Cora was dead, he had healed his son with magic, and he had promised only to use it again in absolute dire situations. And, on top of everything else, he had his grandson’s heart in a box. He clutched it to him like a treasure, knowing he would guard it with his life if it came down to it. He didn’t know where to find the boy, he supposed at his home, so he quickly made his way down the street in that direction. He’d been without his heart long enough.

Recovery | Neal, Henry & Emma

Neal had taken a few days to rest, even though his wound took minutes to heal thanks to his fathers magic, he still wanted some time to himself, to clear his head. When this time was over, he thought that it would be best to speak to both Henry and Emma. They were his family and he needed to know how they were coping after Henry had his heart back.


Hey everyone, I will be the rp for Daniel. This rp group didn’t have one and he is such a good character that didn’t have much chance in the show so hopefully he will here. If anyone wants to para just message me and I will come up with ideas or start if you want!